Rue21 Hiring Age 2021 – Rue21 Job Opportunities

Rue21 Hiring Age

Rue21 Hiring Age 2021

Rue21 is an American retail company of special casual apparel and accessories stores for women. It is headquartered in Pittsburgh, found in 1970. A lot more information regarding Rue21 can be looked upon their official website Rue21 Hiring Age – 16 years old and above can easily apply for any position at Rue21. However, none below 16 should waste their time filling in applications unless they have visited their nearest store and have directly spoken to the manager about the hiring with honest mention of their age. Job offers are available to men and women and experienced and non – experienced candidates for entry-level positions and managerial positions.

  1. It is not just the age that matters to serve in any company. Still, you should also prove how worthy you are for a particular position by keeping many more things in mind like dressing accurately, talking properly, raising the sales effectively, guiding, and being guided appropriately.

  2. One can apply online by visiting the careers page and looking up for any trace of your desired position to be vacant under the company name you wish to serve. 

  3. Before clicking on the apply now space, you must ensure that your eyes have seen and mind has read and understood all the needs and requirements of the position as specified in the job description clearly.

  4. If the stars are shining in your favor, your name would definitely cling to the final list of to-be interviewed candidates, which will give you a climb in the stairs of the hiring process. 

  5. Interviews are usually conducted on a one-on-one basis, with the attendees being the applicant or the assistant manager or the store manager on the other end. 

  6. They do not exceed more than 15 to 20 minutes. These are very easy-going, fun at times, and quick as well.

  7. During peak hiring seasons, if there is a traffic of candidates applying for the same position, interviews can initially be held in groups to reduce applicants on a fair basis better. 

  8. However, this process is time-consuming and can take up to an hour for each session. Here the applicants who really want to hold on to their position must speak for themselves, be an active participant in the group sessions and stand out among the crowd. 

  9. Patent Questions coming your way could be,  
    • What do you know about the company policies?
    • Tell us something attractive about yourself.
    • Mention your not-so-proud moment at work.
    • How have you been tackling self-obsessed customers?
    • Does your personal life entangle you at work?
    • Have you been referred?
    • What strength of yours should we be taking advantage of?
    • Which quality of yours would you want to eliminate from your working schedule?
    • What are your salary expectations?
    • Do you have anything to ask?

  10. Prepare these basic questions and perform extensive research alongside them as you shall never know when the competition rises, and tough questions are bound to come your way.

  11. Your desire to serve via a position in a company can be traced by your persistent effort to contact the store and keep in touch while asking for updates.

  12. This is not an encouragement to call them every few hours and irritate them with your name and voice to want to turn down your application but a contact within a few days or weeks maybe if you notice an unwanted delay. 

  13. Sometimes, the check on the applicant’s result is a motivation for the hirer to consider you for the next stage of hiring just by supposing you are really keen to get the job or are highly interested or excited. 

  14. A background check is conducted for anyone being considered for a job, and they look up the records of the last 7 years of the applicant tracing any felony conviction as they do not hire felons by any chance. 

  15. However, no drug tests are required to be done on any applicant by any chance.

  16. Ensuring to make a record of voluminous sales, having a Friendly personality in a professional space of work, and great communication skills are unmentioned attributes searched in an employee.

How long does the entire hiring process at Rue21 take?

As per the Glassdoor Economic Research, average duration of 23 days is usually taken for any hiring process to take place in America; however, the applicants at Rue21 would be happy to read that the entire hiring process would not cost them spending of more than two to three weeks on an average.

What is dress code of Rue21 employees?

There is no fixed dress code that needs to be followed by the employees working at Rue21 however wearing business casual clothes is the necessity specified. 

What are the hours of work allotted along with the number of shifts?

 25 to 30 hours a week is the usual work allotment for employees for 5 hour shifts mostly. 

What are the different payment rates that are followed by Rue21 Company for their employees?

Typical pay chart for the employees working at Rue21 has been mentioned below for reference sake, 

  1. An associate manager makes $ 22 on average for each hour of service rendered.
  2. A sales associate makes $ 8 on average for each hour of service rendered
  3. An assistant manager makes $ 10 on average for each hour of service rendered
  4. A store manager makes $ 11 on average for each hour of service rendered
  5. A cashier makes $ 9 on average for each hour of service rendered, ranging from $ 7 to $ 11
  6. A corporate recruiter makes $ 17 on average for each hour of service rendered, ranging from $ 12 to $ 23
  7. A stocker makes $ 10 on average for each hour of service rendered, ranging from $ 8 to $ 12
  8. A custodian makes $ 11 on average for each hour of service rendered, ranging from $ 9 to $ 14
  9. A general store manager makes $ 20 on average for each hour of service rendered, ranging from $ 14 to $ 27
  10.  An executive assistant makes $ 19 on average for each hour of service rendered, ranging from $ 13 to $ 25

All the payments are made on a bi – weekly basis to the employees.

What are the perks and benefits offered by Rue21?

The company offers a list of benefits which have been mentioned below,

  • Casual dress atmosphere
  • Flexible work schedule
  • 401k plans
  • Paid time off
  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Free shipping is automatically applied to order deals above $50, and the company promises to deliver within 7 to 10 working days.
  • Under benefits, employees can avail 25% off discount on any of their purchases, while 15% off is provided as a student discount.  

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Rue21 Hiring Age 2021 – Rue21 Job Opportunities

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