Does Food Lion Drug Test? – Know More

Food Lion is a grocery food chain in the US. It is one of the leading grocery chains besides Lunds & Byerly’s, Supervalu.INC, and Piggly wiggly. Food Lion is one of the largest American grocery store chains containing more than 1000 supermarkets and employing more than 70,000 people in more than 10 states. Let us know ‘Does Food Lion Drug Test?’.

Does Food Lion Drug Test?

As Food Chain is one of the major food chain companies, the hiring process at food lion consists of several parts including interviews, drug tests, and so on. Like every food-affiliated company, food lion includes distinct types of drug tests. However, they are usually not mandatory, and they depend on numerous factors. To know more about Food Lion, its drug test factors, and its procedure read the article below.

Food lion Drug Test: Valid Reason 

From starting as a single food store in Salisbury to opening multiple stores in separate locations food lion has become the leading grocery food chain. 

Being one of the biggest grocery food chains it has several hiring processes which include a drug test, an interview, and so on. However, they only test employees with careless work experiences, past substance abuse, or criminal history.

Depending on the stores and position as food lion needs to maintain such an enormous number of stores, there is always a need for more employees to keep it professional, and avoid accidents, for 100% of the workforce to stay and lead in the competition. 

Food lion with drug test and Consequences

There are safety-sensitive jobs in food lions which may include a mandatory drug test. This is usually necessary to avoid any unwanted accident due to substance use leading to work negligence.


While it is necessary to conduct a food test many foods lion branches do not however, in some stores they do. The drug screening is usually asked after providing an offer letter but before officially hiring. The drug test is conducted at different lab locations chosen by food lion, and after the drug, the test employee is asked to write a copy of the drug testing policy of food lion.

The standard drug test requires a 5-panel drug test which means testing for 5 specific drugs such as – cannabinoids, PCP, cocaine, opiates, and amphetamine. But it is not guaranteed that a food lion will take a 5-panel blood test; it can also use other drug tests such as –Blood drug tests, and hair blood tests.

Random Drug test Process

Food Lion reserves the right to do a random drug test after you have been hired, despite that it is highly unlikely that all employees will be tested without any incident or past substance-related history. Those who are involved in any incident past or present, are asked to take a 5-panel drug test. In this test, the candidate or employee submits their urine samples in a plastic container. Then that sample will be sent to a lab handpicked by the company. 

And depending on situations and emergencies the results can come in 4-5 business days. The consequences of failing a drug test for a job are usually not very severe. For the most part, it can lead to you being unemployed.

But it can be avoided as many companies consider a positive drug test as a substance intake, but a drug test can be positive when taking a prescribed drug or substance. You can avoid further questioning if you have a prescription. Even if you fail a drug test and get fired it is indeed possible to get hired as long as the drug test conducted by another company is negative or if you can prove the inaccuracy of previous test results.  

Working Positions and drug test

As food lion is a huge organization it requires many employees, and for hiring it has a 3-way process – 

  1. Interview
  2. Drug test
  3. Training  

Popular food chains commonly train individuals before hiring for various positions. Some of the positions are: – 

  • Cashier – It is one of the most flexible jobs in the world, including self-checkout, express lanes, and so on. As a cashier the job is simply to scan and input codes in the system, exchanging money for items which may include anything from credit cards to cash. 

It is not an important job and therefore the chances of getting a drug test for that job are quite low.

  • Grocery Stocker- Unlike a cashier grocery stocker is a bit more physical work, which includes keeping the aisle and shelves clean and always stocked with products. However, shelves are usually filled a single time a day, be it morning or evening. 

Similarly, like Cashier the drug test for this job is not mandatory, but it also depends on distinct factors including – state, experience, work ethic, background, and so on. Food Lion’s hiring age starts from 16 -18 years old, however, there are some limitations with positions, as candidates over the age of 21 are allowed to work afternoon and later shifts according to its guidelines. 


In conclusion, there are distinct types of drug tests that are conducted on different bases which vary from situation to situation. The analysis also clarifies that for each drug test, there is a different use and the test specializes in distinct drugs– the 5-panel drug test is used for drugs like cocaine, opiates only substances like alcohol, and so on   

Each job requires different skills and abilities and has separate roles and responsibilities revolving around real estate. Different REITs, real estate jobs, and positions also have distinct payments per year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Is it easy to get a job at Food lion?

Yes, as it is a simple two-step process containing an interview and training.

Q2. Is it a One-Time interview and training?

In some cases, a second interview can be taken if a store manager is not available during the round. However, in such cases an HR or another senior employee interviews you, it is one interview.


Does Food Lion Drug Test? – Know More

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