All You Need To Know About Check Into Cash Careers


ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CHECK INTO CASH CAREERS: Check into Cash, popularly known as pioneers of the cash advance industry

Thinking about embarking on a career at Check Into Cash? Well, I can definitely help you out then. Check into Cash, popularly known as pioneers of the cash advance industry, has around 1 100 stores spread across 30 states in the US. They offer payday loans, payday advances, title loans, and many other services. The company is always searching for talented, energetic, and competent individuals who can make significant contributions to this growth. Hence,  there are always ample opportunities available. This article will equip you with all the information you need before taking that BIG STEP – Applying for your dream job at Check Into Cash.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities available at Check Into Cash are as follows:

  • Customer Service Representative: Any energetic, motivated individual with remarkable people skills, confident enough to thrive in a fast-paced work environment, is best suited for this job. A customer service representative should understand customer needs, be competent enough to deliver appropriate products and services, and be skilled enough to cultivate long-lasting relationships with them. To be considered eligible for a customer service representative’s role, one must fulfill the basic eligibility criteria and possess excellent telephone and computer skills. Financial services sales experience is not a must but definitely an added advantage. The starting salary for a customer service representative usually ranges from $9-$10 per hour. Bonuses will be provided to those who perform exceptionally well. The salary tends to differ by jurisdiction, and hence it is always advised to approach the employer to know about the actual salary figures.

    • Application Procedure: Interested aspirants must apply online by following the steps mentioned in “How to Apply for Jobs in Check Into Cash?”
    • Interview Questions: Applicants usually have to attend a telephone interview with the hiring manager and then an onsite interview with the store manager, district manager, or both. Ranked as an easy interview, the questions can be anything ranging from personal to job-related questions. Some of the interview questions are as follows:
      • Give a brief description of yourselves.
      • Why do you want to work for Check into Cash?
      • Do you possess cash handling skills?
  • Administrative Assistant: Any individual with a keen eye for detail, remarkable oral and written communication skills, and commendable organizational skills with previous collection experience is considered fit for this job. The selected candidates should be able to pass any tests, including the FDCPA, if required. Aspirants need to check if they fulfill the basic criteria before applying.

    • Responsibilities of an administrative assistant include:
      • Making inbound and outbound communications by strictly adhering to federal, corporate, and state consumer financial laws.
      • Dealing with bankrupt customers and taking necessary steps by following the prescribed guidelines.
      • Aiding the collection teams in meeting their target.
      • Verifying the amounts collected by the team and reprocessing bad statements.
      • Handling the emails in the admin email boxes and reporting these interactions to the Product Management System.
      • Maintaining excel sheets and creating new ones if necessary.
      • Informing the supervisor about issues regarding products, customers, or employee experience. 

    • The starting salary of an administrative assistant usually ranges between $10-$11 per hour. Experience and expertise are two factors that can determine their salaries. Administrative assistants with skill and experience usually earn more.

    • Application Procedure: Interested aspirants can log into the Check into Cash website and follow the steps mentioned in “How to Apply for Jobs in Check Into Cash?”.

    • Interview Questions: The district manager does the first interview, and the center manager conducts the second. Some of the most common interview questions are:
      • How many years of collection experience do you have?
      • What are your greatest weaknesses?
      • How would you handle a customer who refuses to pay the loan?
      • How would you handle an irritated and angry customer?
  • Assistant Manager: Any individual with admirable communication skills, leadership skills, and customer-driven attitude, having 1-3 years of experience working in a related field, is considered eligible for the job. Assistant managers should control and coordinate all the activities of the location that comes under their jurisdiction. Remarkable leadership skills, quick decision-making power, and the capability to handle customers are indispensable qualities that need to be possessed or mastered by an assistant manager. Performing collection activities, keeping customer files, and point of sale systems are the main duties of an assistant manager. The average salary of an assistant manager at Check into Cash starts from $11.22 per hour.

    • Application Procedure: Those interested can submit resumes by following the steps mentioned in “How to Apply for Jobs in Check Into Cash?”.
    • Interview Questions: The district manager does the interviews for the post of assistant manager at Check into Cash either through phone or in person. Some of the questions asked during the interview are as follows:
      • How many years of money handling experience do you have?
      • Mention a situation where you went above and helped a customer. Describe the outcome of that situation.
      • Do you have customer services or sales experience?
      • Do you have a reliable transportation facility and auto insurance?
      • What did you like most about your previous job, and what is your expectation about working at Check into Cash?
  • Center Manager: Center managers, as the name suggests, play a central role in organizing, implementing, and coordinating the daily activities of a business in locations that fall under their jurisdiction. Thus, excellent leadership and communication skills are essential qualities an aspirant should possess.

    • Apart from certain basic eligibility criteria set up by Check into Cash, an aspirant should possess certain skills. They are as follows:
      • A center manager should evaluate the functioning of the whole business and be skillful enough to adopt necessary steps to increase sales and customer satisfaction.
      • Able to come up with quick, creative, and effective solutions in case of crisis 
      • Maintaining good relationships with customers.
      • Provide assistance, motivation, training, and supervision to staff
      • Possesses admirable clerical skills to manage files
      • Capable enough to assign and coordinate tasks between the staff to ensure smooth functioning

    • The average yearly salary of a center manager in Check into Cash is $36,303 per year.

    • Application Procedure: Those interested can submit their application online by following the steps mentioned in “How to Apply for Jobs in Check Into Cash?”.

    • Interview Questions: The questions asked are usually not general and are job-related. Some of the questions asked during the interviews for the post of center manager at Check into Cash are as follows:
      • Are you confident enough to manage a local branch? If yes, what makes you believe so?
      • If you are faced with a problem that requires your immediate attention, how will you handle it?
      • Describe situations where you have worked under pressure?

  • Manager: Workers with experience in the financial industry who are confident enough to work in a fast-paced work environment are considered apt for this job. Aspirants should also fulfill the basic eligibility criteria set up by the company. A manager is responsible for staff hiring and training. He is also expected to have good knowledge about the products or services provided by the company. He should also be competent enough to work under pressure and at times of crisis by bringing about quick and effective decisions to tackle an immediate issue. A manager should always possess admirable people skills and should showcase a customer-driven attitude.

    • The average salary of a manager at Check into Cash usually ranges between $25,000 and $50,000.

    • Application Procedure: Applications can be made online or offline according to the applicant’s convenience by following the steps mentioned in “How to Apply for Jobs in Check Into Cash?”.

    • Interview Questions: Since a manager’s post is one of the senior-most, questions will always be about one’s expertise and experience working in the financial sector. Hence candidates are required to prepare accordingly.

Perks of Being a Check into Cash Employee

Some of the main advantages of embarking on a career at Check into Cash are as follows:

  1. Great Work/Life Balance – Check into Cash employees with their prescribed working hours and benefit from having a life outside of work.
  2. Paid Holidays – Check into Cash employees can enjoy the benefit of a paid holiday. Hence they don’t need to save for vacations.
  3. Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance – Employees are eligible for medical insurances.
  4. Sunday and Major Holidays Off – Employees needn’t sacrifice fun and entertainment for their work.  Check into Cash is very much considerate about its employee’s life outside work.

Basic Eligibility Criteria

All applicants must possess a high school diploma or equivalent, driver’s license, reliable form of transportation, and auto insurance to be considered eligible.

How to apply for jobs in Check Into Cash?

Applicants can either submit their applications directly to specific locations or else they can apply online.

  1. Offline Application Process – Applicants choosing to give their applications face to face get the opportunity to showcase their desirable qualities to the supervisors. Hence it is always apt to dress professionally when going to submit applications.

The application form is a four-page document that needs to be filled. The different sections of the form are as follows:

  • Personal Details- Here, applicants must fill in their name, contact information, age, position applying for, full or part-time preference, and available work times. Applicants are also required to answer certain yes or no questions regarding their citizenship and willingness to travel.
  • Education, Skills, and Employment History-  Here, applicants must fill in their complete educational details, including the schools and colleges attended.

Bilingual or multilingual applicants are required to mark the proficiency level of each of the languages they know. Internships, apprenticeships, and training attended should also be mentioned in this section. Details of previous employment like contact information, salary and the reason for leaving should be mentioned in this section. Applicants can list up to three of their previous jobs.

  • References-  Applicants are required to give details of three references. These can be anyone other than previous employers or relatives. Workmates, club members, and volunteer leaders are some of the potential choices for references. After filling this, applicants must read the applicant statement and sign if they comply with the rules mentioned.
  1. Online Application Process – Online application process gives candidates the liberty to sit within their home’s comforts and apply. This feature also enables applicants to complete the application form as and when they like. Registered applicants can always return to complete or make changes to their application forms.
  • To apply online, candidates should first log into the Check into Cash career page.
  • Select the desired job and location. Upon selecting this, a page showing information regarding eligibility criteria and qualifications appears.
  • Click on the link “apply for this job online.” Enter your email address and press next.
  • The link will lead to the candidate profile page.

 Here the candidates are required to do the following:

  1. Log into any of the four social networking sites provided. Candidates can connect with their Facebook, Google, Linkedin profiles. Candidates should always make sure that the profiles they have connected with are updated and contain the most recent information.
  2. An updated resume needs to be uploaded to applying for any position in Check into Cash. The resume should be less than 5 MB. 
  3. Candidates should choose a password for their account and re-enter it. The password should contain at least one upper or lower case digit, number, and special character.
  4. Candidates are required to enter the details mentioned in the offline application form in the next few steps. This includes name, contact number, address, work experience, and employment details.
  5. Applicants must fill in the column asking “How did you hear about us?” by choosing from the options given in a drop-down menu.
  6. After filling in all details, including employment history and referees, candidates can submit the form.
  • The final step is filling out candidate forms. Candidates submitting applications online have the facility to log back in and complete their applications.

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All You Need To Know About Check Into Cash Careers

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