Does In N Out Drug Test?

 In-n-out burger is one of the most popular American fast-food chains. In N Out was first established as a drive-thru burger stand in 1948 in Baldwin Park, California by Snyders. The drive-thru became popular sooner than the competition because of the unique idea of ordering via the two-way speaker. Let us know ‘Does In N Out Drug Test?’.

Does In N Out Drug Test?

In N Out has various hiring positions and is considered one of the best part-time jobs for extra cash. Like every food-affiliated company n out includes distinct types of drug tests, however, they are usually not mandatory, and they depend on numerous factors.To know more about in-n-out drug test and in-depth knowledge about In-N-Out’s hiring process, jobs, benefits, and the answers to some of the frequently asked questions. Read the article below. 

In N Out: Drug Test factors

In N Out is one of the largest American store chains containing more than 1000 restaurants and employing more than 100,000 people in more than 30 states. From starting as a single food store in Salisbury to opening multiple stores in separate locations In N Out has become the leading grocery food chain. 

Being one of the biggest American food chains it has several hiring processes which include a drug test, an interview, and so on. However, they only test employees with careless work experiences, past substance abuse, or criminal history except that drug test is not a mandatory procedure during the hiring process.

Depending on the stores and position as In N Out needs to maintain such an enormous number of stores, there is always a need for more employees to keep it professional, and avoid accidents, for 100% of the workforce to stay and lead in the competition. And because of that, it is important to make sure the candidate and employees are clean. No matter how big a thriving business is, an image is most important, and one incident can lead to a falling empire. 

However, not all In N Outs store branches do drug tests, however, some of the branches are in VA, Mechanicsville, Richmond, and Durham, NC. In N Outs on several occasions seem to take random drug testing, which occurs post-accident and is sometimes reasonable. There are safety-sensitive jobs in In N Outs which may include a mandatory drug test. This is usually necessary to avoid any unwanted accident due to substance use leading to work negligence.


While it is necessary to conduct a food test many foods lion branches do not however, in some stores they do. The drug screening is usually asked after providing an offer letter but before officially hiring. The drug test is conducted at different lab locations chosen by In N Out, and after the drug, the test employee is asked to write a copy of the drug testing policy of In N Out.

The standard drug test requires a 5-panel drug test which means testing for 5 specific drugs such as – cannabinoids, PCP, cocaine, opiates, and amphetamine. But it is not guaranteed that In N Out will take a 5-panel blood test; it can also use other drug tests such as –Blood drug tests, and hair blood tests. In this test, the candidate or employee submits their urine samples in a plastic container. Then that sample will be sent to a lab handpicked by the company.

Post-Employment: Random test

In N Out reserves the right to do a random drug test after you have been hired, despite that it is highly unlikely that all employees will be tested without any incident or past substance-related history.  

Those who are involved in any incident past or present, are asked to take a 5-panel drug test. In this test, the candidate or employee submits their urine samples in a plastic container. Then that sample will be sent to a lab handpicked by the company. And depending on situations and emergencies the results can come in 4-5 business days.

The consequences of failing a drug test for a job are usually not very severe. For the most part, it can lead to you being unemployed. But it can be avoided as many companies consider a positive drug test as a substance intake, but a drug test can be positive when taking a prescribed drug or substance. You can avoid further questioning if you have a prescription. 

Even if you fail a drug test and get fired it is indeed possible to get hired as long as the drug test conducted by another company is negative or if you can prove the inaccuracy of previous test results.  

Job, Salaries, and drug test

Getting a job at In N Out is easier than it seems, and it also provides various positions to work full-time or part-time. Some of the demanded positions are –

  • Retail Sales Associates – Retail associates are someone who helps customers in purchasing and locating products. Their job also includes checking the merchandise and performing transactions.

    Avg. salary: $18.40 per hour or $18,900 monthly.

  • Assistant Manager – Assistant Managers are often the ones who work on daily business operations. They manage and operate employees’ schedules and make sure that newcomers understand their roles. 

Assistant managers also manage complaints, queries, and feedback-related calls.

Avg. Salary: $28,000 – $64,000 per annum.

  • General Manager – A general manager or GM is a high-end and responsible job. To become one, it takes at least 3- 5 years of experience. A GM increases departmental profits while managing and operating distinct operations like – hiring and operating staff, launching prices for providing profit to the company, and managing budgets.

Avg. Salary: $60,000 – $200,000 per annum.  

  • Communication Specialist – A communication specialist handles public relations (PR), handling media requests. As a specialist, they are sometimes required to plan social media campaigns and plans to advertise for the company.  

It is an important job as it requires certain skills such as – Communication skills and in-depth information on the business.

Avg. Salary: $17,000 per month or $205,000 per annum.    

The hiring process is simpler than most as it Does not conduct drug tests. However, there are certain procedures and rules you need to follow before getting hired such as- 

  1. Interview 
  2. Training 

Though commonly there are no pre-employment or random drug tests unless there is a substance use history or accident in a workplace and so on. During these conditions, a drug test is either conducted or an employee can be fired, and the contract will be terminated without any prior notice. 

And as IN-N-Out is a fast-food chain established in California where it is legal to buy cannabis or weed for recreational or medical purposes. But it is not suggested or implied to use the substance during working hours.  


In conclusion, there are distinct types of drug tests that are conducted on different bases which vary from situation to situation. The analysis also clarifies that for each drug test, there is a different use and the test specializes in distinct drugs– the urinal drug test is used for drugs like alcohol, and opiates only and it is not effective on substances like cocaine, and so on.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Is it easy to get a job in In N out?

Yes, as it is a simple two-step process containing an interview and training.

Q2. Is it a One-Time interview and training?

In some cases, a second interview can be taken if a store manager is not available during the round. However, if the manager interviews you, it is one interview.

Q3. Does IN N Out burger hire felons?

Yes, the franchise hires almost everyone if you are honest. However, this depends on several factors such as – the severity of the crime as violent and financially related may not be hired.   

Q4. What happens after I submit my application?

Each branch has its own hiring decisions, after application submission a phone call or email will be sent to the information given on applications. Including further steps.

Does In N Out Drug Test?

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