Salaries For Ophthalmologists -Know More About It

Ophthalmologists are professionals who focus on eye care. Optometrists and opticians lack the specialized training and experience needed to diagnose and treat eye and vision issues that ophthalmologists, who are either physicians of medicine (MD) or doctors of osteopathic medicine (DO), do. Comprehensive eye care, including both medical and surgical care, is something that ophthalmologists are trained to offer. Let us know about “Salaries For Ophthalmologists”

Salaries For Ophthalmologists

According to the Payscale compensation data, ophthalmologists employed in the United States typically make salaries in the range of $111,744 to $380,127 per year, including bonuses and contributions from profit sharing. According to Payscale, ophthalmologists typically make a base income of between $103,042 and $360,961 each year, up to $50,684 in incentive payments per year, and between $4,913 and $24,417 in profit-sharing payments annually.

Responsibilities Of An Ophthalmologist

The following are the responsibilities of an ophthalmologist: – 

  • Examining the patients’ eyes’ alignment and testing the way the pupils react to light
  • administer thorough eye exams to patients, evaluating their vision
  • examine for indications of glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataract, eye infection, and other eye conditions.
  • specialized imaging tests and tests, including fluorescein angiography, corneal topography, and ocular ultrasonography, should be ordered.
  • the retina, eye muscles, and optic nerve should all be examined.
  • keep meticulous medical records for patients and counsel them on appropriate eye care
  • the recommendation of contact lenses and spectacles for vision correction
  • the use of cryotherapy and chemotherapy for eye surgery
  • provide eye disease treatment via oral and topical medications.

Work Environment 

If an ophthalmologist works in a hospital, a group practice, or a clinic, the work environment will change accordingly. Typically, they work regular office hours and spend the majority of their time standing or sitting to assess patients and administer necessary medical treatments. 

Ophthalmologists who work in hospitals or group offices may work shifts or be on call at all hours of the day and night. With their practice, ophthalmologists can typically set their work hours.

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Ophthalmologists can also serve as clinical assistants, data analysts, and consultants for healthcare organizations. To discover the reasons for different eye conditions and vision issues, you might do a medical study. Additionally, you can provide lectures on themes relating to the medical care of the eye at medical schools.

Average Salary 

$212,620 is the average salary of an ophthalmologist who works in the United States, according to PayScale. $257,280 on, $195,987 on Jobstat, $248,000 on Profiles, and $276,000 according to the 2013 Ophthalmologist Compensation Report from Medscape.

According to a Medscape survey, male ophthalmologists get average yearly compensation of $294,000, while female ophthalmologists in this field make an average yearly salary of $220,000. The difference between male and female ophthalmology professionals is therefore 34%.

Ophthalmologist pay varies among various criteria, including geographic region. The North Central region has the highest-paid jobs in this industry, with an average yearly compensation of $351,000 for ophthalmologists. 

The Northwest comes in second, with a median yearly salary of $302,000. The average yearly salary for ophthalmologists working in the Great Lakes region is $298,000; in the West, it is around $284,000; and in the Southeast, it is about $282,000;

Factors Affecting The Salaries For Ophthalmologists 

Education, work experience, and geography are only a few of the variables that affect an ophthalmologist’s pay. We shall examine these elements’ effects on compensation in more detail in this post.

Years Of Experience 

The level of their experience typically affects salary increases. In general, they may anticipate making more money as an ophthalmologist the longer they work in the field. According to data from the National Compensation Survey and the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the experience can have an impact on an ophthalmologist’s pay

  • Ophthalmologists with an entry-level of less than 1 year earn up to $118,263 per year.
  • Ophthalmologists with an experience level of 1 to 4 years earn up to $178,154 per year. 
  • Ophthalmologists with an experience level of 5 to 9 years earn up to $214,909 per year. 
  • Ophthalmologists with an experience level of 10 to 19 years earn up to $281,289 per year.
  • Ophthalmologists with an experience level of 20+ years earn up to $395,755 per year.


Ophthalmologists’ salaries may also be influenced by where they live. An increased wage and greater cost of living are typically associated with working in a major city.

  • Ophthalmologists working in Atlanta, GA earn up to $290,307
  • Ophthalmologists working in St. Louis, MO earn up to $289,978
  • Ophthalmologists working in Indianapolis, IN earn up to $285,802
  • Ophthalmologists working in Seattle, WA earn up to $277,824
  • Ophthalmologists working in Salt Lake Salt, UT earn up to $274,824
  • Ophthalmologists working in Nashville, TN earn up to $225,395
  • Ophthalmologists working in Houston, TX earn up to $222,044
  • Ophthalmologists working in San Francisco CA earn up to $205,923
  • Benefits for Ophthalmologists

Ophthalmologists along with their annual compensation, also receive several perks and benefits, and these can occasionally be a reflection of their annual income.

Professionals who participate in 401(k) plans typically report receiving salaries between $120,668 and $299,333 annually, those who receive malpractice and liability insurance typically receive compensation between $125,155 and $352,347 annually, 

Ophthalmologists who receive paid vacation typically receive compensation between $101,367 and $394,530 annually. 

According to the salary information provided by PayScale, professionals who receive cell phones typically earn between $171,871 and $244,168 per year, those who receive life and disability insurance as part of their benefits package typically earn between $196,527 and $350,000 per year, and ophthalmology specialists who have 403(b) plans report an annual pay in the range of $155,000 to $457,000.

Other Income Factors Of Ophthalmologists 

The annual salary of ophthalmology doctors can differ based on the size of the company where they work. For instance, 

according to PayScale’s pay data, ophthalmologists working for companies with 1 to 9 workers typically earn between $127,743 and $248,411 annually, while those working for companies with 10 to 49 employees often report an annual income in the range of $122,829 to $198,317.


In conclusion, the average ophthalmologist pay in the USA is $200,000 per year or $103 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level professions is $109,916 per year, while the average yearly salary for experienced workers is $274,229 per year.

Salaries For Ophthalmologists -Know More About It

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