What Job Don’t Require A Drug Test?


Many people these days wonder if it is possible to find jobs that don’t require drug testing. And everyone has their motives for it. As a result, it’s a problem that affects a wide variety of people who just want a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities. To put it another way, many wonderful jobs don’t require drug test. Here we will see What Job Don’t Require A Drug Test?

What Job Dont Require A Drug Test?

Jobs That Do Not Require A Drug Test

1. Gourmet Food Expert

It takes a lot of talent and ingenuity to plan tasty dinners, but peeing in the cup largely rules it out. Hardly any restaurant can bear the costs or the negative effects on the representative spirit of drug testing. The normal pay is $50,330.

2. Head of a restaurant

Responsibility for managing food, drink, and entertainment varies. It is also required to offer excellent support and food encounters to shoppers while staying within a restaurant’s all-around arranged budget that typically doesn’t allow much room for expensive drug testing. The normal salary is $73, 871.

3. Accountants

Although many organizations conduct drug testing on all representatives or potential new team members, working in accounting allows you to work for yourself and avoid such obligations. You can choose your customers and entrust your administrations in your specific way when running a business. The normal pay is 76, 560.

4. IT Personnel

Computer systems are currently used by almost all organizations. Even so, they generally don’t have the right people around to fix technical issues or make suggestions for new projects. Self-employed IT consultants are often willing to support many customers without actually giving pee tests. The normal salary is $91,250.

5. Sound Recording Architect

Music studios tend to be pleasant working environments, especially because they attract a wide variety of talented artists and makers. In addition, numerous companies in the music industry value your reliability, creativity, and technical ability undeniably more than what you do in your free time. It is just as practical to fill in as a specialist in this area or even to start your studio or portable recording management. The normal salary is $105,600.

6. Event Organizer

This profession is about your originality, organization, and attention to detail. As a self-employed event specialist, what you do individually is usually unimportant. It is important that you support your customers in organizing extraordinary events and effectively remunerating extraordinary events. The normal salary is $51,892.

7. Computer Software Engineer

Many organizations with drug screening programs do not authorize them, no matter how you look at them. IT representatives, as well as developers, are often exempt from such regulations because their work does not pose a serious risk. Nonetheless, many developers have tied their skills to a client-by-client premise so that they can choose projects that don’t require testing. The normal pay is $90, 450.

8. Versatile Engineer

This type of expert coder is popular in a variety of fields. As a result, many companies are trying to exempt eclectic application designers and other technology professionals from drug testing regulations to attract top talent. Many application engineers work as specialists in the teleworking sector and are not subject to drug tests. The normal salary is $132,280.

9. Website Specialist

The ability to create competent websites is another way to get to work in the popular technology industry without undergoing a drug test. Web engineers and creators, like other IT professionals, often enjoy working for themselves or have high demands on the person they work for. The normal salary is $99,087.

10. Visual Fashioner

Organizations that mandate drug testing of creative vocations, such as creators, are quite remarkable. They are more concerned about your talent and your ability to work together and meet cut-off times. Also, visual representation and illustration are administrations that you can use to start your own business. The normal salary is $75,773.

11. Computer Game Designers

Most computer game development studios offer a fun and moderate place to work. Also, some of them conduct drug tests on workers or job seekers. Instead, they frequently work to put together creative teams of designers and other experts who are willing to experiment, share ideas, and work together. In addition, it requires a strong, trusting environment. The pay is 80,900.

12. Computer Animator

Experts in 2D or 3D animation and enhancement, much like video game developers, are required to take drug tests from time to time. You enjoy working in studios where there is an atmosphere of openness and collaboration. The pay is 100,590.

13. Filmmaker

Creating entertaining or educational films or recordings requires creativity, preparation, organization, collaboration, and dedication. Even so, urine or hair follicle tests are usually not required. The normal pay is $178, 435.

14. Style Creators

In the area of ​​fashion, there will likely be no drug testing. Whether you work for yourself or in a clothing or ruffle studio, the main goal is to timely create new, unique and marketable searches for industry shows, customer meetings, or other opportunities. The normal wage is $50, 980.

15. Architect of Interiors

Creating current interior trends can be very fun. It is something that a specialist can do. In addition, planning studios rarely require their representatives or future employees to undergo a drug test. The normal pay is $67,950.

16. Photographer

The majority of photographers work on an independent premise. They are self-employed and choose the customers and projects they want to work on. However, those who act as staff photographers are occasionally forced to undergo a drug test. The normal pay is $89,450.

17. Beautician

Drug tests are rare in hairdressers, nail technicians, and other beauty professions. Because independent work is a matter of course in the assistance industry. Although some salons and other firms have screening processes in place in the field, it is pretty easy to identify those that don’t. The normal wage is $70,840.

18. Skin Health Management Specialist

Numerous spas and skin health management facilities employ certified beauticians without expecting them to perform a drug test. This beauty industry space additionally allows you to build your clientele without working for another person. The salary is $86, 900.

19. Cosmetic artists

Cosmetic artists enjoy changing the appearance of other people, be it for entertainment or individual beauty. Additionally, similar to other creative fields, your chances of getting work-related drug testing are slim compared to other professions. The normal pay is 87,370.

20. Canine trainer

Dogs are famous pets, but their behavior can sometimes be disruptive or risky. As a result, sidekick creature educators play a vital role in teaching positive habits, such as submission, to dogs and their owners. You don’t need to add stress about drug tests, as they are usually used independently. The normal pay is $76, 230.

21. Fitness Instructor

In this powerful profession, becoming your manager is perfectly normal. In addition, some training centers and health clubs do not have logs for drug testing, so you may have an opportunity to observe stable work in an environment that you appreciate without agonizing over the test. The normal wage is $80,320.

22. Flower Creator

Creating ever-glowing bouquets and other botanical display cases is a pleasant job that people love. Many positions here, especially those offered by separately claimed flower shops, do not require company-mandated drug testing. The normal pay is 60, 670.

23. Journalist

Some major media organizations conduct drug tests on current and prospective representatives. In any case, there are still numerous journalistic positions available at media companies that have given up screening approaches or not at all. The wage is $90,890.

24. Real Estate Agents

The majority of real estate agents are more likely to be self-employed than employed. As a result, they are rarely, if ever, tested for drugs by the organizations they are affiliated with. Still, you should check with your state twice to make sure that such screening is not part of the approval strategy. The normal wage is $65, 560.

25. Author

Copywriters, technical writers, screenwriters, reviewable and creative writers, and numerous others are a wide range of writers. Since some of them also work for organizations, drug testing could become a reality for a humble group of them. Most writers are independently employed anyway and don’t need to undergo any type of screening. The normal pay is 90, 860.

Ideology On Jobs That Don’t Require Drug Testing

Numerous companies have concluded that drug testing has too many disadvantages for them. They’ve researched the pros and cons and concluded that it is not worth it for many reasons.

For example, the number of people who test positive on workplace drug tests is generally quite small. Only 4.4 percent of urine tests in the US were positive. On the other hand, companies can spend a lot of money on screening programs, as they typically have to recruit outside testing organizations and have enough HR staff to oversee them. Even the most overlooked test cycles can lead to incorrect results now and then.

The inability to complete a drug evaluation for a job generally does not mean that the person was drunk at any point in the work. Some organizations have stopped testing in this direction. You have not noticed any significant increases in productivity or fewer accidents in the work environment. For example, most drug tests in the work environment are not intended to detect poisoning while on the job. As a result, it often fails to provide conclusive evidence that an individual is affected at any point in the workplace. It can reveal whether a person has eaten a substance, but not when that substance has been blown.

In addition, some organizations are concerned about the protection and trust of representatives. They understand that in a work environment that is more trusting than mistrustful, agents need to work harder and be loyal.

Organizations That Don’t Test For drugs

The following are a couple of huge corporations that don’t conduct drug tests:


According to studies, Google is one of the few organizations that does not put its employees through any kind of testing. There’s nothing like drug testing, even if it’s difficult to be hired at the organization. The corporation is more interested in finding smart people who can contribute significantly to the company and pursue their full potential.

It is well-known as one of the world’s most successful firms, although it has nothing to do with drug testing.


Chipotle employs over 78, 000 people in hundreds of locations across the United States, but it does not conduct drug testing on any of them. Many people apply to the company because of its job chances and structure. Unlike others, however, the company is regarded as one of the greatest, offering a wide range of benefits such as health care, education, and other perks.

Chipotle is the ideal place to work if you want flexible employment that doesn’t require you to take a drug test because it has a wide selection of opportunities throughout its location.


Unlike other companies, Apple does not conduct drug tests on its employees or teams. People who are creative-minded and always eager to work for the firm are employed in a unique method by the organization. As long as your personality does not limit your abilities, Apple is the place for you.


This is a large coffee company that allows its employees to go about their jobs without being drug tested. Even though the organization does not undertake drug testing, it assures that its services are efficient.

However, there are other benefit packages and discounts available, making it inexpensive for coffee enthusiasts and others.


Microsoft does not perform drug tests and instead seeks out innovative thinkers with relevant knowledge and abilities. To put it another way, the company encourages people to apply if they have anything to offer.

However, many people have become hopeful after applying for Microsoft job openings and receiving a positive response.

Whole Foods:

A food company that does not need drug testing. Whole Foods has a format that is distinct from that of other businesses. Do you have a passion for food and beverages and want to work at Whole Foods? All that is required of you is a desire to learn from others and a passion for eating.


Michaels is a business that allows customers to work with a wide range of craft items without having to worry about drug testing. People can use the company to market their artistic ventures without having to put in a lot of effort.

Petsmart :

a corporation that deals with a variety of animals of all forms, sizes, and species. Retail workers, stockers, grooming experts, and other positions are available.

Even though Petsmart caters to a wide range of animals, the company does not test its personnel for drugs. Petsmart is the perfect place to work if you love animals, and the organization offers a wide range of job options.

Dick’s Sporting Goods:

Another group that works with like-minded people in an active setting is Dick’s Sporting Goods. It does not need drug testing and allows athletic merchants to focus on sports and other activities. People enjoy the events because they are distinctive.


Does not require drug testing of its employees. It is, however, another excellent location where no drug testing is required. The company pays well, provides full-time benefits and discounts, and its employment openings are available to everyone.


one of the most rapidly growing technology companies in the world. Workers are not subjected to drug testing, and the corporation is well-known for its benefits. The organization looks for people that are passionate about what they do and guarantees that they are adequately compensated.


According to studies, the company does not administer drug tests to its employees. The company welcomes ambitious individuals to join its ranks.


A company that specializes in wireless communication technology, which is used in many of our mobile phones. People can apply to work for the company, and it does not need drug testing.


A well-known global retailer of accessories and other personal care items for men, women, and children. From a little boutique to a multinational clothing corporation, the company has developed immensely. Despite the company’s global reach, none of its employees are subjected to drug testing.


The following are some of the advantages:

1. It protects the environment: One of the advantages of drug testing is that it protects employees’ lives. There’s a chance that some employees are dealing with hard drugs or abusing drugs, providing a workplace risk. When this happens, it can result in death as well as damage to the company’s reputation.

2. It reduces the likelihood of legal action: Drug testing protects employers from legal liability, particularly in the event of an accident. Drug testing, on the other hand, is more or less a representation of an employer’s effort and, as a result, protects him or her from legal troubles.

3. It aids employers with good morals: According to research, drug testing has saved many people from drug addiction. When employees are put to the test, they are more likely to follow the rules, which has a negative influence on the organization.


1. It is expensive: One of the reasons why some companies do not conduct drug tests is because they are costly. The program is difficult to implement, and the company may wind up spending a significant amount of money, ranging from $50 to $70 per worker. Additionally, a qualified laboratory must be included to confirm the positivity of test results later.

2. It can jeopardize employee privacy: While drug testing is beneficial to employees, it also infringes on their right to privacy. Because the employer has access to employee test results, it may cause resentment among employees or vice versa. Regardless, drug testing is a must for businesses to follow.

NOTE: Many positions do not need to address drug testing. Even so, you need to know which professions have the best chance of finding them. For example, many people have found jobs in the above professions without a drug test. These professions also enable you to work independently or telework, both of which are practical options.

Occupations most likely to require drug testing include those who have a moderate to high risk of harm, have potential legal obligations, work for the government, or protect individuals from injury.


The rules for drug screening vary from one company to the next. As a result, while many jobs require drug testing, there are additionally many jobs that don’t.

Regardless, by and large, a company isn’t required to respect a job offer if you’re less likely to take a drug test.


Is it possible to deny a drug test for employment?

If you’re applying for a job and find that drug testing is mandatory, you should be ready. You have the right to deny it. This is because you cannot force an employee to do a drug test; they have to do it voluntarily.

Is it better to reject or fail a drug test?

It is to your greatest advantage to take the test, regardless of whether you can’t help contradicting it. Rejecting a drug and alcohol test is considered old as a positive result, so doing it isn’t a wise thought.

Is it possible for a genuine medical prescription to result in a failed drug test?

Many companies employ a clinical trial officer to ensure that people using lawfully approved drugs are still able to work. If an officer goes through a non-negative test result, that person contacts the subject and asks about a possible clinical reason. The officer then contacts the drug store or doctor in question for more information.

They do not check that the drug is being used correctly or that the prescription is appropriate. It’s a paper test to make sure that there’s a certifiable prescription. As a result, having clinical survey officials carry out these inspections ensures that companies do not find out about the health information of the candidates.

What Job Don’t Require A Drug Test?

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