Lightning Salesforce Interview Questions [ 10+ Short Samples]

Lightning Salesforce Interview Questions(At Least 10 With Short Samples)

Lightning salesforce interview questions are mandatory questions you should get acquainted with if you plan to interview. Lightning is a framework for fast customization that helps your team get things done more efficiently with inbuilt applications, helping to take your business to another level. It is simply where innovations take place in salesforce.

Basic Lightning Features You Should Know

  • The GUI (Graphic User Interface) is called lightning experience.
  • The lightning App builder
  • The lightning component framework
  • The Appexchange for lightning components.
  • The lightning design system
  • The lightning connect

Lightning Salesforce Interview Questions

Below are frequently asked lightning questions that you should be familiar with when seated for a lightning salesforce interview for both fresh and advanced level professionals.

  1. What do you know about lightning?

Lightning is an advanced version of Salesforce with a component of different tools specifically developed to increase its internal users’ competence and deliver high proof in an efficient manner. Lightning has a list of features which include:

  • The Lightning Experience: This is a user interface that boosts speed and enables the sales users in the salesforce platform to handle a task efficiently within a short time. It includes the salesforce1 app with the template communities. The beauty of the lightning experience is that it is fast and distinct.

  • The Lightning Component Framework: It is a structure on a dynamic user interface built with a single page application.

  • Visual Building Tools: As the name implies, these are tools used for building easy and already customized applications.

  • The Lightning Exchange: The Appexchange is a general space that proffers solutions. It has over 70+ component tools that can be used to build. 
  1. In what way can we build lightning components?

There are two easy ways to build a lightning component. The first uses the encoding model called lightning web components, and the second is using an encoding model known as the innovative Aura component model. HTML and modern Javascript were used to create the web lightning component. Nevertheless, the lightning web component and the aura component work interchangeably to create the lightning component.

  1. List the kind of attributes available to store value.

The attributes below are available to store value.

  • Array
  • Long
  • Double
  • String
  • List
  • Decimal
  • DateanMap
  1. Lightning is an MVC framework, true or false?

False, lightning is not an MVC framework but a component-based framework.

  1. Is it possible to include one lightning component to another?

Yes, it is possible to include one lightning component to another as all lightning components work interchangeably.

  1. What do you know about Aura?

Aura was built using HTML and it is also a user interface framework developed by Salesforce to suit the needs of both mobile and web developments.

  1. Is there a limit to how many components to having in an application?

You are eligible to have as many components as you would desire to have in one application.

  1. What are the tools included in lightning?

The following are tools included in lightning:

The lightning component framework: other components and its extensions. That is used to customize the Salesforce1 app, develop the standalone apps and develop other components that can be used again.

  • Lightning App Builder: This is a new tool found in the user interface that permits building up lightning apps quickly and efficiently using components made available by Salesforce and other platforms geared towards development.

  • Lightning Connect: It allows you to effortlessly retrieve data from authorized platforms like SAP, Microsoft, etc., without retracting a sample in the Salesforce.

  • Lightning Process Builder: It is a tool that permits the administrator of Salesforce to cover several actions in one process. It is built with the help of a workflow that requires a trigger called APEX.

  • Lightning Schema Builder: A user interface tool formed for the sole aim of developing and glimpsing objects, data fields, and relationships.
  1. Was the introduction of lightning tools intended in mobile apps?

The development of lightning tools had been geared towards mobile-first, but with responsive design in reason. I.e., with lightning, responsive apps can be built swiftly for desktops, mobiles, and tablets.

  1. What are the benefits of lightning?
  • Increased Performance: Research has proven that since Salesforce had a transition to the lightning experience, they have been a tremendous increase in performance. And for the department that has had a transition to the lightning experience. It’s been clear that they have counted a satisfactory increase in work performance.

  • Save Time and Energy: Since the lightning experience came into being. The sales end users have greatly saved a large amount of time and money. While using the Graphic User Interface, the time and money saved have greatly impacted performance.

  • Third-Party Integration and Customization: The Salesforce lightning experience framework has made it easy for developers to develop salesforce apps easily. One can also add up custom components to the interface to have a personalized feel of a beautiful experience.

  • Confidence For The Future: The future of Salesforce is certain for every one of its users that has a personal customer interface on the app. There’s no certainty for a future with a beautiful experience for users that are yet to feel the graphic user interface in salesforce.
  1. Where can we display lightning components?

There are several ways to display the lightning components:

  • The first is the lightning experience. We can display the lightning component by using the tool called App builder. What you do is to edit the homepage, or you edit/ create a record detail page.
  • The second is the Salesforce mobile. To display lightning components here, you will have to create a custom lightning tab that links the lightning component. After that is done, go ahead to add the tab in the mobile navigation.
  • Also is the template-based community. We can display lightning components through a community builder.
  • Lastly is the standalone app. To display lightning components in this all. You have to have access to the lightning app by URL.
  1. What is lightning out?

Lightning out is greatly needed when lightning components are used in external sites. It allows you to use lightning components inside a visual force page

  1. What are attributes?

In programming, attributes are seen as variables where values are stored. The only required parameters in attributes are name and types.

  1. What do you understand by components in Salesforce lightning?

These are elements developed to enable creating applications and blocks. These elements can be used repeatedly, especially when applications/ blocks are to be created. They include mark-ups, a controller, a helper, a style, and lastly, a renderer.

  1.  Can Aura components be included in the lightning web component?

Unfortunately, you can’t include Aura components in the lightning web component. But you may, however, include Aura components in the lightning web component by contrast.

  1. List the events enclosed in the lightning component in salesforce.

They include: 

  • Application
  • Component
  • System

They are mostly used to share data between two components.

Further Questions on Lightning Salesforce

  1. How many types of record pages in salesforce lightning do we have?

We have: 

  • Home Page: This page displays only necessary features that indicate user types in the lightning experience.
  • Record Page: This is an object-based page that displays what the users necessarily need. You can find it in either mobile apps or in the lightning experience.
  • App Page: This app can be used in the mobile app, especially when working with a third-party app.
  1. Why are implements important in the lightning component?

By using implements you are being permitted to context data and also implement a lot of interfaces.

  1. How do we access the value from the attribute?

The only way to reach the value is from attributes through the use of the “value provide”

  1. What do you understand by scratch org?

The main use of scratch is experimenting and developing, which usually lasts up to 30 days after the duration. You go ahead to deactivate the scratch org. The default period for scratch org is 7 days.

Related Questions

  1. How beneficial are lightning experience features to salesforce?

The benefit of the lightning experience to the salesforce is a whole lot, especially to the sales team. It grants them entry to a lot of interfaces.

  1. How do I create a popup lightning component?

The possible way to display contents above the app is via the popup box. This option is always seen in our messaging sections on mobile apps.

  1. State one difference between the application event and the component.

Application events share common changes to be able to reach a wider audience. Component events are shared between a parent and child. Dom events are used here.

The above interview questions are the best top questions you should expect when going for a lightning interview, and you must acquire these skills if you must do well in Salesforce. Please feel free to share any other lightning questions you think will be important to know.

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Lightning Salesforce Interview Questions [ 10+ Short Samples]

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