Working at Burger King in 21st Century

Working at Burger King

Working at Burger King – Burger King is a chain of fast-food restaurants located in the US. It was established in the year 1954 in Miami, Florida. Its headquarters are situated in Miami-Dade Country, Florida, and United States. Approximately they are serving about 18,000 locations. Their parent company is Restaurant Brands International. Jacksonville founded it. They offer fast food such as hamburgers, French fries, soft drinks, salads, milkshakes, desserts, and breakfast. It is the second-largest fast-food chain in the country. They serve around 11 million people every day on average. Their goal is to give affordable food with super taste and great customer service.

Working at Burger King

Available position at the chain of restaurants is Maintenance/Service, Team Member, Cashier, Technician, Porter, Assistant Manager, Overnight Supervisor, Shift Coordinator, Restaurant General Manager, Management Trainee, Administrative Assistant, Intern, Legal Assistant, Tax Analyst, Product Development Manager, Sales Manager, and Brand Activation. They offer wide opportunities for entry-level positions like a crew member, team member, and cashier. There are job opportunities for both part-time and full-time jobs as per the applicant’s need. The aspiring applicants can walk into the restaurant to fill the application form or even apply online. Prior experience in the fast-food industry adds an advantage during the hiring process.

Benefits Package – Burger King

Employees are benefited from several packages based on their position in the company. The package includes:

  • Health Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Health Savings Account
  • Disability Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Supplement Life Insurance
  • 401k retirement plan
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid time off and training

There are many positions available at burger king, while each position has its daily duties and responsibility. Here are the few job positions and their duties and responsibilities.

  • Crew Member

The crew members working at burger king play a major role in providing services to their customers and supporting the guests visiting the restaurant. They work closely with the team members, managers in the restaurant, shift coordinators, the crew members entail maintaining the working standards and the company’s procedure.

They greet the customers, taking orders from guests, helping them with the payments, responding quickly to resolve their issues. They also involve operating POS (Point of sale), a device in operating the cash and making payments. They must also utensils, clean kitchen top, counters, and the dining rooms at times. They must ensure to maintain food safety standards at the restaurant.

Duties and Responsibilities – Crew Member

  • Providing excellent customer service and maintain good hospitality.
  • Ensuring food hygiene and managing personnel hygiene during the food preparation.
  • Adhering to the restaurant’s policy, which includes the conduct of all other team members.
  • Having complete knowledge about the food menu to guide the customers in the restaurant.
  • Answering phone calls and interacting courteously with the customers.
  • They must carry out the secondary duties after completing the primary duties.
  • Physically strong enough to stand for long hours and lifting weight up to 20 lbs minimum.
  • Manager – Burger King

They preside over various locations of the restaurant. Their job duties include hiring and training employees that are new, taking inventory, and placing orders. They fill paperwork, answering phone calls in the restaurant, and making sure that they are satisfied with the restaurant’s food. The training for managers takes about a week, where they get trained for visuals, audio. In few cases, it gets extended for two to three weeks based on prior work experience.

They usually get to pay about $33,000 per year, but experienced people may get paid $58,000.The salary may vary based on the location and individuals experience. Also, they get qualified for employment benefits. The eligible associates gain benefits like health coverage, retirement plan, insurance, food discounts, and special promotions.

Duties and Responsibilities – General Manager

  • Preparation of accurate product sales and focusing on improving the customer’s satisfaction and experience in the restaurant.
  • Must keep motivating the team members and people associated with them.
  • Managing labors, inventory, financial reports followed by cash control.
  • Providing training and feedback at regular intervals to the budding employees.
  • Responsible for the sales of the restaurant, either profit or loss.
  • Enforcing regulations on government rules, BKC Market policy, food safety and standards, employment law, etc.
  • Leading the team members in selecting, hiring, and training.
  • Must be available at work any time.

Duties and Responsibilities – Assistant Manager

  • Supervising the overall team and coordinating the shifts.
  • Following proper cash control, and implementing plans, maintain labor, inventory.
  • They help in hiring, training, recruiting effective team members
  • Making immediate decisions and maintaining discipline.
  • Always having regular attendance.
  • Negotiating prices with the food vendors.
  • Estimating kitchen requirements and placing orders as and when required.
  • Balancing proper communication with the staff.
  • Maintaining proper records, agreements, and invoices.
  • Team Member

They are responsible for providing excellent service to the customers; they work with the managers and other team members to manage their overall management. They have to maintain the restaurant’s standard procedure. They usually work under the assistant manager, shift coordinators, and general manager.

Duties and Responsibilities – Team member

  • Receiving the customers with a smile and taking orders with patience, processing their bills/payments.
  • The operating point of sales device and to generate sales opportunities.
  • Packaging the food for the parcel, cleaning the kitchen top, dining area, counters, food preparation areas, etc.
  • They have to maintain proper health and safety standards.
  • They have to work in multiple workplaces such as prep-boards, front counter, etc.
  • The capability of solving customer’s issues/complaints.
  • Always remain polite with the customers and interact positively.
  • Shift Coordinator

They work to improve the customer’s satisfaction and having control of the overall management of the restaurant. They have complete accountability for the operation and work assigned. They work directly under the general manager of the restaurant. They have to keep in touch with the team members, vendors supplying for the restaurant, management, and customers.

Duties and Responsibilities – Shift Coordinator

  • They are responsible for the overall management, which includes work like assigning shifts and operating the opening and closing timing of the restaurant.
  • Concisely directing the team members, giving them a clear view of work.
  • Motivating the team members now and then.
  • Working on the feedback and solving the customer’s complaint within the given time.
  • Training, leading, directing, and motivating the team members.
  • Must take immediate action on reports that violates safety standards, security, and sanitization.
  • Ensure to complete the checklist, inventory control, and cash reporting.
  • Must to flexible with working hours, holidays, or weekends.
  • Should be regular during assigned shifts.

Here are the few questions answered by the burger king manager.


  • Explain your job role and work environment? I was working as an Assistant manager, and my role was to supervise the crew working. It was more like a friendly environment.

  • Describe the application and interview process? How were you notified about the job? After the application, the interview had a lot of questions to be answered. They enquired in detail about my previous work. I had to go through a drug test before getting the job. Later I received a call after two to three days of the interview process.

  • What would be your advice for the job seekers? I would recommend one to work with Burger King if the individual is a fresher, but if one is experienced, he/she can find another place.

Assistant Manager

  • Describe your primary duty as Assistant Manager? Being the assistant manager, I would have to close the day, complete the paperwork, and complete the paperwork and prepare food on time.

  • What were the questions asked during the interview? There were questions like, “Why should we hire you?”, “Why should we choose you?” These questions were asked to get the answer from the candidate.

Crew Member

  • Describe your primary duty and your working experience at burger king? It was a regular job of a crew member; most of the duty was to work as a cashier, prepare sandwiches, and wrap them for the customers. The company was flexible with flexible working hours, while most of the members were working part-time jobs. Getting a day off was quite easy as per the emergency criteria.

  • Explain the application process and how did you get notified? The application was submitted through the company’s online portal, post which they had sent a mail regarding the interview’s schedule. They often have open interviews, and the questions include your personal information and skills, work ethics, and communication skill. In case if your answers are sensible enough, they get you selected. They expect employees to have good communication skills and strong work ethics. I got notified on the same day of the interview. Later I had to discuss my working hours and other stuff.

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Working at Burger King in 21st Century

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