Sally Beauty Careers – Job Opportunities Complete Guide

Sally Beauty Careers - Job Opportunities Complete Guide

Sally Beauty Careers – Since then, Sally Beauty Holdings was established in 1964 and has become one of the leading retailers and distributors in the beauty supply business. The company saw a significant rise in profits in the 80s and moved out of state and into Denton, Texas, where they set up their headquarters and acquired a Denton-based chain.

In 1985, Sally Beauty undertook the beauty trading business of the midwestern states of the US. It acquired a full-service beauty supply distributor and brought in business that solely focussed on professional trade. This led to the establishment of a separate company which is known today as Beauty Systems Group LLC.

The key to their success which amounts to approximately $3.9 billion, is their exceptional product quality and customer service, which is every bit as professional and exceptional as their products. Their business has expanded to eCommerce, which has made Sally Beauty Supply and Beauty Systems Group more successful in this technologically equipped society.

Sally Beauty Holdings first came into being as a store in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since then, they have not looked back. Today, the company owns 5000 stores with 820 distributor sales consultants. Their business has gone international, catering to countries like the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Germany, Spain, and Puerto Rico. 

Sally Beauty Careers

These 180 franchised units would not have what they are today without the strong support system of their employees. This is why Sally Beauty Holdings believes in the potential of all the employees they hire and provides them with numerous opportunities to grow. The job opportunities available at the company include the following:

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  • Accounting/Finance: Assistant Treasurer, Operational Accountant, International Cash Manager, Inventory Assistant, etc.
  • Customer Service/Support
  • eCommerce: Site Merchandiser, Digital Asset Assistant, Manager Digital Campaigns & Content, Technical SEO Specialist
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing: Category Marketing Manager – Brand Partnerships, Sr. Project Manager, Copywriter & Marketing Translator, Copy Manager, Marketing Project Manager, etc.
  • Sales: District Manager – CosmoProf, Outside Sales Representative, Inside Salon Sales Consultant, etc.
  • Warehouse/Distribution: Picker/Packer 1st shift, ForkLift Operator 2nd shift, 2nd Shift Replenishment Warehouse Supervisor, etc.

These job opportunities are available to applicants applying full-time or part-time, depending on their needs and availability. The job requirements vary depending on the job title, but the primary concern for Sally Beauty is their customer experience. With customer-intensive assignments and duties, most of the job titles seek applicants with an understanding attitude and great problem-solving skills.

While a perfunctory knowledge of health and beauty products is necessary to gain employment, the company also holds training sessions for their new employees to initiate them into the business of retail and beauty successfully. Progress is encouraged and is duly rewarded as employees can climb their way up into managerial and other supervisory positions. 

As per their official website, Sally Beauty seeks applicants with a strong work ethic who are willing to take responsibility. With their acceptance of diversity in their employees and their encouragement of new ideas, applying to work at Sally Beauty would be a great learning opportunity for the employees, providing insight into how the beauty retail industry works, not to mention the opportunity of a potential raise on the way. 

While several vacancies cater to different fields of expertise, two of the most sought-after jobs in Sally Beauty holdings are that of a Sales Associate and those offered in Management.

  • Sales Associate: Like most of the jobs at Sally Beauty, applicants can apply for both full-time and part-time opportunities depending upon their convenience. The day-to-day duties of a sales associate include direct communication with customers, making transactions, demonstrating the merchandise, and recommending suitable products depending upon the clientele’s needs. As a sales associate appears to be the company’s face, a good attitude and a friendly demeanor, along with prior knowledge of beauty products, are encouraged and looked for in candidates. For an applicant looking to work part-time, the average range of work hours per week falls somewhere between 15-30 hours. Along with daily communication, the potential employee might have to do some manual work, including restocking shelves, etc. 

  • Management Positions: While the vacancies would only be available, if any, the managerial and supervisory positions in Sally Beauty Holdings are highly sought after. Not only is the Retail Store Manager the highest paid job, but it can also annually reach an excess of $40,000. Moreover, the minimum age to apply for a management position is 18 years. If hired for a management position, the employee would have to create and manage work schedules of the store employees, implement promotions, supervise, monitor employee behavior, prevent potential theft, and ensure that the customer leaves with a satisfactory experience. Training of the new employees also falls under the responsibilities of the Assistant Manager and the Store Manager. Assistant managers are required to closely monitor and primarily communicate with entry-level staff at the store. In contrast, the store manager communicates with the officials at the corporate offices, ensuring smooth functioning between the store and the executive end. Responsibilities like handing out the payroll, managing sales goals, and making budgets also fall under the Store manager’s duties.

Requirements for Eligibility to Apply

The bare minimum a candidate has to apply at Sally Beauty Supply is to be above the minimum age requirement. A high school diploma is also necessary for an applicant to be considered for a position at the company. One of the best aspects about applying to Sally Beauty is that you do not have to be a licensed professional.  

Sally Beauty emphasizes the need for their employees and applicants to be zealous about their products and focuses more on the candidates’ skillset than their credentials. If you are good at retail and have a good knowledge of what you are selling, you will be hired based on that. It will not matter if you have a license or not.

Age Requirements

If you are enthusiastic about beauty products and want to make a career, Sally Beauty Holdings would be a favorable place to apply. The minimum age required for an applicant to apply for a job at the company is 18 years. Along with your zeal to work for the company, the applicant should have a high school diploma which is the minimum educational qualification required to apply successfully.

Average Salary and Payscale

Across all the jobs in the company, the average hourly salary of an employee is $11.29/ hour. For a Beauty Advisor, the payscale range is $9 – $14 an hour, whereas, for a Retail Outlet Manager, it is $10 – $20 an hour. Sales Associates and Beauty Consultants can expect to be paid in the range of $9 – $14 per hour. 

The range of hourly pay changes from job title to job title, but the average bracket of hourly pay at Sally Beauty Holdings ranges from  $8.85 to $15.00 per hour. The highest-paid employees are the Retail Store Managers with an average hourly pay of $14.15, whereas the least paid workers at the company are the Sales Associates who make $10.30 per hour on average.

Easy Application Process

Provided you have all your important documentation at hand and a good internet connection. You can finish applying to Sally Beauty Supply within an hour. There is an available option to filter the location of the store in which you want to apply. Applicants can even check their application status by requesting a direct call with the manager of the store. 

The hiring process might take a few days, depending upon the number of applications for a particular position. While applying, an important thing to note while applying is for the candidate to fill open availability when they are filling the application form. Since employers tend to assign challenging schedules to new employees, it will put your application above those bound by time constraints.

Be Ready For A Skills Test

If you are applying to a company that deals with beauty products and is profiting in retail, you would naturally be expected to know a little about the environment you are applying to work in. Given many applications, the first thing the employers do is take a skills test of the candidates. It is an effective method to select candidates who are better suited for retail experience and are familiar with beauty products. 

A skills test will test your knowledge and problem-solving skills and focus on your team-building skills and how well you uphold the ethics of the workplace. This half an hour test would then be a deciding factor of whether your application would go forward or not. If an applicant is suited for the position, they need not worry about this test. The higher the test score, the better the chance of employment. 

While you can check with the store manager, it should be noted that the company would directly inform the successful applicants of their employment as soon as they are selected. In case of no contact post the final hiring stage, you can consider contacting the store you applied to directly for further information.

Benefits Offered To All

One of the deciding factors while opting for a job is to look for benefits and rewards offered. At Sally Beauty Holdings, numerous benefits are given to both part-time and full-time employees, treating them as valuable assets and not just cogs in a machine. These benefits are:

  • There is an eligibility to apply for sick days and paid holidays during vacations for all employees.
  • All employees get an employee discount on the company products.
  • The Employee Assistance Program specifically caters to grievances and needs of the employees and is a complimentary service with employment, and is completely confidential.
  • Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance and Disability coverage are offered to all employees. Voluntary benefits like Critical Illness and Accident coverage are also offered.
  • Their 401(K) plan is for all employees, matching company contributions and profit-sharing to ensure financial stability for the employees involved.
  • There are several Medical plans, Dental, Vision coverage offered, and flexible spending plans for expenditure on health-related matters.

Sally Beauty Holding began as a single store and now works to provide professional and satisfactory services to their customers worldwide. Given their focus on customer satisfaction, it is a given that the potential employees would be selected based on their willingness to adapt and overcome any challenges that may arise out of miscommunication, conflict, and failed expectations at the client’s end. 

The job search on the company website is straightforward and informative, outlining the expectations from the applicant, delineating the job profile, and clearly stating the required qualifications needed from the prospective applicant. The application can be filled online. The selection process takes from two to three weeks to complete, during which your skills and aptitude about the position you apply for would be tested and taken into consideration.

The minimum age you need to be to apply is 18 years, and the minimum qualification you need to have is your high school diploma. Qualification and eligibility requirements would vary, especially for the corporate job titles. Still, given that the company considers skills as important as credentials, your chances of securing a job at Sally Beauty are high if you are passionate about beauty and want to make a career in retail.

Furthermore, as a Sally Beauty employee, irrespective of your work in a part-time or full-time position, you would be eligible for an employee discount on the company products offered. All the employees are also offered paid leaves, sick days, and health insurance, along with an Employee Assistance Program specially made for the company employees, keeping their welfare in mind.

Sally Beauty Holdings, therefore, is a company which offers their employees assured benefits once their employment is confirmed. With the provision of upward mobility as you work, there is little to no chance of stagnancy in the employees. Job opportunities in the company are plenty and diverse with a promise of considering you for the position if you possess the right skills and the required credentials.

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Sally Beauty Careers – Job Opportunities Complete Guide

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