Papa John’s Hiring Age- Job Opportunities

Papa John’s Hiring Age

Papa John’s is a pizza delivery and dine-in fast-food chain which stands at fourth position among similar chains in the United State. They have their headquarters in a suburb of Louisville namely Jeffersontown, Kentucky. It is a public company which was started by John Schnatter in 1984. They have many stores which are around 5500 and are spread across many states and countries. The chain’s important people are Rob Lynch as the President & CEO and Karlin Linhardt as the CMO. They do give out franchises but most of them have to pay a lot because of the policies of Papa John’s. They pay franchise fees, 8% of net sales as advertisement fees, and 5% of net sales as royalty fees. The company also keeps in check that they make a proper turnover to carry on the store as a part of management operation. In this article, we’ll know Papa John’s Hiring Age.

The hiring age of Papa John’s is 16 years of age. They have restricted the age due to the state policies where anyone below the age of sixteen cannot work at a place that can cause them any physical or mental harm and the store always works around hot and sizzling items so an injury can happen anytime with a bit of carelessness. The student above sixteen can apply for the post of a team member as it is the easiest to get into and does not require any kind of prior experience. Other jobs like that of management require at least one year of experience in that field or proper qualifications to be on that post.

The drivers need to be of the legal age if they want to do a delivery on the motorcycle otherwise driving an electric cycle is always an option for the minors. The best part about working here is that you get a second family and that is divided into two. One is the drivers’ family and the other one is the in-store family. The employees have always said that it is a pleasure working here due to their environment and the staff they employ are friendly and helpful. The available jobs at the store are store manager, team driver, distribution team, truck driver, Custodial Maintenance, Maintenance Technician, Restaurant Team Member, and many more.

Store working hours:- 

The store is open all the days with a little difference in timings like from Monday to Thursday it is 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, Friday and Saturday it is 8:00 am to 11:00 pm and on Sunday the timings are 9:30 am to 9:30 pm. The store is not open on Thanksgiving as well as Christmas and them being the only two days it is closed. You might think that Halloween would be a holiday but the answer is no. In particular, almost no one can take leave that day as it is the busiest day of the year. The store doesn’t restrict anyone to the timings. They can work according to their convenience and ease. The drivers can work as little as four hours to the maximum they want depending on the demand of the store. On some days you only work for 1-2 hours whereas on others you might even work from morning nine to five in the evening. The drivers who usually start working at night which is somewhere around five or six are known as closing drivers. 

History of Papa John’s:-

John Hampton Schnatter named the chain after his own nickname, Papa John. He had opened the first store in the broom closet of his father’s tavern and sold his own car to buy the pizza equipment which was used and started selling some delicious and mouth-watering pizzas. The company was made public in 1993 with over 1500 stores in 1997 in which 500 were opened in one year of the company becoming public. They were also famous for the dipping sauce which was cherry on the cake especially with the crust. The chain had also gone through a lot since the founder had used the N-word which led to him resigning and the appointment of a CEO which was handpicked by John himself. John had filed a suit against them but he was under a poison pill in which he could not connect with any of the other shareholders. They settled the case but John had to resign from the board of directors as well as not attend the annual meet. Later the company announced its CEO as Rob Lynch, CEO of Arby’s and not Steve Ritchie, who was handpicked by Schnatter. 

Jobs and Salaries:- 

Various jobs are available at the store as well as in the corporate sector of the chain. The in-store jobs are more on the customer and serving side whereas the corporate jobs deal with the problems of franchise owners, chain-owned stores as well as the cracking of deals with different investors, ingredient proving companies, and the land providers. Some jobs which can be applied for are as follows:- 

  • Team Manager:- Most of the duties of the kitchen and the store comes under them. Their job is to provide the customers the best service along with quality. They are hired for varied jobs. The team members are responsible for taking, making, packing, and providing the orders. They have to attend calls, in-person orders, and online orders. They are paid a basic hourly salary and can earn up to $8 if they are good at the job you do. The highest you can get from here is the team shift leader. The cashier and server can also make additional money by the tips given by the customers but the kitchen managers do not have that possibility.

  • Drivers:- They are responsible for all the duties related to delivering which includes the provision of raw materials by means of truck drivers or pizza by delivery drivers. They have to ensure safe and timely delivery for the customer and also have to work on cleaning the store, helping the staff, and providing customers perfect services at the time they are not working. They should be above sixteen and have a proper license along with safety gear, a good driving record, and insurance. They make a minimum wage at the start which starts to increase depending on the store and the number of deliveries they make. They are given mileage reimbursement as well as they can earn a bit extra with the help of tips by the customer which sometimes is a huge one.

  • Management duties:- All the duties which have any kind of managing work come under this like shift leader, assistant, and general manager. They are responsible for the proper working of the store and have their separate areas of power. The shift leader is responsible for the employee’s holidays and shifts and takes the power of assistant and general manager in their absence and is paid $10 to $11 hourly. The assistant does jobs like maintaining the employees and sales, giving training, and meeting the demands of the company and is paid $35k to $30k yearly. The General manager is usually responsible for the corporate side of the store as well as keeps an eye on the daily processes happening in the store and hires new staff with the assistant manager and has a maximum pay of $50000 yearly which is inclusive of the bonuses and depends upon the area of service. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

  • Do they pay well?
    The answer to this question is not certain because it is on a relative basis but yes they were sued for underpaying 1900 delivery drivers and had to give compensation.  
  • What is the hiring age of the company?
    The minimum age to get hired at this chain is sixteen.
  • Do the in-store workers get breaks and discounts at Papa John’s?
    Yes, they are given breaks in between their shifts if it is of more than 6 hours and they are given a small discount on rare occasions. They do not get free pizzas except when the order has not been collected for a while and it also depends on the store policy for overdue orders. 
Papa John’s Hiring Age- Job Opportunities

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