How do I get my resume off of indeed? – Know more

If you’re the one who is into that employment industry, then you must be knowing the true importance of indeed. Indeed, is truly a platform that can help you in getting a job. You can just upload your resume on this app, then can set the preferable job alerts and can directly receive emails on the go. But are you also thinking that your previous resume is not that apt to secure a job? Do you also want to take your resume off from the indeed app? But you don’t know how to do it. There is no need to panic. We will tell you how you can do it.

How do I get my resume off of indeed

If you want to take your resume off from indeed, then there is a simple way to do it. you can take it off by just deleting it from the app. You can delete the resume by clicking on the “delete resume” link. You can find this link from the edit and privacy settings in the indeed app.

How to find a job on Indeed

The days are gone when you must apply for a job through newspapers and advertisements. In the old days, you must check the newspaper for the vacancy, then physically drop the resume and the application there. Then you will get to hear about the job from them or sometimes you don’t. this process was hectic and lengthy. But nowadays it has been replaced in the best way possible. Indeed, is ruling the employment opportunity world now. But are you wondering now if will you find the best-suited job on indeed? Follow these simple steps and find your dream job. Here are the steps:

  1. Make a profile: The first step that you need to follow is to make a profile by signing up in the indeed app. Making a profile is free. You can make the profile by providing your email and phone number.
  2. Post the resume: Once you have created the profile, then post it. Posting a resume is a must thing. Post it by clicking on the “upload my resume” button given.
  3. Apply for numerous jobs: Then you can get started. Search for the jobs from the search bar and start applying for the jobs.
  4. Enlarge the visibility: Enlarging the visibility of your profile will help you in showcasing yourself to different employers. In this way, employers can easily find you and offer you the best job.
  5. Keep the resume updated: The key to getting the best job is to always keep the resume uploaded which is up to date. You can take it off by following the above-mentioned steps and can upload a fresh date. 
  6. Get the best job: By following all these steps amicably, you will surely get the best job for yourself.

How do I get my resume off indeed?

One of the crucial steps to getting a job on indeed is to always post an up-to-date resume. But there can be instances when it is old, and you want to take it off. You can get your it off by following these steps:

  • Open your indeed app.
  • Click on the profile icon created in the top right corner.
  • Click on “My profile.”
  • Scroll down and go to the resume privacy settings.
  • You will find the three options there. Click on the “remove my resume” option.
  • Then click “ok.”
  • Then a new page to upload your resume will open. You can upload a fresh resume from there.
  • Then click on upload. And start your new job hunt with this up-to-date profile.


Making a profile on indeed can create a lot of difference in your job search. You can easily find the job of your dream by following the steps that are mentioned above. Platforms like indeed are meant to ease your life in this modern life. But one thing should keep in your mind is that you should always keep your it up to date. You can take off your resume from the edit and privacy settings and then can upload the new updated one. 

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice
  1. Is it necessary to upload a resume on indeed?

Yes, uploading it on indeed helps the employer to find you. There is an advantage in uploading it. This shows that you’re a potential candidate and shows your skills and capabilities.

  1. How can one put a resume on indeed?

You can upload it on indeed by clicking on the “upload your resume column.” Then you can select the file and then tap on upload. It will be uploaded in seconds.

  1. Is indeed free of cost?

Making a profile on the indeed app is free of cost. Posting the jobs on indeed are also free of cost. But the sponsored jobs indeed charge a small amount.

How do I get my resume off of indeed? – Know more

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