Facebook Product Manager Interview Questions- With Simple Answers

facebook product manager interview questions (atleast 10 with short sample answers)


Facebook is a global village that brings people from all over the world together. Only with the help of Facebook can a user share his mood, emotions, and even part of his thoughts. It is not just a platform for getting out of trouble; many people use this platform as a source of income by selling their products online. The RSVP option also allows users to create “events” and send invitations online. This provides the organizer with an effective and simple tool to make his “organization” more successful. Here are some of the Facebook Product Manager Interview Questions.

In addition, Facebook provides notifications to remind users of various important events, appointments, meetings, etc. Facebook has become a new platform that not only facilitates communication but is also used for learning and teaching. He set it up well, which effectively makes FB a learning platform where we can share content, have discussions, hold contests and reviews, and most importantly, start without prior training.

Product management and new product development are some of Facebook’s most important tasks, and they bear various responsibilities and obligations. Therefore, ordinary Facebook product managers play an important role in the company hierarchy. You work with the entire world-class team of designers and engineers to develop products. These products can include social products, external projects, and even models.

Facebook product managers are responsible for ensuring that every member of the product team does their best. The engineer is responsible for all programming and development, while the manager engineer is responsible for resource allocation. Product managers often work with technical managers to make sure they have what they need.  The designer strives to ensure that the product is actively perceived, while the analyst is responsible for collecting the necessary data to make the necessary changes. All these processes are controlled and coordinated by the product manager. Product experts work with the QA team to ensure that the product is free of defects and problems. The product manager supervises the entire process and must ensure that everything is resolved.

Finally, the product marketing manager is responsible for marketing, sales, and advertising. You will also lead market research and be responsible for formulating effective marketing strategies. Product managers usually work closely with product marketing managers to accomplish all these tasks.

Facebook Product Manager Interview Questions

  • Design a project for Facebook to tackle misleading Covid-19 information?

I would create a product to combat misinformation in the newsfeed regarding covid-19, and it is direct to the trash, without reaching worldwide. The product will analyze covid-19 informational posts before posting them to the news feed.

  • Why do you need Facebook social travel products?

Due to Facebook’s core mission and synergy with specific services, providing travel planning functions for travel groups; determines where in the tourism value chain can provide solutions. This is a peer-to-peer/residential option.

  • How do you promote your product on Facebook and make sure it is the right choice?

First, I want to decide where in the value chain Facebook can play a role; second, determine how Facebook will win; H. Does Facebook have the competitive advantage that makes you a leader in your chosen field? When Facebook has basic playability or needs to buy in this regard, as the result of the last two steps, competitive advantage, and core competitiveness, I can narrow the scope of services that Facebook is most suitable for. Based on the above analysis, the size of the opportunity, and the risk, I will judge whether it is worth entering this market.

  • You are PM, How would you monetize in false profile identification?

I will establish a product that reviews all other similar profiles, as well as the new technology of face identification mark, shall be added to it.

  • Design a product for job seekers to create resumes and find the best matching job easily and quickly?

I would bring a separate forum for job seekers, especially for freshers, that would help to interact with successful entrepreneurs directly through this medium. I would also enhance the internship platform by linking to established companies.

  • What product you will bring to organize and manage blood donation, organ donation as well as fund collection for social welfare, how will you recognize spam pages?

I will develop an icon that symbolizes ‘()’ where any donee can seek for a donor through uploading proper documents/data, that you will get an e-form to fill. And the interested donor has to establish their profile accordingly in the same portal. So there cannot be any spam or mischievous things.

  • Design product for kids and teenagers with parent control in Facebook?

With the new option adding to the settings bar, parents can control the child to use only specific content that they can see in their feeds; moreover, some icons will be muted for them too, after giving parent control.

  • You are PM, and the rating metrics go down 20 % down every year. How will you tackle this?

Through bringing new technology and updates the people can see the location of another person, providing broadcast messaging facilities in messenger, improve performance in online conferencing, and also they can provide online courses via messenger with new applications. As well as sending them gifts and rewards according to usage time in half-yearly and annually. Giving access to track spam reports immediately, and improve protection security. Further, design a product for users to connect with similar interests or hobbies. This will overcome the rating issues and users start spending their time more in Facebook app.

  • Design a product to manage social content on political issues and media trials?

As the dominant remote social networking service, Facebook has been used by established or unknown politicians to influence public opinion. Some of these actions violated platform policies, leading to “coordinated misconduct”, assistance, or attacks. Activities can be planned or paid for. So to tackle this problem, I shall bring a new setup that all the similar hashtags will be grouped and the legal board will examine the same. And this would be forward to the concerned authority to grab issues, moreover, it will be considered as a media trial for social alarm.

  • You are PM, how will you satisfy your differently-abled users like blind people?

I would establish a free icon of the mic at the bottom of the page that will be linking to Google assistant / Siri / Alexa. This will recognize the sound and identify the language. Accordingly, it will guide users as they need.

  • As PM, how would you improve users’ engagement on Facebook through Whatsapp?

Through popping up icons on the screen the user will get the tendency to open the app. Also entertainment such as gaming and earning opportunities will be provided only by opening messenger through the icon popping up on the WhatsApp screen.

  • What will you contribute newly to Facebook and measure your success in the marketplace?

All the above products are my own invention and I would like to contribute to Facebook and I hope that I will be the right pick for the role.

As my guide to analyzing how Facebook won, I want to use the customer journey map to see what users are doing and what their weaknesses are. The customer journey map can help find out where Facebook can provide a differentiated customer experience. Gain market share from competitors.


This network giant is the second most visited website in the world; with nearly 900 million people visiting online worldwide. The website is not only a network platform, it also helps to improve education and make news, advertising, and promotional activities more accessible. Company etc. Because of the various applications provided by the network, it is almost everywhere.

Facebook’s goal is to enable people to build communities and make the world smaller. It helps to connect with friends and family and keep abreast of the latest developments in the world. Facebook’s goal is to satisfy customers by providing new features from time to time. Facebook makes people’s lives easier by providing all the convenience and customer service at a low cost.  As we all know, coins have two aspects: untold stories and everything else on earth.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, if used properly, Facebook can be a powerful educational tool. The study found that students who spent more than six hours on Facebook lost interest in learning and ended up with a lower GPA. However, when educators use Facebook as an educational tool, the benefits of Facebook may outweigh its disadvantages. Ultimately, this research aims to advance the development stage of Facebook, focusing on educational and academic goals, which is why this work conducts empirical and theoretical research on Facebook’s academic performance.

Facebook Product Manager Interview Questions- With Simple Answers

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