What Does Amazon Jobs Application Under Consideration Mean?

What Does Amazon Jobs Application Under Consideration Mean?

What Does Amazon Jobs Application Under Consideration Mean? ‘Under Consideration’ job status means that application is being reviewed by HR

Amazon is the largest e-commerce retailer by online revenue in the world. Working here is everyone’s dream. If you have applied to Amazon, some of you might have got the ‘Under Consideration’ Status in your Job Application. Wondering what the meaning of it is? Read this article till the end to get answers to all your questions.

‘Under Consideration’ job status means that your application is being reviewed by HR. The recruiter is deciding if you are the right person for the job or not. This status is shown to all the applicants. It also shows that no candidate has been selected yet. Read more as we will tell you everything regarding the Job Application.

What Does Amazon Jobs Application Under Consideration Mean In Detail?

See, you need to understand that Amazon has 1.2 Million Employees and a huge company. So, they receive a lot of job applications. It takes a lot of time to review each application. After submitting your application, candidates usually get the ‘Under Consideration’ Status. The recruitment process is underway. HR is reviewing your application and check if your job application matches the job requirements. ‘Under Consideration’ is shown to every candidate. It does not mean that you will get a call for an Interview.

How Much Time Does Amazon Take To Respond To A Job Application?

Unfortunately, there’s not a set timeline for when your application would be approved. It depends on which profile you are applying to. Some people will get a quicker response, but it will take a lot of time for some. But, mostly, it will take about 2 weeks, or it even might take months. After giving the Interview, the process is much faster. Within five business days following your interview, you can expect to hear back from recruiting.

‘Not Moving Forward’ Amazon Application Status Meaning

Some people get the ‘Not Moving Forward’ Status on their job applications. It means that you are not selected. Your application would not move any further in the hiring process. It doesn’t mean you are not qualified for the job, though. Sometimes, you are the Right Candidate for the job, but your application gets rejected due to some other factors. If your application gets rejected, you will receive an email regarding it.

Reasons For Your Application Getting Rejected

  1. You don’t have enough experience in the job profile you are applying for.
  2. The other candidates have better practical experience and qualifications.
  3. Your Application was not good according to the job you are applying for.
  4. You have not followed the Application Guidelines or Directions.
  5. You didn’t have the Higher Level of Education which the job demanded.
  6. You haven’t proofread the application.
  7. Sometimes, many candidates rush through the Application and make silly mistakes. This also leads to rejection.

External Reasons:

Sometimes, you have all the Qualities and experience which the job demanded but, still, you get rejected. It happens a lot, and you don’t need to blame yourself. Due to the company’s or recruiter’s internal factors, your application gets rejected. The Business Needs might have changed, or they got an internal candidate who filled the position. So, don’t lose hope and keep applying for the jobs. You can always ask HR to pass your resume to other recruiters.

Application Under Consideration V/S Under Review

Many people feel that both things are different, and while some argue that it is the same. See, it depends on the company you are applying for. For some companies, both terms have different meanings. In comparison, some have the same meaning at the end. In the case of Amazon, both the terms have the same meaning altogether. It means HR is evaluating your application. It is not a bad nor a good sign. Have Patience! Check your email regularly with the Keyword ‘Amazon Job Application’.

Is The Application And Interview Process Same For All The Job Roles?

No, the Application and Interview Process is not the same for all the job roles. Different jobs have different requirements, and so, the recruitment process is different for all of them. To get genuine information visit Amazon’s Official Website and keep checking your email.

How Is The Amazon Interview Conducted?

After your application is accepted, there will be first a Phone Interview. If you crack this, then you will have the final In-Person Interview. They will basically ask questions regarding your past experiences and how you faced difficult situations. Answer each question clearly and smartly. They won’t ask you any Brainteasers. Don’t get nervous and answer each question confidently. Amazon Hiring Committee suggests that you use the S.T.A.R method of responding to questions. This method will surely help you in cracking the interview. 





Amazon Job Application Process:

Till now, you must have completely understood the job application process. You must also have got some basic ideas regarding the Interview Process. Getting the application approved takes a lot of time, so you need to be patient. Don’t rush while filling your application. Always proofread once before applying. If your application gets rejected, don’t be sad and keep applying for the other positions. The environment is very competitive, so keep learning new skills. Only believe what is being told on Amazon’s Website or what you receive in your email.


  • Does ‘Under Consideration’ Status in your Amazon Job Application mean you are selected? No, Under Consideration does not mean you are selected. This status is shown to all the candidates. For the interview, you will receive an email, and the status of your application will change.

  • I have multiple email addresses linked to my applications. Do I have an option to merge my accounts? Unfortunately, Amazon does not provide an option for merging your accounts. You need to continue with your different email ids.

  • My application status hasn’t changed for weeks. What should I do? Amazon dashboard is regularly being updated to display the most up-to-date status information. For the application to be approved, it takes two to six weeks, so please be patient. Your application status will surely change, but it will take time. Don’t forget to check your email regularly.

  • My application has moved from Active to Archived. What does it mean? Your job application is Active unless a final decision has not been made. If the Applicant has got some other job or withdraws the application or is no longer under consideration, the application is moved from Active to Archived.

  • How can I use my Amazon.com Customer login instead of making a Separate Application Profile? Amazon takes the customer’s trust and security very seriously. So, to ensure that the Candidate’s and Customers information is securely protected, the customer and candidate data are kept completely separate. That’s why when you apply for the job, you need to make a separate application profile.

  • What are the stages for the Amazon Interview? There are Two Stages for the Amazon Interview: a)Phone Interview and b)In-Person Interview. After the interview within five business days following your interview, you can expect to hear back from HR.

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What Does Amazon Jobs Application Under Consideration Mean?

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