Does Harris Teeter Give a Drug Test? Know More about it

Harris teeter is amongst the top store chain that is being set up in North Carolina, that is in charlotte. Getting a job in Harris teeter can be a stable part-time job. But many of you don’t know what the exact procedure is to get hired by Harris teeters. There are numerous rumors about its testing procedure also. But you’re curious to know all and we know this fact. So, we are here to tell you all the details about the tests that Harris teeter takes to get someone in. we will also provide the answer to the query of whether Harris teeter give a drug test or not. So, stay tuned to know all the answers.

Does Harris Teeter Give a Drug Test?

The answer to the question of whether Harris teeter gives a drug test or not is that: yes, at some places they do drug tests after selecting you and before starting your job. But at some locations, they don’t take the drug test. This drug testing depends on store-to-store and there are no set rules that are being set to take drug tests.

How to get into Harris teeter?

Getting hired by Harris teeter is one of the dreams of the students and the workers who want to get the best part-time job. This is the superstore which provides the opportunity to work long hours and gives easy promotions to the employees. Are you also thinking of getting a job in Harris teeter and don’t know the full procedure yet? Are you also having the thought of starting your application from the very start? Then, follow these steps to get into the Harris teeter:

  1. Apply online: The initial towards getting into a prestigious store like Harris teeters is to apply online. You can send your application online by clicking on their website. The website for applying online is You can fill out the application here.
  2. Phone screenings: Once you apply, now the staff of the Harris teeters will make the phone screenings of the applications. the phone screening takes a couple of days. And many applications can get rejected at that time.
  3. Personal interview: Once the phone screening is done, suitable candidates can be called for personal interviews. It can be either telephonic interviews or they can also arrange online or personal interviews for the candidates.
  4. Background check: After this, the candidates who get selected from the interview will have to fill in all the required details and go through a background check. That way it will be meant that they are selected.
  5. Paperwork and training: On the first day of your job, you will have to go through detailed paperwork. And now after the paperwork, your training will begin. In the training, they will teach you everything that is required for your job profile.

Does Harris teeter take a drug test?

This is one of the most common doubts that runs in your mind that whether Harris teeters takes a drug test or not. Many superstores have different kinds of testing procedures to take their best employees. They do have standards that they need to maintain. For example, hobby lobby takes a math test to choose the best employees. So, we are here to solve this query of yours.

  • According to the data shown on indeed 58% of the employees says that yes, Harris teeters takes a drug test for the new employees. This drug test is an oral test that lasts long for near about 2 days. 
  • But the fact is that there is no such mention of any kind of drug test in the screening process in the Harris teeters. 
  • So, yes, Harris teeters do take a drug test, but it depends according to the stores. some stores may take a drug test, and some don’t.
  •  To find out whether the store you’re applying to takes a drug test, you can post a query in the store or can make a phone call to ask about the same. There is no such set of tests to be taken before entering an employee into the job.


Getting a part-time job in Harris teeter is the best thing that can happen to a student or an individual. But if you’re worried about the way to get in, then you can follow the above-mentioned step. You can also call the store where you have applied for getting to know the further process.

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  1. How long does it take to get into Harris teeters?

After applying online to the store, it will take near about 3-5 business days to respond to your application, and in 3-5 days the store will need to select you.

  1. Do Harris teeters need a specific degree to get a job under them?

No, you don’t need any specific kind of degree to work in the Harris teeters store.

Does Harris Teeter Give a Drug Test? Know More about it

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