Convincing Answers To Interview Questions: Why You Want To Work Here

Example Answers To Why You Want To Work Here

Convincing Answers To Interview Questions: Why You Want To Work Here? The pay is good, The company is the best place for me to work!

When you are preparing for a job interview in any organization, there’s one particular question you have to prepare to answer adequately. Most interviewers always ask this particular question, “why do you want to work here” and expect the interviewee to give a detailed answer.  As simple and straightforward as this question seems, it poses a great challenge to many unprepared and prepared interviewees. It requires deep thinking and broad research; it isn’t a one-sentence answer question. Many people have lost their chance to work in big companies and firms because they failed to give the best appropriate answer to this tricky question. This is why you need to prepare, research, and get the best answer stored up in your head.

So, are you wondering why this question is fundamental and why do many people get disqualified because they couldn’t give a convincing answer to this?

Before giving you the answer to this question, put yourself in the employer’s shoes or, assuming you are the owner/manager of an organization, which kind of employee will you hire? Yes! You will hire only the best and not just anyone. That’s the same thing most employers want; they want the best for their organizations, and to get the best, you need to scrutinize the applicants. The question “why do you want to work here” is essential and compulsory because it will give the employer a more in-depth view of the applicants. The employer also wants to know if the soon-to-be employee shares the same vision as them if he understands its mission and wants to be a significant part in achieving its goal.

The kind of answer you give to this question will help establish your credibility, readiness, and passion for the position you’re applying for. It will also help convince the hiring manager that you are the best person for the job. Your answer will help the employer understand the kind of person you are if you are ready to work tirelessly with the company to achieve its aim or you’re just there for the money. It will also make the employer understand the level of your knowledge about the company, whether you’ve done your research well and if you have what it takes to be a part of them. So, whenever you encounter this question during a job or internship interview, there are answers that you mustn’t give because they are perceived as wrong. Some of which are


  • The pay is good.
  1. Well, you’re partially right because most people are attracted by the remuneration attached to the application form they filled concerning a job. Most people also apply for some jobs because of salary expectations, and it doesn’t matter whether they are suitable for the job.
  2. When an employer asked you “why you want to work here,” and your reply is “because the pay is good,” you have successfully disqualified yourself from being hired. It doesn’t matter whether you have an excellent CV, the needed years of experience, and have answered the other interview questions correctly.
  3. When you give this kind of reply, it turns the employer off and portrays you as a desperate money maker. It also means if your salary gets delayed because of some unavoidable/unintentional incidents, you won’t perform the tasks assigned to you.
  4. No hiring manager will take this answer for the question asked and accept you with wide-open arms into their company. They believe you are here for the job because of the money, and if the remuneration weren’t up to that, you wouldn’t even be on the applicants’ list.

The company looks nice and is the best place for me to work.

  1. Now you’re missing it altogether. This job isn’t only about you, what you will gain or what it has in stock for you; although it’s part of it, it’s also about what you have to offer the company. It should be a win-win situation and not give and take, not one where you’ll be the one carrying and giving just a little.
  2. Although the company you want to work for must have a conducive working environment, that shouldn’t be the reason you want to work there. This kind of answer will not convince the hiring manager that you are ready to work, but it will portray you as a tourist to the company.

My Aunt is the sales manager and wants me to join her.

  1. This is another wrong and turn-off answer to give to such heavily embedded questions. This will not make the company hire you and be convinced that you know what you’re doing. This answer won’t make you stand out in the long queue of applicants with better answers waiting right outside the door.
  2. It’s good to have a family member working in a firm but isn’t enough reason or justification to want to work there. It shows you have nothing to offer to the company, but you’re only there because of your Aunt. If your Aunt isn’t there, you won’t be there as well. You should bear in mind that the company doesn’t care about your family, not in that way.

CONVINCING ANSWERS – Why You Want To Work Here

  1. Bear in the back of your mind that the answers you must give for this question must demonstrate your vast knowledge about the company, what they do, and the position you’re falling for. 
  2. Your answer must also reflect the skills, experience, education, and strength that make you qualify for the position. You must demonstrate in your response what you want to offer the company, the contributions you’re ready to make as regards the company’s mission, vision, and goals.
  3. Before you answer this question, there are some tips that you should consider; these tips will help you develop the best convincing answer that will leave the hiring manager smiling and impressed.

Tips to answering the question “Why do you want to work here?”:

  1. Perform extensive research about the company and understand its core values, ethics, policies, purpose, and culture. You can get all the information you need about a company by visiting their website and reading about them on their “about us” page. You can also get information by visiting their social media handles such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. All these will equip you with the adequate information you need to structure your answer and tune it to the right way to convince the hiring manager. Any manager will be impressed with any applicant who knows a lot about the company. It means you have done your assignment.

Here’s one example you can coin to answer the question to reflect your extensive research about the company.

“After going through the company’s website page and social media posts, I discovered that the company usually hosts a quarterly charity and auction service. As I read about, this service aims to give out quality materials for a lesser price and display new products. I must confess that this strategy is advantageous and impressive for a fashion industry like this. No wonder the company is always at the forefront of the heated competition, and yet, it continued to gain more grounds. Joining this company will give me the chance to participate fully in the charity and auction service. As the trained model that I am, I know how to impress, convince and captivate people’s minds with my walking steps; I also know how to combine colorful dresses that will leave the audience craving for more.”

  1. Know yourself, your talents and skills, the level of your experience, and what you have to offer. Like you must have read in one of the lines above that “it is about what you have to offer” and not only about “what the company will offer you.” Before you can know what you have to offer, you must understand yourself, what you can do, the skills you possess, talents, and experience. You have to ascertain whether they fit in for the position you’re applying for and if they align with the company’s goal.

Sample Response:

“I want to work here and for this particular company because I have the skills, experience, knowledge, training, and what it takes to make this company be at the front line while other companies struggle to meet up. This organization is internationally known for the quality clothing products and accessories you create and the impressive services. My textile experience, developing new products, and training in customer relationships have pushed me to apply for this position. I would love to be on a team that is collaborative, hardworking, and resourceful. I also want to contribute immensely to this company’s growth, with my vast knowledge, expertise, skills, and training, which I have sharpened over the years. This position and organization will also expose me to experiences I have never had before, push me to work out of my comfort zone, and ushers me into my career world fully. I will be able to develop my creativity and innovative skills and be professionally developed”

  1. Tailor your answer to suit the company’s cultural beliefs and policies. During your research about the company, you will have found out about their policies and cultural beliefs such as the mode of dressing, interaction, ethics, and work behavior. Many companies have laid down rules and policies that guide their operation. It is forbidden for a junior worker to interact with their senior colleagues without attaching their appellation in some companies. Some companies only allow their workers to interact with each other during the break periods and be silent during work hours. Another significant part is the dressing code; while some accept informal dresses, others prefer official work clothes. That’s why it is essential to do your research before heading to the interview hall. This research will help you Tailor your answer to suit the company’s policy.

  2. Talk about its achievement so far, its strength and weakness, and how you can improve its weakness. You should rub the company’s ego, talk about its reputation among other competitors, enumerate why it stands out among different industries and its achievement. This will impress the manager. You mustn’t dwell on the company’s achievement and strength alone, talk about its weakness and how far you are willing to go to improve it and turn it into a strength. With this, be rest assured that you have succeeded in convincing the hiring manager.

Sample Response:

  • “As a daily newsreader, social media promoter, and industry-related researcher, I’ve seen and heard your company continuously listed as one of the top places to work. I have also read several reviews and comments about the products you produce and the services you render. 
  • I’ve read employee testimonials, customers report, also have a background check, and find out facts from the company’s long-time customers. From my findings, I discovered your eagerness to satisfy your customers, produce goods and services by putting the needs and the interest of the buyers first. 
  • I also discover your constant enthusiasm for encouraging employee growth through education, training, and vast resources. I also interact with some of the employers here, where I got to know that the company sponsors outstanding employees on a yearly educational trip. 
  • This trip allows the employees to attend conferences where other workers from different countries and industries will learn and share innovative ideas. The result of these trips is outstanding and groundbreaking achievements that we see the company performing.
  • I noticed that at the beginning of every year, the company always has unique products to create, each better than the last year. When I found out about the trips, I was immediately hooked up.
  • I would love to join your innovative team, continue to create great work, and grow within the company by learning new skills. I also want to perform outstandingly to get the opportunity to attend such educational trips that will impact me to do more for the company.
  • Aside from these, I discovered that the company doesn’t give room for hangouts and social gatherings, which is not good enough. Organizing a hangout and social gathering where customers and workers can relate, interact, and engage with each other will further strengthen the bond of friendship between them. It will also allow the customers to express their minds and give suggestions to help the company’s growth.”
  1. Talk about the company’s product you have used or services. If the company is a cloth-making factory, you should try as much as possible to get a sample from there and review the products. When giving a review about the service, you must not be biased about mentioning the good side alone; include the opposing side and how you can improve it. Remember, you won’t be disqualified for this, and make sure your negative comments don’t water down the positive ones.

Sample Response:

  • “When I found out about the newly launched e-commerce app by the company, I didn’t hesitate to download it and try it out. I must confess that the developer did a great job; he portrayed the company in vibrant color and made it very easy for customers to quickly get products/services.
  • But as an expert and professional web/app developer, I didn’t hesitate to analyze the application, which is why I discovered some features are missing. I detect that the mobile application doesn’t have a notification alert, doesn’t have the necessary keywords to make it rank high on Google engine, and be more visible online.
  • I can develop a better app with all the features expected of a mobile app to rank high on Google search engine and have an irresistible digital footprint. But I can’t do this unless I join the outstanding team in the company, share ideas, understand more about the company’s products and services.”
  • Now that you’ve read about the tips and how to prepare answers for the question “why do you want to work here,” below are some of the acceptable and convincing answers that many applicants gave. This answer worked for them, and it can also work for you if you customize it to suit the company’s needs.



Example #1:

  • When I first saw the vacancy advert for this company and position, I was overly excited because it’s a dream coming true. I have always fantasized about working with such a prestigious, goal-oriented, mission-driven company. 
  • I am an addicted follower of the company, and the last time I saw the news, I discovered that the company had included a modeling/fashion section. I couldn’t contain my joy and hurriedly applied for the job as soon as I saw the vacancy.
  • I see this job opportunity to contribute my quota to a fast-moving company/industry, and I feel I can do so with my skills, experience, and knowledge I possess.
  • I am a trained model with multiple years of experience and training. I was initially drawn to this position because it’s a new section of the company, and it will need training, experienced and dynamic people who know so much about the area. 
  • I’ve spoken to people who work here, and I’ve always longed to be one of them, attending to customers in such an enthusiastic manner and promoting the company’s good image to the world. I want to be part of the people who will work tirelessly in ensuring that the company reaches its goal (mention the company’s goal as read during your research). 
  • Last year at the Award-winning event organized by the Association of Outstanding Companies (AOCs), where the managing director revealed that the company is searching for a dynamic fashion-trend professional, I feel he was referring to me. When I came around to check out the company’s new fashion department and interact with present workers, I noticed a lot of good vibes in the company. The workers are eager to perform assigned tasks, collaborate with others, and perform necessary tasks without waiting to be assigned.
  • This, I find very amusing and different from others because it reflects the company’s credibility, values, and ethical standards. I have always wished to work as a team, collaborate with others, and bring innovative ideas that will drive the company closer to its goals.
  • It will also be an excellent opportunity to work for a company that provides the kind of customer-worker relationship needed, a friendly, stimulating growing environment that generates accountability, innovation, creativity, and professional development.

Example #2

  • “I want to work here because I see this as an opportunity for me to leverage my seven years of sales experience to create more social/physical awareness about the company and get more sales. 
  • I’m highly organized, goal-oriented, and dedicated to making groundbreaking achievements anywhere I belong. One of my priorities moving into this position will be to establish marketing procedures that set clear expectations for my team and facilitate more outstanding sales. 
  • At my previous job position where I worked as a sales manager, I created a product market research analytic that increases yearly sales by 30% within one year. I am willing and excited to apply the same strategy but with a combination of creativity and innovative thinking skills to this role. 
  • I’ve always loved to direct my experience, skills, and knowledge to hasten the company’s growth and be part of an industry that strives for success and places customer satisfaction first. 
  • This is one reason I’m drawn to this position and want to work with the company. I’m thrilled by the idea of working with different people with different cultural, educational backgrounds, levels of experience, knowledge, and skills. I know I have a lot to contribute. 
  • Another reason I applied here is that the company isn’t gender-biased and embraces diversity, unlike others. It also offers a unique environment for me to expand my professional skills, and I love taking on a new challenge to make something great even better.”

Sample #3

  • “After finding out about the vacancy put up by the company on one of the job hunt platforms, I decided to dig about the company before I applied for it. I started my research by reading your company’s mission and vision. 
  • I also found out more information about your company from social media; I can see how my goals align with their purposes. The company is the ideal ground for growing my skills and nurturing the ground (company).
  • There’s nothing I love more than when I am working with a company that aligns with my career path and encourages thinking out of the box. I love a company that prioritizes teamwork because it allows workers to engage with other individuals towards a common goal, and that’s what excited me about working here. 
  • My research has led me here today to sit for this interview. I am ready to give it all it takes to aid the company in achieving its goals. I want to be part of the people who will receive accolades when this company finally fulfilled the mission and vision of its establishment.”

In Conclusion:

During interviews, you must be comported, organized, and relaxed. You shouldn’t give your hiring manager the idea that you are nervous and shaking. It’s normal to be anxious, but you should remember to drop your anxiety at the doorstep before walking into the interview room. Be confident and wear a bright smile; hiring managers don’t bite. Since you have read about samples and tips to help you develop your answer to the challenging question “why do you want to work here,” you should be able to come up with a convincing and impressive response.

Remember To Be:

  • Clear, concise, and specific. No long stories are required.
  • Don’t make your answer sound like you’re reading off-page.
  • Perform extensive research about the company before you go for the interview.
  • Be positive in your response and steer explicit negative comments except if you want to offer a solution.
  • Identify the company’s needs and tell them what you can offer.
  • Let your conversation always include future tenses. Talk about a shared future and how you look forward to working with other teams.
  • Don’t dwell on past glories or previous work. Mention your previous works only when you are asked and when it’s necessary.
  • Dwell more on what you like about the company, what it will offer you, and what you will offer.
  • You must be honest and factual. It is not about conjuring up lies to impress your interviewer. Don’t include the skills you lack because you want to convince the hiring manager to hire you. 
  • Don’t forget to connect on a friendly and more profound level with the hiring manager at the end of the day. Be approachable and answer all questions in a relaxed manner.
  • Don’t forget to work on other aspects of the interview questions because this is just one of several others. 

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Convincing Answers To Interview Questions: Why You Want To Work Here

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