Johnson And Johnson Job Application Status


Johnson and Johnson is a well-renowned name in the healthcare industry. Be it skincare, baby products, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, or general consumer goods. They are the most respected brands in the medical industry all over the globe. Let us know about ‘Johnson And Johnson Job Application Status’.

Johnson And Johnson Job Application Status

Johnson and Johnson is an American multinational company headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The company was first introduced 135 years ago by the Johnson brothers- Robert Wood Johnson, James Wood Johnson, and Edward Mead Johnson. This publicly listed company has its name associated with top brands like Johnson Baby, Neutrogena skin and beauty, Acuvue contact lenses, Clean&Clear skincare, and the most revolutionary being Band-Aid. Johnson & Johnson is a rich name among job-seekers. The perks offered like flexible timings, paid sick leaves, vacations, life insurance, etc make it more desirable between the applicants. At present, Johnson & Johnson has more than 134,500 employees working but vacancies keep on joining the chain. 

So, first, let’s brief about how to apply for a job at Johnson and Johnson.

Job application at Johnson and Johnson

There are wide opportunities available at Johnson and Johnson to choose from. Project manager, customer research and development analyst, global specialist, communication specialist, and whatnot. To apply at Johnson and Johnson you need to follow the given steps, but before that keep your resume with all details ready. Be mindful of the position you’re applying for and it’s always better to research more about your roles before registration. 

After you get ready with the given documents, move to-

  • scroll down to the footer.
  • Now search for the position in the search bar given below.
  • The next step is to apply for the given position, here you would be asked to set up an account and post your resume.
  • While applying for some positions you might come across some mandatory questionaries important for selection.
  • Look for your email, you would find a welcome mail from the “Shine” recruiting portal. The mail will have all the information’s regarding the next steps and what you could expect from the company at present.

With the above-mentioned easy steps, you can complete your application process at Johnson&Johnson. 

Now we need to admit. Johnson&Johnson is a world-class house of medical institutions and receives more than 1 million applications for different roles every year. This estimates signs to delay of applications being actually checked by the recruiters. We understand your nervousness and Johnson&Johnson also appreciate the time and efforts you got into your resume. Therefore to induce better transparency and keep a check on your application status, Johnson&Johnson teamed up with “Shine”.

Shine is an online platform for recruiters and applicants. Here, you can check your application status for Johnson&Johnson.

Check your application status at Johnson&Johnson

  • Visit Shine and log in with your Careers credentials. 
  • The only way Johnson&Johnson can contact you is your email address therefore keep a check at your mailbox and be sure to cross-check promotions and spam box too.
  • Move to your Johnson&Johnson application and here you can check your application’s present status. 

Again, let’s remember the fact that Johnson&Johnson is a state of an art institution. Therefore the recruiters and hiring personnel may take time to review your application and notify you about the next step which is the interview. Between the interval of application and interview, you may prepare for the interview through the same Shine portal. Read articles and blogs related to your applications and how to outperform in interviews. Be thorough about your role at Johnson&Johnson. Research about the same and learn communication skills to ace your interview with Johnson&Johnson. 

Keeping pandemic in mind, Johnson&Johnson is handling interviews only online. The only two ways you can appear for the interview is 

  1. Pre-recorded interview- Questions will be sent to you, all you need to do is to answer all the questions and record the same in an audio&video format, and post to the designated email address or portal, wherever you’re asked to.
  2. Live-video interview- Same as the traditional ways of conducting the interview, but with technological automation.

Preparation strategies for the interview are present at the Shine portal which will help you throughout the hiring procedure.


Johnson&Johnson is the most trusted brand in medicine all over the world. They majorly deal in medical instrumentations and pharmaceuticals. Provided the globe with better health and sanitation through the products for general consumers too. With over a million applications every year, getting a hint of our applications at these world-class institutions gets difficult. Therefore to make it easier, Johnson &Johnson made checking application status easier with Shine. To check your application status online you can visit the Shine portal and log in with your “Careers” credentials. Here, you can check the present status of your application and prepare for the next steps too. 

Johnson And Johnson Job Application Status

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