Burger King Careers- Job Application, Salary & Interview Questions

Burger King Careers-Job Description, Salary, Requirements, Age, Application Process, Benefits Complete Guide

There is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation over the years. In this article, we will discuss Burger King Careers. Although not recorded in any form of writing, this tradition is believed to date as far back as the Paleolithic times when hunting and gathering was the way of life. This famed tradition is as natural as a person yawning when they feel hunger pangs or a baby reaching out for their parent when they wake up; it is the tradition of accompanying an apology with food or drinks. Somehow, when in the presence of delicious food and fizzy drinks, the invited party feels comforted, pampered.

This is why most people who are about to apologize invite the offended party to dine at a restaurant with them. After presenting an assortment of delicacies to the offended party, the offender goes ahead and strikes a difficult conversation. The same case applies to asking for a favor or delivering bad news. More often than not, broken relationships are successfully repaired in the presence of mouth-watering food and bubbly drinks. What better place to mend broken bridges than Burger King? Their menu is bound to fix a broken marriage! 

Let’s find out why Burger King is so popular. 

Burger King 

Burger King is a worldwide sensation, having dominated the fast-food industry for decades. It has branches in different corners of the world, with its roots firmly grounded in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Burger King first graced the earth in the 1950s as ‘Insta-Burger King.’ Unfortunately, this franchise plummeted to the ground due to financial difficulties. Upon seeing the potential loss of a grand opportunity, David Edgerton and James McLamore, the founding fathers of.

Burger King saved the enterprise. The fast-food restaurant continued to branch out from this time, and within no time, there were restaurants erected everywhere! As of two years ago, Burger King has more than 17,796 branches in 100 countries. 

If you have ever stepped into Burger King, you have probably come across the ‘Whopper.’ This burger delicacy was introduced as far back as 1957. It was such a huge hit when it was introduced in the menu that Burger King decided to make it their signature meal. It is guaranteed to blow one’s mind. 

With all this said, who exactly is responsible for making sure that your visit to Burger King is nothing short of phenomenal? Are there job opportunities, and if so, what is one required to do after getting the job? 

Burger King Careers, Descriptions, Salaries, Age, Application Process, Benefits 

In this current day and age, it is not easy landing a job. Career frustrations have adopted characteristics of a quagmire. Once someone begins mulling over what exactly they want to do with their lives, they begin obsessing over the fact that they may never get a job, and eventually, they get stuck, unable to move forward with their lives. Finding something that is highly rewarding in terms of money and personal benefits is not easy. Most of the time, one has to forego their joy for money or vice versa. Hopefully, you will see how you can achieve this feat when you go through this list of jobs. Here is an interesting fact to start you off, both the CFO and CEO of Burger King are below 35 years old! 

Who knows, you might become the youngest Burger King CEO! Before that, however, let us see what positions are offered by Burger King at both entry-level and management levels. 

  1. Team Member: When you hear the job title ‘team member’, what exactly comes to your mind? Do you go ahead and paint yourself as a cheerleader or a team mascot? Perhaps you see yourself as the agreeable, personable individual in a group setup? 
    • Job Description: So yes, basically, you are responsible for mending broken relationships! No pressure, though. General managers also double as drive-thru window associates. They are quite flexible. They can do any activity that is handed to them by the managers. When it comes to Burger King, a team member has a couple of responsibilities; 
      • Keeping track of inventories 
      • Preparing food 
      • Maintaining the cleanliness of the restaurant. 
    • Salary​: When you start as a team member at Burger King, you will be earning $9 per hour. If you remain diligent with your work, showcasing professionalism in everything you do, you are bound to receive a raise along the way. That is the thing with hard work, it pays. 
    • Requirements: You must be wondering, what qualifications might one need to become a team member? As long as you can have a genial relationship with other team members, be detail-oriented, and have a passion for creating scrumptious meals, then you are definitely a fit for this job. All entry-level jobs do not require a potential employee to have a diploma. 

  2. Cashier: There is a common saying among several tribes across the globe; a smile heals. When you walk into any service-providing entity, you want to feel welcome. Imagine entering a Burger King, hungry and distraught, only to find a brusque, grumpy cashier behind the counter? Yes, your appetite may assume the mystic character of Houdini and vanish. Cashiers are the face of Burger King. Them possessing a warm, inviting nature helps retain customers. Apart from making customers feel at home away from home, what exactly does being a cashier entail?
    • Job Description: Cashiers are the people responsible for taking food and drink orders from customers. They handle the cash register as well. 
    • Salary: A cashier makes $8 per hour. If they work for 12 hours straight, they get to go home on that day for $96.  
    • Requirements: Job Scouters are looking for personable people who can offer a smile even when they are not being offered or even returned. Cashiers should have an easy-going nature. This will come in handy with strangers and fellow employees. An ideal cashier should also have an open schedule; duty may call anytime, just like batman.  Flexible cashiers are a pulse for Burger King. 
  1. Delivery Driver: At times, the human body rebels. You know your own body is on strike when you cannot separate your leg from your bed covers. Most of the time, when such an instance occurs, we opt to slouch in our couches while binge-watching a show that we have probably watched a thousand times before. Then our stomachs begin rumbling, so we lazily reach out for our phones and order food from our favorite restaurants—cue in delivery drivers.  When you hear a soft trundle emanating from outside your apartment, something within you significantly shifts; your personal hero has arrived to provide you with succor. 
    • Job Description: A delivery driver working with Burger King has the following responsibilities; 
      1. Receiving orders 
      2. Preparation of food and drinks 
      3. Providing efficient delivery services to customers. 
    • Salary: Delivery drivers earn $8 per hour. If they plan their day carefully, they can wind up accruing a significant amount of wealth.
    • Requirements: It goes without saying, you must have a driver’s license to apply for this particular job. Having previous work experience as a delivery driver heightens your chances of getting a job. A delivery driver should have good communication skills as well as time management skills. No one likes to wait for food. 
  2. Hourly Shift Coordinator: Research shows that most people do not like being scrutinized, especially in the workplace. This is why many people get nervous when they hear the words ‘review week’. They know that every detail of their work is being assessed. Sadly, there is nothing that can be done about this. Supervision is what encourages productivity. People tend to slacken when they know no one is monitoring them. It is hard to find a manager who can be stern as well as genial. An hourly shift coordinator has to have both these qualities. 
    • Job Description: An hourly shift coordinator is responsible for managing Team Members, Cashiers, and Delivery Drivers at Burger King. If shifts need to be changed to suit the employees, the shift coordinator is responsible for doing so. He/she is responsible for ensuring that the Burger King workers arrive on time for their shifts. Any time-offs are discussed with the hour shift coordinator. During times when management is not around, hourly shift coordinators are called upon to supervise employees.
    • Salary: Hourly shift coordinators pocket $10 per hour. Considering Burger King’s operating hours, an hourly shift coordinator earns a significant amount of money every day.
    • Requirements: This is a higher-level job, so one may be required to have undergone training before undertaking this job. This position requires someone who works well under pressure. At times the hourly shift coordinator might find themselves in stressful situations. A person who knows how to diffuse such situations will fit this job to the tee. Employers will determine this quality when they are going through a potential hourly shift coordinator’s application. Questionnaires reveal a person’s character.  
  3. Assistant Manager: One common thing you will notice about Burger King is their teamwork. The employees there seem to possess uncanny telepathic abilities. They understand each other, help each other, almost like a family. This solidarity is not just between the entry-level employees. The management department holds the same teamwork principle. They strive to work as a whole. This makes the working environment conducive for people who work there and want to have a delicious meal. What exactly does an assistant manager do? 
    • Job Description: Assistant managers are tasked with presiding over the day-to-day activities of Burger King restaurants. They supervise entry-level employees and the hour shift coordinators in the absence of the general manager, the assistant manager steps in. 
    • Salary: Assistant managers make up to $12 per hour. This rate, however, varies with different Burger Kings. 
    • Requirements: An assistant manager should possess good leadership skills. They should pay attention to detail, ensuring that things run in a competent fashion. Assistant managers should be able to communicate with their subordinates in a friendly yet professional manner. They should also have the ability to come up with a solution when confronted by a challenge. More often than not, cases hardly reach the general manager.  
  4. General Manager: A general manager is a vital employee at Burger King. He/she is akin to a general commander; both ranks issue orders, and when everything bursts into flames, it is them who are sought out to explain the mess. Here are some of the duties of general managers; 
    • Job Description: General managers oversee restaurant locations as well as all the employees. They have the power to fire or hire workers. Additionally, they are entrusted with the duty of training new employees. Apart from these responsibilities, general managers place food orders and keep their inventory. Of course, all these tasks require him/her to fill out a pile of paperwork. General managers also tend to operate the phone. The most important responsibility of all is ensuring customers get satisfied with the services they are offered. 
    • Salary: During a good year, a Burger King manager can make $33,000. An experienced general manager can earn up to $58,000 annually. Usually, salaries differ depending on location and experience.
    • Requirements: General managers, once selected, attend seminars where they receive intensive audio, visual and practical training. At times, these training sessions can last for a whole month, depending on where a particular Burger King is located and the new general manager’s prior experience. A manager should have an educational background for this particular position. General managers are required to be effective decision-makers and leaders. They should be team builders; a good team will go a long way in elevating a given Burger King restaurant’s status.  


Sixteen years old is the minimum age requirement at Burger King. However, they state that this varies with the location as some of their restaurants permit employees from as young as 14 years old. If you are a student and you are afraid that your work hours will overlap with your school hours, Burger King has a solution for you. The franchise factors in their employee’s hours (if in school) and makes exceptions when it comes to school activities. 

All in all, to work at entry-level jobs, you have to be 16 years old. Management level positions are open to anyone above 18 years old. Burger King employers are drawn to goal-oriented, ambitious individuals. 

Application Process 

Burger King has made a habit of posting available job opportunities online. This way, you can easily know what restaurant has what position. 

The application process is actually pretty simple. Walk-in, a Burger King Restaurant, ask for a form and fill it. Alternatively, you can go online and retrieve a similar form. You can do this by going on Burger King’s application page and clicking on the ‘Careers’ option then the ‘Apply’ button. Once you do this, you will be presented with an array of inquiries, including your work experience, availability, and personal information. After filling the form, click the ‘Submit’ option and pour yourself a cup of coffee; you are done.  

If you have ever worked in the fast-food business, that is an added advantage. Managers will be drawn to your work experiences when they are reviewing application forms. Additionally, expressing a flexible nature and a determined character will work in your favor. 

If you are applying for a job in the management department, i.e., Hourly Shift Manager or Assistant Manager, the application process tends to be a lot more challenging. Apart from a drawn-out application form, you will be presented with a long questionnaire. How lengthy? Sixty questions are lengthy. Usually, these questions are meant to paint a picture of your personality. Employers want to know whether you will be an added asset to the restaurant. An important trait every Burger King employer is looking for is, team player. One is encouraged to answer the questionnaires as honestly as they can. 

Not all Burger King higher-level positions have lengthy processes. Some restaurants will offer a single page application. Here is a tip. If you are researching Burger King job listings and then spot ‘English’ or ‘Espanol,’ the application process is definitely complicated. If the page only has ‘Apply’ without bilingual offers, then there is a high possibility that you will fill out a one-page application form. 

If days amble by and you do not hear a response from them, walk into the Burger King you applied to work and politely ask for the application’s progress if they received your application in the first place. Make sure to do this when the restaurant is slow; otherwise, you might be sent away with a curt response on your tail. 

Also, show up in a professional outfit. Make a first good impression and most of all exhibit ambition from day one. No matter what job you are applying for. 

As for the applications that require a long process, you will be able to log in to check on your job progress. You have to create a password-protected account somewhere along this process. 

Remember, you cannot apply for a job at Burger King via the phone. Yes, no matter how good your voice is. 

Benefits of Working at Burger King 

Who does not enjoy receiving perks as they work? In fact, people are usually drawn to jobs that have an appealing benefits package. The question is, do fast-food restaurants offer benefits in the first place? Yes, they do. 

Burger King has an assortment of benefits. For starters, you get health coverage. This means that once you are a Burger King employee, you automatically have Medical Insurance and Life Insurance. Additionally, you get to stop worrying over what will happen once you retire. Burger King offers a 401(k)-retirement plan. 

You know how you hear about training, and you mechanically set utility money aside for that period? When you land a job at Burger King, you get to receive payment during the training period. On top of this, when you decide you need a time out, a rejuvenating vacation experience, you do not have to douse yourself in worry over your bills. Paid vacation is one of the benefits that tailors a Burger King employee. The same case applies when you ask for time off so that you can take care of a personal emergency. Sounds good, does not it? 

The key is to dedicate yourself when you begin working there. With time, your productivity will grant you the opportunity to apply for more employment benefits. 

What most people do not know about Burger King is that the franchise has a philanthropic side. Burger King is associated with the McLamore Foundation. This organization has an ambitious goal; it seeks to see that everyone gets an equal opportunity to receive higher education. Year in and year out, three qualifying individuals are presented with $50,000 worth of scholarships. Three people get to fulfill their dreams. Burger King is a part of this miracle. 

What are you waiting for? Walk into a Burger King, ask for an application form or get one online and start applying for a job that can move you to the next level. Experience as a Burger King employee can open other avenues for you. Starting as a team member does not mean that you have to remain in this position your whole life.  

Be a part of the relationship healing community. Aren’t you dying to know the parent recipe of the ‘Whopper’? With its widespread popularity, it should probably be a global tradition.

If you are wondering what the operation hours look like at Burger King, the standard hours are 6 AM to 11 PM but some restaurants operate as late as 2 AM. 

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Burger King Careers- Job Application, Salary & Interview Questions

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