Latest Amazon Product Manager Interview Questions

Amazon Product Manager Interview Questions

The interviews of product managers at Amazon are very inspiring and challenging. This job comes full of responsibility and guidance. Amazon has a very lengthy procedure of recruitment as compared to Microsoft and Google. The job of product manager at Amazon does give you high priorities but also gives you high pay. We will discuss Amazon Product Manager Interview Questions here in this article for your next interview.

Amazon is the best and fast-growing e-commerce giant in the ideas and plans. The product manager job is where you have to handle everything, plan everything, and manage the digital products across the network. The product manager should have all the basic knowledge and understanding about the work. The work is cross-functional, which means you have to work with internal teams like accounting, sales teams, operations teams, etc.

What is the job of a Product Manager?

  • The product has to strategize planning for the organization.
  • Vision arising everything before planning.
  • Guiding staff and team and cross-functional with the internal teams.
  • Featuring products and products line for the company.
  • Marketing of product and forecasting of business growth and development.
  • Profit and loss responsibilities.
  • Analysis of growth and progress.
  • Work with TMP (Technical Product Manager)
  • Excellence in Communication skills.

Timeline and Process of Interview

This process takes 6-7 steps for the job of product manager at Amazon.

  • Step 1: Resume and cover letter. In this, write a brief introduction about yourself, an overview of your experience and skills as a product manager, the reason for applying to the company, and a short conclusion.

  • Step 2: Recruiter’s call and email. Please don’t call the recruiter to get a response as they stay swamped. Instead, you can send them mail as they’ll find this thing professional, and it will also make the thing follow up quickly.

  • Step 3: Two interviews on phone screens. The senior members of the product team and the hiring manager conduct the phone screens for recruitments. They are behavior questions in this round of the process.

  • Step 4: Home exercise. After passing the phone screens, the company asks you to write an essay of 2-3 pages for on-site interviews related to experience and leadership. The company gives you particular instructions and guidance for writing essays.

  • Step 5: Six to Seven Interviews (On-site). In this step, you have to give 6-7 interviews in Amazon’s Offices. For which you have to spend an entire day over there. The interview will be for 1 hour and be a one-on-one interview with mixed people from the team you have applied for. The last interview will not be with the team you have applied for. Instead, it’ll be a bar raiser interview in which the interviewers are trained to be a significant barrier for your job.

  • Step 6: Hiring Committee Review
    • After completing your interviews, the hiring committee gives feedback and provides you with a hire recommendation or no hire recommendation.
    • Each report of your interview goes to the committee in full detail, including summarizing the questions and how you answered them. The committee sees your details individually; they don’t interact or discuss your details with each other. Instead, each member gives you a score and reviews the feedback.
    • The score is like: (4) if hire (3) not sure but hire (2) not sure, no hire (1) no hire.
    • They only hire those who get (4) scores.
    • Then the committee sends the hire recommendation.

  • Step 7: Offer letter. After clearing interviews and getting the feedback, you will get your offer letter in which there are some essential details like roles and responsibilities of the product manager. In addition, they give you the date and work schedule for joining their business. They also include the company’s policies and guidance in their offer letter. The starting 3 steps take about 2-3 weeks, and the rest take 1-3 weeks for recruitment.

Behind the Scenes of Recruitment:

  • Your recruiter leads your process and takes you to the next steps.
  • After phone screens, the hiring manager decides whether you’ll go to the next step or not.
  • The interviewers will check your fit and leadership principles in your on-site and either you are a bar raiser or not. Bar raiser plays a crucial role in the decision.
  • The people who refer you have a quiet influence in the whole process.

Types of questions asked in an interview:

  • Behavioral: The researchers found that 59% of questions were asked from the behavioral aspect. Under these behavioral questions, the interviewers have asked different types of questions like customer obsession, ownership, bias actions, inventions, thinking, hiring, etc. This is concerned about the in and out of the company.

  • Strategy: In this, the interviewers ask questions about the strategy, thinking, and vision. About 27% of questions are from these aspects.

  • Others: The product manager should be a critical thinker and can make good and effective decisions. About 14% of questions are asked from this aspect. The questions are of the following type:
    • Estimated Questions: The interviewers ask the estimated questions. They don’t care about your comfortability and problems. They ask the questions which they’ll feel they have to.
    • Analysis Questions: In this, interviews test your analysis skills and how you work on a given data.
    • Design Questions: In this, they ask you questions about your creativity, skills, ability, and approaches to design products.
    • Technical Questions: In this, they check your technical knowledge like coding questions and in-depth knowledge of a particular thing.

Amazon hires mainly new grads or freshers from the MBA program. They hire experienced, professional, and confident people for the job of product manager. It is not that easy to get this job, as said earlier. You should have good knowledge, qualification, skills, etc., for getting this job as this job is a cross-functional job.

Amazon Product Manager Interview Questions

  • What are your remarkable achievements?  

When the interviewer asks you this question, describe your achievements and tell them the situation where you get them. Pick that achievement which is the latest. They’ll show interest that you have made in recent means you have some qualities. Pick up your professional achievements when asking about your most significant achievements.

  • Do we have any competitors in the market?

When interviewers ask about competition and products, they check your understanding of the company. For a better answer, go through their products and profile. You will get to know about their insights.

  • Will you be able to promote our products? If needed.

It is essential to provide a piece of the good and correct information about the products. Target the audience and tell them about the company background, product, context, and innovative ideas.

  • Do you have any knowledge about market-oriented teams?

It is the method that priorities the customers’ needs and satisfies them by creating that product. It is an approach that checks how oriented you are for marketing and how you will strategize for marketing.

  • How will you prioritize your position over other things?

The product manager has to put their work as a priority. They can divide their work into the level so that they can quickly go to another work. They will work systematically so that they won’t get this thing of prioritizing anything. They’ll clear their minds that this thing has to be done in a particular period, which means there will not be any problem managing things.

  • Do you read articles and blogs about product management?

When you go for an interview, try to get a deep knowledge about the organization, product, and job position. Read their blogs and articles on google before going for an interview. Some of the blog names are product plan, mind the product, pendo blog, and product school.

  • What is ERP?  

ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) is software used to manage the manufacturing, supply chain, services, and other organization activities. It is a very effective way to bring business processes together and help to display data for applications. It’s software that provides better performance and management in the organization. In addition, it helps in planning, budgeting in the organization processes.

  • What is an exemplary user interface?

An exemplary user interface should have clarity and familiarity in its designs. You should have the skills to make a good user interface as you are going for the product manager interview. The graphical user interface is the popular user interface for designs.

  • How will you strategize in product development?
    1. Check the usage of the product, either it is a monthly user or user according to features.
    2. The quality of the product should be excellent. The customer attracts to the quality of the product.
    3. Price should be reasonable according to the features of the product.
    4. On-time delivery for the products
    5. Complete your work within the available resources.
  • How can you examine uncertainty in the organization?

The main factor of a successful business is the innovation of the product. So, you should check out the product features and standouts. Check out the feedbacks for the customers where they have got problems and solve them. Product price should be reasonable according to its features. Solve the problem of evil designs, implement the product in the right way, and keep a data record.

Latest Amazon Product Manager Interview Questions

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