Is Olam A Good Company To Work For?

Olam is a popular international food and agri-business company that is currently working in 60 countries and has about 20,000 consumers. It is based in Singapore. Olam was founded in 1989 by Sunny George Verghese. It started with trading cashews from Nigeria to India. The business grew gradually and today Olam not only trades fruits and vegetables but also supplies food and raw materials to 60 countries. Its value chain includes farming, origination, processing, and distribution. It also contributes to the supply chain of raw materials in the market. Over the past 33 years, Olam has offered the best of opportunities to the youth, for their careers. You can grow your career steadily in the environment of Olam. Let us know ‘Is Olam A Good Company To Work For?’.

Is Olam A Good Company To Work For?

Is Olam A Good Company To Work For?

Olam gives its employees ownership of decision-making; it lets them invent new solutions to traditional problems and re-invent the resolution approach of Olam. It encourages intelligent risk-taking and focuses on building the best future for agriculture. It is focused on its vision for agriculture. The company is very ambitious and is expecting to see long-term growth in the sector of agriculture. Olam always encourages its employees to stretch their capabilities and grow. The company sticks to its beliefs and is highly integrated. You can grow a great network working here. You will get to interact with the greatest minds and the humble teamwork culture is very respectful. Olam has several employee benefits like paid sick leaves, paid vacations, health insurance, educational reimbursement, etc. but the workload in the atmosphere can damage your work-life balance. 

Employee Benefits At Olam

There are various benefits that Olam employees can avail. These benefits may vary for different positions, locations, or roles. Some of the common benefits offered by Olam include:

  1. Health insurance: The health insurance package may cover vision insurance, medical insurance, and also dental insurance.
  2. Retirement benefits: Olam may offer a 401(k) plan or other retirement savings plan options.
  3. Paid time off Olam offers its employees paid time off work. Employees can enjoy sick leaves, vacations, and time off on holidays.
  4. Work-life balance: Olam may offer flexible working hours, telecommuting options, and other programs that support work-life balance.
  5. Professional development: Olam may provide training, mentoring, and other opportunities for employees to develop their skills and advance their careers.
  6. Employee well-being: Olam may offer employee assistance programs, counseling services, and other resources to support employee well-being.
  7. Employee Recognition and Rewards:  Olam recognizes its employees for their hard work and the efforts they put into the company. The company may also reward the employees for their good work and contributions to the company.
  8. Employee discounts: Olam also offers discounts on products and services for its employees.

It is always advisable to check with the company’s human resources department to confirm the specific benefits that are offered to employees. These benefits may vary for different locations, positions, roles, and seniority. The senior employees are expected to get better quality benefits, while the freshers may struggle to avail of even one. 

Olam is overall a good company to work, yet there may be some pros and cons of working there. The pros and cons of working at Olam are discussed below. 

Pros of working at Olam:

  • Opportunity to work with people with diverse backgrounds
  • Exposure to different cultures, markets, and industries
  • Opportunities for professional growth and development
  • Competitive compensation and benefits packages
  • Focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility
  • Strong emphasis on employee well-being and work-life balance
  • Employee recognition and rewards programs
  • Potential for international travel and assignments

Cons of working at Olam:

  • Long working hours and tight deadlines, especially in certain departments
  • High-pressure and fast-paced work environment
  • Limited advancement opportunities in certain roles
  • Limited access to resources and support in some international locations
  • Limited flexibility in terms of work schedule and location
  • Limited opportunities for remote work or flexible working arrangements
  • Career development may be limited in certain departments
  • Limited employee engagement and communication in certain departments

It should be considered that the above-mentioned pros and cons may vary for various positions or departments within Olam and that many of the cons can be addressed with proper management and communication.

The average salary of employees at Olam:

The salaries at Olam International in India range from 3 lakhs per annum to 100 lakhs per annum. The senior associate has the lowest pay of 3.18 LPA, whereas the vice president makes 100.4 LPA. The average salary is 13 lakhs per annum. Lead engineer makes 9.9 lakhs per annum to 18.8 lakhs per annum. The Nigerian average salary is around NGN 1,500,000 per year.


A job at Olam is good, only as long as you can have your work-life balance. Olam provides its employees with good salaries, medical and educational assistance, paid time off, retirement benefits, employee discounts, and professional development opportunities. The career growth opportunities are mediocre, but you can surely build a great network here. If you are a fresher, Olam may be a good place for you to start your career journey. Overall, Olam is a good place to work, keeping in mind the perks of working here.

  1. What is the scenario of job security at Olam?

Ans.  “Even in the pandemic situation, Olam assured us of job security with no cutover in Salary, Admin team and HR conducted a lot of soft skills development programs with certification.”, said an employee. Overall, the company doesn’t unreasonably lay off its employees. It believes in the strength of its people. The values and ethics of the company bound itself to hold on to its people. From the reviews of most employees, your job is very secure at Olam.

  1. What are Olam SAP salaries?

Ans. The starting salary of an SAP consultant at Olam is 25,000 per month, which adds to 3 lakhs per annum. The highest salary at SAP is an account director with a salary of 89 lakhs per annum. The top 10% of employees can earn more than 29.08 lakhs per annum. The SAP jobs are very high paying because of the high demand for SAP consultants and the shortage of talented individuals in the market. Salaries at SAP range from 4,81,661 per annum to 34,03,514 per annum. 

Is Olam A Good Company To Work For?

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