Finish Line Hiring Age 2021 – Finish Line Job Opportunities

Finish Line Hiring Age

Finish Line Hiring Age

Finish Line is an American chain of retail stores selling athletic shoes. It was found in 1976 by Alan Cohen David Klapper with J D sports as its parent company employing more than 10,000 people. It has around 660 stores in different locations. The website shall enlighten you with a lot more details. A United States citizenship with valid proof of candidates being above 18 is Finish Line Hiring Age for candidates. 

What are the operational hours of the store?

Monday to Saturday the timing of the stores are from 10: 00 am in the morning to 9: 00 pm in the night on  Sundays however the timings are from  11: 00 am in the morning to 6: 00 pm in the evening.  

A lot of information on the hiring process with methods and tips has been mentioned for being read by anyone thinking to apply at Finish Line to help you grab knowledge of the matter in one stop. The method of applying to any company is spread across three pavements. The first being online applications, the second being in-store paper applications, and the third being printable applications. The option of printable applications is not available in the case of the Finish Line hiring process. However, applications can be filled in the stores by paying a visit to the nearest company outlet in your immediate surrounding and then requesting a form of application that could be filled up carefully and submitted for further considerations. 

For online applications a step by step guide is mentioned below, as this is the most commonly sought method of application.

  1. One must begin by tracing the company website online with the help of your internet sources,
  2. Next, you must search for job vacancies that are by all means waiting to be filled up as soon as possible. 
  3. From the provided list, your attention must be attracted to the one you have been willing to serve in the company as, 
  4. However, do not let your passion for working overtake the feeling to cross-check and carefully read all the needed criteria’s for working what so ever,
  5. Fill in all the asked details as uniquely as plausible to stand out in the selection process. 
  6. Take special care when mentioning your skills, experience, achievements, and expertise.  
  7. Read all the instructions and requirements attached with the form carefully before clicking on the apply button, as you shall not be able to make any further changes post submission. 

A personality test is conducted soon after you have submitted your initial form of details. There is nothing in it to panic about, as it is another fun element in the hiring process that gives you a cross-check of who you really are. Since many candidates are applying for the very position, it takes few days for the applications to be reviewed before you are contacted with an update of success or failure. Suppose you are one of the lucky ones to crack the first step. You shall be requested to take some time for your second crucial step, which is interviewing. You must dress well as during an interview and otherwise too, special focus is laid on the footwear and fashion sense you have. Also, if you are applying in the sales regard, be prepared to tackle difficult customers given the hirer’s desk and express your efforts and tactics in selling any product chosen by them. Status of your application can be checked by physically visiting the store or calling the store. You can log in to your created profile at the company and read the mentioned update as well. You need to keep a hold on your patience level as it is not a very quick process and demands your time to many extents. It is not a compulsion to have worked with shoes earlier or had any previous retail experience. Freshers are always welcomed with the same enthusiasm as an experienced candidate shall be. One to two weeks of orientation and training are held to give good knowledge to the fresh employees about the new work environment they are to get used to.  

You only need to know,

  1. How to appreciate a customer’s presence, 
  2. Be happy to have and serve them,  
  3. Ensure they leave with something purchased,
  4. Talk to them politely,  
  5. Give them a good tour of the store with the latest availabilities. 
  6. Greeting each other and assisting them throughout. 

In the world of competitions, that is all that shall matter to your employer, an employee treating their employer and their source of happiness and income (customers) with love, respect, and utmost care. Managerial positions do require some experience and a minimum of bachelor’s degree as their educational qualification too.  There are multiple interview sessions supposed to be held for managerial positions specifically.

Some common questions coming their during an interview way could be as has been mentioned below,

  1. Share your moment of inviting success.
  2. How do you plan to manage your team?
  3. How would you increase your sales?
  4. How do you expect to motivate your team in the store?

Usually other positions do not require prior experience and their questions could be more like: 

  1. Can you lift the weight? 
  2. Can you stand on your feet for long hours?
  3. What is your salary expectation? 
  4. What is the number of hours that you are willing to contribute?
  5. What is your motivation to be here?

Highlight the Perks and Benefits Offered at Finish Line

Without consideration of the fact whether you a full-time employee or a part-time or for how long you have served the company, every employee of  Finish Line has access to health coverage, including medical, dental, and vision plans along with life insurance, paid time off, 401k plans, tuition reimbursement and discount of 30%  for all employees. 

What are the various pay scheduled to be for all major and minor positions at Finish Line?

Some of the most commonly sought positions have been mentioned below along with their pay chart,

  1. A cashier earns $ 9 on an average per hour. 
  2. A Retail Sale Associate makes $ 10 on an average ranging from $ 8 to $ 14 per hour.
  3. A Retail store Assistant manager makes $ 15 on an average ranging from $ 11 to $ 19 per hour.
  4. A Retail store manager makes $ 18 on an average ranging from $ 11 to $ 23 per hour.

Automatic Payments are made every two weeks for all the employees; however, there are no added commissions in the wok sphere. Thus everyone has to work hard equally for the best of results in their accounts. 

What kind of dress does the employees at Finish Line wear?

The employees at Finish Line wear Dark-colored jeans under company provided shirt along with tennis shoes. A Polo shirt with black pants or slacks is another commonly seen set of clothes worn by them. None of the employees are expected to have body piercings, exposing body tattoos and vibrant hair colors. 

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Finish Line Hiring Age 2021 – Finish Line Job Opportunities

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