How to type a Copyright Symbol on Mac, Windows, Word, Excel?

How to type a Copyright Symbol on Mac, Windows, Word, Excel

How to type a Copyright Symbol on Mac, Windows, Word, Excel? Fn + NumLk keys, locate numeric key, press and hold the option key while typing 0169 on the numeric key It is the joy of every writer to sign his/her name with the copyright symbol after that hard work of creation, But like you, I had often been frustrated with the ignorance of how to type a copyright symbol on Mac, Windows, Word, Excel… you name it.

The need to append the copyright symbol is hinged majorly on two reasons:

  1. Aesthetic beauty, and 
  2. A reminder to copy-cats that the work is protected by copyright. 

Thankfully, Copyright is automatic and does not need the Copyright Symbol to be drawn before protection can be afforded. However, the Copyright Symbol serves as a reminder for copy-cats. Alas, I have said too much. Let us now delve into:

How to type a Copyright Symbol on Mac?

The Mac is the most comfortable computer to type the copyright symbol with. How? Just simply press and hold the option key, and then press the g key, and voila! – the copyright symbol appears.  Are you looking for the Option Key? #smiles. Okay, it is also called the Alt Key. See what it looks like below:

Easy right? I know. It took silly-me 30 minutes to get how to type a copyright symbol on Mac. Wish to find other methods? Scroll down to ‘how to type a copyright symbol on the word.’

How to type a Copyright Symbol on Windows?

Okay, this one is a bit tricky. Pay attention carefully.

First, we need to locate and press the Fn + NumLk keys to turn on the number lock. This is important so that the numbers do not come on the way we are trying to do. Now, we locate the numeric keys. If we don’t see the numbers on the tickets, we will have to try them manually using – M=0, J=1, K=2, L=3, U=4, I=5, O=6, 7=7, 8=8, 9=9. Finally, you will have to press and hold the option key while typing 0169 on the numeric keys. Once you release your hand from the keys, the copyright symbol will appear in your text. Slightly difficult? Never mind, read on to find other simple ways.

How to type a Copyright Symbol on Word?

The mentioned methods above are still valid for use when using Microsoft Word. They also work for Mail, Pages, Keynote. However, beyond those methods is the simple art of using the insert and symbol button to append the copyright symbol.

  • Method #1.

Simply click ‘Insert’ located on your left at the top of the Microsoft word. Among the options under Insert, you will find Symbol, simply click on it, and one of the options you will find is the copyright symbol. Click on it, and the same will appear at the cursor location of your word document. Taraaa! That is how simple it is.

Here is what the symbol sign looks like in case you missed it:
Insert a symbol

  • Method #2.

This may shock you.

First, is your computer autocorrect enabled? If not, simply go to your word settings and turn it on. The rest is a walk in the park!

Simply open parenthesis, type letter C, and then close parenthesis. Shoot! It will automatically create the copyright symbol. Now, that is how to type a copyright symbol in word. That is my favorite method. But caution! When using letters to make a  list of paragraphs, it will automatically turn into a copyright sy if you type the letter C in parenthesismbol. What to do? Simply click the command key and letter Z for Mac, Control key, and letter Z for Windows, and it will reflect as letter C and not the copyright symbol.

  • Method #3

I call this one the lazy man’s method. Simply go online and copy a copyright symbol, or you can copy the one here. Go to your word document and simply paste. But there is no fun in this method, right? Where is the fun where the joy of creating is removed? Besides, what will you do next time – look for where to copy? What if you are not connected to the internet? I suppose it pays to learn how to create one yourself.

How to type a Copyright Symbol on Excel?

Excel remains one of the most dreaded products of Microsoft for Users. ‘It is too technical,’ most users say. It is often difficult to understand its structure, let alone to find symbols. But is it challenging? I think not. So, how do you type a copyright symbol on Excel? Sadly, on Excel, the short command/control key + letter G does not work. It doesn’t matter if you are using a Mac or a Windows, simply click on the cell-box, go to Insert at the top left. Among the options, you will find Symbols, click on Symbols, and scroll to see the © symbol. Click on it, and you are done.

There, you have it. Don’t forget to click the like button or say a thank you in the comment box below.

Emmanuel O is an expert copywriter who takes joy in educating readers on beneficial information, products, and services. 

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How to type a Copyright Symbol on Mac, Windows, Word, Excel?

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