Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions (10+ Sample Answers)

Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions (At Least 10 With Sample Answers)

Lightning (Salesforce Lightning) is an element framework for software creation from built to simplify procedures for enterprise users that do not traditionally have programming expertise. The word “lightning” is being used here to refer to actual lightning, indicating the tool’s force. It’s used to build smooth, beautiful, and exclusive customer experiences so that sales staff or salesmen could sell more easily and concentrate on what matters most. We will discuss Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions here.

Lightning has gotten considerably faster in recent months, and users who upgrade to Firefox Quantum will notice a big improvement. If Chrome customers want to turn browsers, users now have a viable choice. Lightning is a force to be reckoned with. The designed features for independent software vendors (ISVs), developers, sysadmins, & clients are still being transitioned. The bulk of the integrator and consumer group has just a smattering of Lightning experience. As with every major technological shift, there are several things to consider – if not wait for – before making the switch.

Salesforce Lightning is a framework that allows you to build next-generation user interfaces and user experiences in Salesforce. Salesforce Lightning enables businesses to build a digital customer experience that boosts productivity. For a deeper description of Salesforce Lightning, let’s discuss what Lightning’s experience of working is. It is a UI system that offers a ready-to-use code compilation, removing the need for code writing. It’s used to quickly create components & each web app for the Salesforce Lightning phase on desktop & mobile computers. It’s a platform for business users who want to increase their market revenue progressively instead of incrementally. It’s been tailored to help you reach new levels of productivity. It is among the most successful customer relationship management software solutions for managing sales, marketing, & customer service. 

What is Salesforce Lightning?

Salesforce Lightning technologies are designed to boost sales and increase performance. Salesforce Lightning creates a strategic advantage by introducing ground-breaking technologies into the industry and providing an outstanding approach on a variety of customer success platforms. It enhances the productivity of enterprise customers substantially. It provides companies with the benefit of mobility. To bring more value to their clients, Salesforce has introduced a range of supporting & out tools to their lightning experience. The new Lightning experience includes a chat feed, official reports, dashboards, schedules and tasks, list views, screen, interactive emails, as well as lightning record pages.

Lightning is a collection of tools and technology that underpins a major update to Salesforce’s platform.

The following are examples of lightning:

  • Experience: A collection of cutting-edge user interfaces that are designed to be fast. The Lightning Experience, the Salesforce1 Mobile App, and template-based communities are all examples of this.

  • Lightning Component Framework: An Javascript platform and collection of standardized parts that let users customize their Lightning Experience, Salesforce1 Mobile application, or pattern groups, as well as create your standalone applications.

  • Visual App Builder: Drag-and-drop technology for quick and simple app development and customization options. Customize the Lightning Experience as well as the Salesforce1 Phone application with the Lightning Device Builder. Customize template-based communities with the Community Builder.

  • Lightning Exchange: A segment of the App Exchange with over 70 partner components to help you start your production.

  • Lightning Design System: Style guides and modern entrepreneurship UX industry standards to construct pixel-perfect applications that complement the feel and look of the Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 Smartphone apps.

Why should you apply for the Salesforce Lightning interview?

It uses drag-and-drop features to make app creation and customization quick and easy. Community builders, on the other hand, assist with customizing template-based communities. People must now assess whether or not they want to work for Salesforce. They want to work as a Salesforce consultant. Before we delve through the Salesforce credentials, we recommend that you consider the following points. When we want to learn a new skill, we must consider the benefits and drawbacks because it will consume our time, resources, and effort. 

Do Salesforce experts in high demand? Yes, they are in high demand all over the world. This is one of the capabilities that Fortune 500 businesses use to help them succeed. It is used by software giants like Google, Facebook, e-commerce, amazon. Recruiters would be more interested in your resume if you have a Salesforce credential.

Skills Required for Salesforce Lightning Interview 

CSS or HTML5 development experience is needed. Angular JS, React, and other popular JavaScript platforms, Salesforce Communities, and Lightning Application Builder development experience are preferred. Ability to adapt to a changing work atmosphere and work as part of a community. Creation of prototypes ( InVision or similar ). 


  • Career experience of at least 12 years, including a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. (If you hold an Associate’s Degree, you should have at least 6 years of work experience.)
  • At least two years of website application design experience, like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5.
  • At least six months of Salesforce Lightning system development experience, including Lightning Components that use the Lightning Design System application, Apex, Apex data manager, or declarative software. ( For example, Process Builder, Visual Workflow, and Lightning App Builder.)
  • experience with at least one year of Integrations with APEX data loader


In the United States, the median Salesforce Lightning Developer wage is $136,500 per year, about $70 each hour. The starting salary for entry-level jobs is $102,375 a year, with most seasoned employees earning up to $175,500 a year.

Here are some of the Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions:

  • Q1: What’s the best way to make Lightning Components?
    • Answer: The Lightning Web Component system and the initial Aura Component model can both be used to create Lightning Components.

  • Q2:  What are the various sorts of Lightning Record Pages that can be created in Salesforce?
    • Answer: We can use Lightning App Developer to create Lightning Record Pages for the 3 kinds of pages mentioned below:
      • The App Page 
      • The Home Page 
      • The Record Page

  • Q3: What are these component events, exactly?
    • Answer: Component events are fired by child components that are handled by the parent component. Users could indeed use such an event when users need to clear a real worth from the child component to the parent component.

  • Q4: What is application occurrences, exactly?
    • Answer: Any component can trigger application events, which any component can manage. They don’t need some connection between the components, but they must all be part of the same application.

  • Q5: What makes you want to use the aura: method?
    • Answer: Salesforce created Aura as a framework for developing UI components. It’s a free and open-source platform. Users can get an atmosphere to pass value from a parent element controller to a child element controller.

  • Q6: What Does Lightning Mean When It’s Out?
    • Answer: If users want to use their component on an external website, users would have to use Lightning Out. The best part about Lightning Out is that it allows you to use the Lightning Component from within a Visualforce page and vice versa.

  • Q7: What are the stages in the propagation of component events?
    • Answer: Component event propagation is divided into two stages.
      • Phase 1: Bubbles
      • Phase 2: Capture

  • Q8: What is Lightning Experience and How Does It Work?
    • Answer: The all-new Salesforce desktop application is known as Lightning Experience, and it comes with new features, a sleek user interface, and optimized for speed.

  • Q9: Is it possible to link one Lightning component to another?
    • Answer: Yes, each Lightning component may be contained within another Lightning component.

  • Q10: What are the possibilities for using Lightning Components mostly with Salesforce1 Mobile application? 
    • Answer: Users can add a customized Lightning tab to their Salesforce1 Mobile navigation that points to a certain part.

  • Q11: What’s the difference between Lightning Components & Visualforce Components?
    • Answer: The majority of the work is performed on the server with Visualforce modules. Rather than using the idea of a page as its basic unit, Lightning is built from the ground up. Lightning Components are client-side-centric, which tends to make them quite dynamic as well as mobile-friendly.

  • Q12: What techniques are used in lightning?
    • Answer:
      • Lightning Component Framework – Modules and plugins enable you to create reusable components, modify the Salesforce1 Phone App, and create standalone applications using the Lightning Component Framework.
      • Lightning App Builder – A new UI tool that allows users to build applications amazingly quickly, using components provided by Salesforce and platform developers.
      • Lightning Connect – An integration tool that makes it much easier for your application to acquire data from every OData-compliant external source.
      • Lightning Process Builder – A graphical user interface for visualizing and automating business processes.


Salesforce Lightning was created to make processes easier for various business users who don’t have any programming background. Since it has such a broad scope, interview planning must be performed with great care and seriousness. Several aspects must be addressed. If you answer the questions correctly, you will have a significant advantage over other participants. The only aspect of an interview that you can monitor is the planning. Monitor the controllable, as they say, so make every effort to ensure that nothing will be left unfinished in your planning and that you reach the interrogation room with trust.

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Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions (10+ Sample Answers)

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