How Much Does Kroger Pay?


The Kroger Company popularly known as Kroger is founded in 1883 by Bernard Kroger. The company is named after the founder and is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. Kroger is an American retail store company that is serving in various locations. There is a specialty of the company that instead of having just a supermarket, they also have a supermarket and jewelry shop. Let us know ‘How Much Does Kroger Pay?’.

How Much Does Kroger Pay?

How Much Does Kroger Pay?

Kroger is a famous company that provides household products in various locations. The employees working at Kroger are the reason for its success, so to give them rewards for their work the company provides an attractive salary to them. Along with salary the company gives a variety of benefits to its employees. 

How much do employees get paid in Kroger?

The best benefit that an employee receives while working at the company is their salaries. The attractive salary allows employees to work hard and stay motivated. Kroger wants to keep its employees and their families happy and satisfied, so they pay a good amount of salary to its employees. Most of the employees working at Kroger find the pay satisfactory and they wish to continue to work for the company. 

Though, the salary fluctuates depending on numerous factors like location, department, job role, education, experience, and much more. Still, the average pay at Kroger ranges from $ 18335 to $108000 per year. 

Salary is different according to different departments in the company: 

Few departments are important and dear to the company as because of them the company can’t function properly. So, the employees belonging to the departments which are dear to the company are being paid a bit higher than employees from other departments. Sometimes, salary according to different departments fluctuates because of the technicality associated with the functioning of the department. Below are listed such departments with their pay scale at Kroger: 

Different DepartmentsAverage Salary
Healthcare Department$ 38,861 per annum or $19 per hour
Sales Department$32,142 per annum or $15 per hour 
Customer Service Department$32,058 per annum or $ 15 per hour
Hospitality or Service Department$31,986 per annum or $15 per hour
Administrative Department$ 31,455 per annum or $15 per hour

As per the sources, these are the top five departments in Kroger whose employees receive high salaries. Though there is not much difference in the average pay of departments still, there is a difference as per the priority of the company. 

Salary according to the location: 

Kroger is famously running in 2868 locations in the United States and has recognition among its customer. Since there are multiple locations where the supermarket is located, so each franchise of Kroger has a different hiring process and different pay scale. Below is given the chart that throws light upon the different locations where Kroger is running and the pay scale of employees in those locations: 

Different Location Average Salary
Chehalis, WA$ 33,553 per annum or $16 per hour
Compton, CA$31,892 per annum or $15 per hour 
Rochester, MN$ 31,707 per year or $15 per hour
Denver, CO$30,911 per annum or $15 per hour
Ione, OR$30,354 per annum or $15 per hour
Tolleson, AZ$29,740 per year or $14 per hour
New Baltimore, MI$ 29,681 per year or $14 per hour
Kenosha, WI$28,929 per year or $14 per hour
Cincinnati, OH$28,632 per annum or $14 per hour
Houston, TX$28,359 per year or $ 14 per hour

It is clear from the above-given chart that the salary of an employee fluctuates a lot depending on different locations. The reason for fluctuation can be the cost of living in that particular area or the demand for products by customers in the area. However, various other factors can contribute to such fluctuations. Also, in Chehalis, employees are paid higher than any other city in the United States as, on average, employees receive $ 33,553 annually or $ 16 on an hourly basis. 

Different Job Role leads to fluctuation in salary: 

Certainly, the salary of employees fluctuates when it comes to the different job positions, an employee working at a higher position will be paid a higher amount. Below are highlighted certain job positions that earn the highest amount of salary in Kroger. 

Different job positionAverage Salary
Co-Manager$ 116,546 per year or $56 per hour
Store Manager$106,705 per annum or $ 51 per hour
Order Selector$ 41,623 per annum or $ 20 per hour
Administrative Assistant$39,715 per annum or $19 per hour
Assistant Manager$ 38,821 per year or $19 per hour
Sales Associate$35,241 per year or $17 per hour
Deli Clerk$33,392 per year or $16 per hour
Front End Supervisor$ 32,955 per annum or $16 per hour
Floor Supervisor$32,273 per annum or $16 per hour
Bagger$31,963 per annum or $ 15 per hour

Kroger gives a fair and competitive salary to each employee; in the above table, it is evident that each employee working at a different job position is paid accordingly. Ultimately, co-manager earns $116,546 on an annual basis which is higher than employees working at other job positions like store manager, bagger, floor supervisor, or any other. This indicates the fair pay policy adopted by the company. 

Bonus at Kroger: 

All the employees working at Kroger are eligible to receive a certain bonus based on their performance. The bonus is given in different forms. The most popular form of bonus that Kroger provides these days is given to vaccinated employees. Every employee who has got their doses receives $100 as a bonus. Along with that, the average bonus received by the employees is around $3,843, and the average bonus ranges from $185 to $20,000. Employees at different job positions get a different amount of bonuses. Though the level of bonus is based on various factors, and each store of Kroger provides a different level of bonus to its employees. The reason for fluctuation in bonuses can be location, performance, job position, and much more. 

Benefits of working at The Kroger Company: 

The Kroger Company is a famous retail store that operates in various parts of America. The reason for the effective functioning of the company is the efforts of its employees. So, the company believes in providing its employees with various benefits to motivate them and keep their morale up. Most of the benefits provided to part-time or full-time employees are similar, so below are highlighted some benefits that are given to the employees: 

Healthcare Benefits: The health and wellness benefits provided by the company include dental and vision insurance. Along with comprehensive health insurance, you and you are eligible for various health care programs like free flu shots and well-child visits. 

Pandemic Support: The whole world has suffered through the pandemic, so to give their employees relief from the pandemic, the company provides support. They give the employees free covid vaccines and $100 after getting vaccinated. 

Financial Investment and Support: Kroger gives its employees certain financial support like 401k and pension plans to support employees. 

Employee Discount: The employees are given a certain discount on household products sold by the company. Also, you are eligible to receive different offers. 

Professional Growth: All the employees work with any company to become successful. So, Kroger provides various certain job pieces of training and personalized development for the employees. 

Educational Support: Kroger supports the ongoing education of its employees and encourages life-long learning. 

Emotional Wellness: Kroger understands the emotional need of its employees, so they provide proper assistance in the emotional well-being of their employees. 

Application procedure at The Kroger Company: 

The company wishes to hire bright and talented candidates to work for their company. Each candidate who wishes to work at Kroger can apply for the job role relating to their qualification and skills. 

Below are given certain steps to apply for different job positions: 

Step 1: Visit the website of The Kroger Company- Jobs, where you can find the job role. 

Step 2: You have to click on the “View Job” option to find the different job roles. 

Step 3: Now, you have to enter your preferred location, or you can scroll down to find a suitable job for you. 

Step 4: Once you have found a suitable job for you, you need to select the job. After selecting the job role, you will see the job description. 

Step 5: After reading the job description clearly, you need to click on the “Apply Now” button. 

Step 6: You have to create an account to apply for the job position at Kroger. In case you already have an account, then you can proceed with the application. 

Step 7: For creating an account, you have to enter your details like email id, name, password, and much more. 

Step 8: Once you have created your account, you need to add details like name, phone number. Further, you have to attach your resume or CV. 

Step 9: As you move further, you need to provide your professional details like work experience related to the job position or military experience. 

Step 10: Then, you need to add on your educational experience or certification that you hold. Though this step is optional and you can skip it as per your requirement.

Step 11: The last step would be to apply for the job role at Kroger. On the basis of the application, the recruiters will review and accept the job application. 


Kroger is an American retail store company that began its journey in 1883 by Bernard Kroger. The headquarters of the company is set up in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, and has 2,868 supermarkets and jewelry shops in the US. Kroger is famously running in the United States as it is the seventh-largest privately owned company. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do employees working at Kroger receive bonuses?

Yes, as per the reports, every employee who works hard at Kroger gets a bonus. Usually, the bonus at the company ranges from $185 to $ 20,000 on an annual basis. Though, the average hourly bonus is $11.88 per hour or $4000 per year. These assured bonuses are given to encourage and motivate them to work professionally to achieve higher targets. 

Is Kroger a good company to work for?

Kroger is famously functioning in the United States and has a good reputation among its customers. The fair working and competitive pay make the company suitable to work. Also, the benefits associated with each job role make it more suitable for the employees. 

Is it hard to get hired at The Kroger Company?

The former or current employees have rated the hiring process at Kroger as moderate. The whole hiring process takes around 1 to 2 weeks, from filing the application form to getting hired finally. Usually, you have to appear for an interview after applying online for the job. 

How Much Does Kroger Pay?

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