Johnson & Johnson Headquarter and Location

Johnson & Johnson is an American large corporation that produces pharmaceutical products, medicines, and consumer packaged goods. It was founded in 1886. Its common stock is included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and it is ranked No. 36 on the Fortune 500 list of the largest US corporations by overall sales for 2021. Johnson & Johnson is one of the most profitable brands in the world, and it is one of only two US-based companies with a credit rating that exceeds that of the US government. Let us see about Johnson & Johnson Headquarter and Location.

Johnson & Johnson Headquarter and Location

Johnson & Johnson Headquarter and Location


Johnson & Johnson’s corporate office is located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, with the customer convenience in Skillman. The corporation has over 250 associate organizations, with operations in 60 countries and goods offered in more than 175 countries.


The Delaware and Raritan Canal in New Brunswick is the location that has been the Johnson & Johnson company’s headquarter for many years. In the 1960s, the corporation pondered leaving New Brunswick, but decided to stay after city officials promised to renovate the downtown area by removing old buildings and erecting new ones. While the modernization drive resulted in the loss of many historic properties in New Brunswick, including the early home of Rutgers University and the majority of the city’s historic commercial waterfront, modernization did bring people back to the city. Henry N. Cobb of Pei Cobb Freed & Partners developed the corporation’s new headquarters. One of the finest buildings in the city is Johnson & Johnson Plaza, which stands across the train lines from the original headquarters.


The internal recruitment at Johnson & Johnson consists of several stages, including a job application and an interview in which you must satisfactorily answer certain questions in order to be hired. Johnson & Johnson, like other prominent brands in the business, has several requirements that must be met before you may be recruited. Before you apply, double-check that you have all of your credentials and other qualifications. So, from the moment you apply until the time you are hired, you must go through various procedures.

Job Application

Job Application for Johnson & Johnson This is how people may apply for any job at Johnson & Johnson with success: When you locate a position that fits your talents and credentials, click “Apply Now.” You obviously know what you’re capable of and what you desire. The next step is to create an account and, when required, upload your resume/cover letter. You may be instructed to fill out an online quiz depending on your role. Check your mailbox for verification that your registration was received, and then follow the instructions in your email request. You must complete all processes and monitor your email to ensure that you are able to track the progress of your registration.

Interview Process

The process of Interviewing at Johnson & Johnson is that  Consultants, employment agencies, and other teammates will examine your credentials and then get to know about better in a collaborative and communal manner. Depending on the function and if you’re in the process, interviews are conducted through video, phone, or in-person. This means you must be prepared to face the encounter independently of how the recruiting manager conducts the interview. If you are chosen for various interviews, you would be obtained from various sources to set up a time and provide additional information about who you should contact and the next stages.


Employees who work for Johnson & Johnson get rewarded. Take a look at the most recent wages by sector and job title. Johnson & Johnson’s average annual income, including base and bonus, is $133,479, or $64 per hour, with a median wage of $134,026, or $64 per hour. The highest-paying position at Johnson & Johnson is Engineering Manager, which pays $288,888 per year, while the lowest-paying job is Social Media Manager, which pays $45,000 per year. HR salaries average $124,517, IT salaries $99,634, Marketing salaries $173,318 and Communications salaries $271,342. The majority of the company employees earn more than $134,026 per year.

Compensation Rating

Comparably, 209 Johnson & Johnson workers rate their Salary in the top 20% of similar-sized businesses, while 201 Johnson & Johnson employees rank their Benefits And Protections in the best 20% of similar-sized organizations. Job titles such as DevOps, Project Manager-Tech, President of Marketing, and Senior Brand Manager are among the salaries reported by Johnson & Johnson employees.  

Employee Benefits

The process of bringing a child into your family can be wonderful, but it can also be expensive and stressful. Johnson & Johnson provides aid with reproductive treatments, adoption, and childcare for both heterosexual and the same spouses in order to encourage employees who are ready to explore their families. The company provides financial support for fertility procedures worth $35,000 in the United States. Employees who adopt a child are eligible for a $20,000 compensation. The cost of surrogacy is $20,000 per child. The company gives many more services also.


Johnson & Johnson’s impact was felt throughout the board. Beyond its major areas of focus, the organization has a positive effect on local emancipation and prosperity. Through specific programs such as educational sponsoring, the corporation demonstrates its unlimited desire to contribute and care. Aside from that, it is one of the top companies in environmental preservation through sustainable energy programs.

Vision Of Company

Johnson & Johnson has been able to lead in the development of various influential goods thanks to the pooled thoughts of its employees. Today, the company is known for its contributions to several aspects of patient care through its innovations. Johnson & Johnson, as a firm established by two brilliant brothers, acknowledges the impact that each individual can have on the world. That is why it allows people with a wide range of skills, such as Edith Von Kuster, to participate to its mission. Johnson & Johnson is a worldwide firm with operations in more than 60 countries. It also advertises its products in every country to guarantee that they reach everyone and have an influence on health.


They believe that excellent health is the cornerstone for vibrant lives, flourishing societies, and forward development at Johnson & Johnson.  That is why they have strived to keep the public fit at all ages and phases of life for over 130 years.As the world’s largest and most widely based healthcare organization, they are dedicated to putting its scale and reach to good use. They aspire to increase accessibility and availability, build better health outcomes, and make a decent intellect, health, and surroundings accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Johnson & Johnson Headquarter and Location

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