Looking for a Healthcare Investment Banking career?

Looking for a Healthcare Investment Banking career?

In this article we will discuss Healthcare Investment Banking career here. What is Investment Banking and Healthcare Investment Banking?

What is Investment Banking?

Investment banking is raising funds or investing in a business to help individuals or organizations grow as a business. Investment bankers not only give financial support but also give their clients the necessary financial advisers. 

What means Healthcare Investment Banking?

Healthcare Investment Banking is a special carrier field that supports individuals or organizations raise their capital and provide financial consultancy services to them. They focus on healthcare companies and strategic transactions such as Mergers & acquisitions, divestitures, and cal services, including debt, equity, etc. They act as intermediates between security issuers and investors while helping new companies to grow. 

What are the requirements to work in Healthcare Investment Banking career?

When you seek a job in investment banking, you may come across some specific requirements. Healthcare Investment Banking is typically investment banking but related to healthcare companies. But the job requirements will be the same.

First, you should be sure the job suits you. Unlike other financial careers, you know, investment banking is a stressful job. Working for one of the top-ranked investment banks is also challenging. Then you have to choose what career in investment banking suits you the most. As this field comprises diverse job opportunities, you may fit into some specific jobs. Different jobs require different skills. If you work on the operational side, you may need excellent numerical and analytical skills. As you will be providing strategic advice to your clients and working under pressure, you may need good negotiation and have strong interpersonal communication skills. If you are an entry-level graduate, you can apply for the position of “investment analyst.”

It’s not enough to have the favor, but also, you need to complete a degree in investment banking. For most of the jobs in this field, a bachelor’s degree is required. This doesn’t have to be in a finance-related subject necessarily. But it should have a strong math focus in a degree such as economics or business management. A grade of 2.1 is usually required for top-ranked investment banks. 

After completing a degree as such, you are required to do an internship in investment banking.  By most investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, Barclays, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, the summer internships are offered to pass out graduates freshly. These internships can be less than 1 year. This training will provide you a good experience in practical skills, decision making, handling financial problems, and dealing with people. You can apply to internships online by visiting the relevant websites of the Healthcare Investment Banks. And also, you can find job vacancies on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.  

After all you should have some basic skills to work as an investment banker. 

  • Self-motivation and passion for working under high pressure for a long period of time
  • Teamwork to work with professionals of the parallel financial fields.
  • Numerical skills as you are doing a risky job by handling investments and finances.
  • Communication skills to deal with a variety of people within your company and clients throughout the world.
  • Analytical skills to work as an expert in the field and to build up confidence in your clients.
  • Creativity and out of box thinking
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced working environment. 
  • Awareness and understanding of new updates in the field.

What are the top-ranked Healthcare Investment Banking companies? 

The top 5 Healthcare Investment Banking companies are responsible for approximately 40% of the total healthcare investment deals. So that means they play a major role in the healthcare systems in the world. 

  • The best Healthcare Investment Banking is considered as “Goldman Sachs.” This is one of the best Healthcare Investment Banks in New York City. It offers investments to small-scale as well as large-scale companies. With its 150 years old investment history, Goldman Sachs has become the largest Healthcare Investment Bank in the entire world. According to the records, In 2019, the company earned a revenue of $36.546 billion while its total assets were recorded at $992 billion.

  • The best Healthcare Investment Banking from a big institution is “JP Morgan Chase.” This is also a top-ranked Healthcare Investment Bank, which is situated in New York City. It has the largest client base in the world. It has around 200,000 clients, including government, corporations, educational institutions, banks, and individual investors. They have a successful expansion throughout the world, including 100 countries. According to records, the company had a revenue of about $ 115.6 billion in 2019. And also, they had a net income of around $36.43 billion meanwhile. With its 200 years of investment history, it has received many awards, and this bank is one of the largest Healthcare Investment Banks in the world. 

  • The best Healthcare Investment Banking company in Europe is probably “Barclays.” This bank is based in London, England. But also, it has expanded to the United States with its 325 years of banking history. It is expanded to over 40 countries with about 80,000 employees around the world. According to the records, in 2019, they had revenue of around $28 billion. It has won so many rewards within this period of time, including the “Electronic platform of the year” award from Global Capital and “Americas Derivatives Awards.” 

  • And also, the best Healthcare Investment Banking company for innovations is known as “Bank of America cooperation.” It is a united states multinational investing bank situated in North Carolina. But also has central hubs and offices in New York City, London, Hong Kong, Dallas, and Toronto. According to the records, the bank had revenue of $91.24 billion in 2019. The company has awarded as the top global bank on fortune’s “change the world” list in 2020. Also, it has been awarded by Euro money, their best transaction services bank in Latin and North America this year.

  • The best Healthcare Investment Banking for markets is known as “Morgan Stanley.” It is also an American multinational bank situated in Manhattan, New York City. It has been expanded to over 42 countries worldwide by now, employing about 600,000 employees in various nationalities. It offers investments in healthcare as well as government, clientele, business institutions, and individuals. According to the records, in 2019, the bank has gotten a revenue of $41.4 billion. Also, it has been awarded as “The World’s best bank for markets” by Euro Money. 

  • The best Healthcare Investment Banking for the Asia Pacific is known as “Deutsche Bank.” This is a German multinational bank that is based in Frankfurt, Germany. It is expanded across the world, including Europe, America as well as Asia. According to the records, in 2019, the bank has earned a revenue of $26.3 billion. With its 150 years of banking history, it has been awarded ay titles.  

  • The best Healthcare Investment Banking for inclusive investment banking is known as “Citigroup.” This is an American bank based in New York City. This bank is also considered the world’s largest credit card issuer and one of the most reliable financial institutions in the world. According to the reports, in2019, it has earned a revenue of $73.29 billion. It has been recognized in America as the most community-minded company since 2012. 

  • The best Healthcare Investment Banking for modern investment banking is known as “Credit Suisse.” This bank is based in Switzerland. It is popular for its strict bank client confidentiality and secrecy. For the clients who value their confidentiality, this bank is the ideal investor. According to records, in 2019, it has earned a revenue of $24.63 billion. Also, it was awarded as the Investment bank f the year in 2020. 

  • The best Healthcare Investment Banking for security is known as “UBS Group AG.” This bank is also based in Switzerland. It also considers clients’ secrecy and confidentiality as the priority. It earned a revenue of $30.21 billion in 2019, according to the records.  It provides access to capital markets for corporate and institutional clients.

  • And last but not least, the best Healthcare Investment Banking for sustainable finance is known as “HSBC Holdings plc.” This is a British multinational company that has expanded globally, becoming the world’s 6th largest bank in history. It earned a revenue of $56.1 billion in 2019, according to the records. Also, they have been awarded for excellence for sustainable finance and the banker investment banking awards with investment bank of the year for sustainability. 

What are the most common Healthcare Investment Banking careers?

There are a lot of job opportunities in Healthcare Investment Banking for a candidate to apply for. Also, there are so many websites for you to get proper knowledge about current job vacancies. With the world’s current situation, people have tended to prefer working from home theory a lot in the Healthcare Investment Banking industry. When searching for jobs, there are some common Healthcare Investment Banking people mostly search for. They are, 

  • Healthcare Investment Banker (working from home) – The major responsibility of this position is advising the healthcare companies such as pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical devices companies during the COVID’19 pandemic situations. These professionals can work from home to reduce the pandemic spread and give their helping hand to the healthcare companies by merging, acquisition, debts, and equity capital issuances. 

  • Healthcare Investment Banking Analyst – The major job responsibilities of healthcare investment banking analysts are, proceeding with financial analyzing, developing financial models suiting with the client requirements, preparing presentations for the clients, and participating in the diligence meeting sessions. The job responsibilities may differ depending on the client’s requirements. But the prior responsibility of an analyst is defined as the presentation of different financial analyses with valuations and merger consequences. 

  • Healthcare Investment Banking Associate – The major responsibilities of an investment banking associate is to research in-depth about industries and development of complicated financial models according to client requirements. Their role is not so different from that of analysts. They need to present their models to the clients and also participate in the diligence sessions. 

  • Vice President, Healthcare Investment Banking – As in any other company, the vice president has to supervise the junior professionals. And also, it is the vice president’s responsibility to evaluate opportunities, deal with execution, and work with a range of healthcare companies. 

  • Equity Research Associate (Medical Supplies and Devices) – The major responsibilities of equity research analysts are proceeding with investment researches, evaluating the equity investments, conducting industry-specific surveys, analyzing the financial securities, and generating proprietary reports. In the healthcare investment sector, they have to deal with the healthcare companies.

  • Wells Fargo Securities Program Associate, Public Finance (Healthcare) – In the healthcare investment banking sector, these officials have to execute all the risk programs of financial crimes, operational crimes, regulatory issues, and credits issues, etc., associated with the clients. 

  • Associate (Direct Lending) – As the job title implies, the direct lending associates have to lend the funds and provide the capital to healthcare companies. After the clients’ investment financial models are approved, the direct lending associates are responsible for providing the funds more securely and transparently. 

  • Audit Internship – As in every other company, the responsibilities of audit interns are to analyze the company accounts, determine the financial risks, gather the data, produce invoices, and legislation of remedies for financial risks.

  • Commercial Analyst(Healthcare) – The major responsibilities of commercial analysts are to analyze the data of healthcare companies and provide the analyzed data. 

What are the salaries for Healthcare Investment Bankers?

The national average salary of a Healthcare Investment Banker is aroun$77,678 per year in the united states. According to records, in 2021, the average annual pay for Healthcare Investment Banker jobs in New York City is about $81,475 per year. Anyways the salaries range between $57,037 – $ 107,492 per year. The average payment range varies according to the skills, position, location, and level of experience.

The salaries also depend on the city you work in. The most paying Healthcare Investment Banking are seen in,

San Mateo, CA$98,109 per year$47.17 per hour
Berkeley, CA$94,896 per year$45.62 per hour
Daly city, CA$94,632 per year$45.50 per hour
Richmond, CA$91,920 per year$44.19 per hour
Stamford, CT$89,507 per year$43.03 per hour
Bellevue, WA$89,507 per year$42.92 per hour
Brooklyn, NY$87,992 per year$42.30 per hour
San Francisco, CA$87,866 per year$42.24 per hour
Knik Fairview, AK$87,729 per year$42.18 per hour
New haven, CT$87,213 per year$41.93 per hour

San Mateo, CA, has significant Healthcare Investment Banking job opportunities because several companies are hiring for these types of jobs. Because the abovementioned 10 cities have average salaries high than the national average salaries, the job opportunities for economic advancement by changing locations as a Healthcare Investment Banking seems successful. The possibility of a lower cost of living may be the best factor to consider when looking for the best locations and salaries in Healthcare Investment Banking. 

Keeping the location aside, the positions also affect the variability of salaries. 

Analyst$89k-$95k per year
Associate$150k- $200k per year
Vice president$250k- $300k per year
Director, Senior vice president$300- $350k per year
Managing director$400-$600 per year

In addition to these basic salaries there can be so many other bonuses which are added to the compensatory salary. They are, 

  • Stub bonuses
  • End of the year cash bonus
  • Stock-based/Differed bonus
  • Signing bonuses
  • benefits

The Basic salary is the salary you will receive every two weeks. It may increase by little amounts every year. It is the same throughout the year because it doesn’t change according to your performance. The stab bonuses are a bonus amount the associate and analyst graduates receive in their first 6 months. These are usually 20% or 30% lower salaries than usual first-year salaries. 

End of the year cash bonus paid at the end of the year. It is paid 100% in cash to the associates and analysts in the early stages. But it may remain cash for higher stages as well if you work in a small company. It is simply a percentage of your basic salary, but it’s based on many criteria such as deal flow, your performance throughout the year, industry-wide compensation, etc. It may differ from 50% of your base salary to 200% of your base salary according to your position level. 

A stock-based/Deferred bonus is a bonus amount that will be paid after 2 or 3 years of service, and it will be a fraction of your basic salary. This bonus is usually paid in larger publicly trading banks. This bonus helps the employee to move faster to higher positions. Signing bonuses are given to analysts and associates who graduate and come to full-time job vacancies. This bonus can be ranged from $10k to $ 15k at the analyst level and $50k to $60k at the associate levels. 

Other than these bonuses there are some other benefits as well. 

  • Health insurance
  • Vacation days
  • 401(k) retirement plan 

How has COVID affected the salaries of investment bankers?

Like every other business, healthcare investment banking companies also went downhill to some extent. Therefore, they introduce some special payment methods to employees. For example, employees were given fast promotions. The salary increments didn’t happen at the analysts’ level. Different companies started paying different salaries, and almost all companies have accepted the working from home concept. 

As the banks struggled to keep their employees, the promotions such as analysts to associates, associates to VP, and VP to director board were accelerated. Base salaries for associates and below levels are raised from little amounts, while analysts’ salaries haven’t even changed in some companies. The range of bonuses for analysts has become wider, which has impacted different levels differently. And also, it is hard to say a specific salary scale because different banks have changed their salaries by different levels within this period. And also, with the pandemic, to keep the employees out of risk, most of the banks stepped into the working from home concept. This concept is good for experienced employees who have known the clients and coworkers of the company. But it hits different to newcomers. Because their first few years are when they acquire a lot of working experience, they might have some disadvantages by working from home. 

What are the duties and responsibilities of Healthcare Investment Bankers?

Healthcare investment bankers have the same similar duties and responsibilities as other investment bankers. The only difference is they will have to take emergency actions with the pandemics and other disease conditions that arise in the world as healthcare investment bankers. 

For example, during the covid situation, most of the healthcare companies had to boost up their manufacturing industries on the production of face masks, oxygen machines, ventilators, ICU beds, safety kits, face shields, gloves, vaccines, drugs are given for corona fever, and any more. In this situation, most healthcare investment banks had the opportunity to invest in these current industries. Such that there will be more emergencies in the health sector than in other fields. Therefore, the duties and responsibilities for healthcare investment bankers are higher than for normal investment bankers.

But when considered the overall duties and responsibilities, they have to go through some common things. They have to plan long-term and short-term financial proposals with the clients. For healthcare investment bankers, this is very important. Decision-making should be quick in this matter. They should be able to recognize new nosiness opportunities to step on. Here, the creativity and out of box thinking ability of the employees is a need.

It is your responsibility to work with other professionals, such as lawyers and accountants, to help clients. In healthcare investment, you will have to work with healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, hospital directors and managers, medical laboratory technicians, pharmacists, radiographers, physiotherapists, other hospital staff when investing in their companies.

As investment bankers should be able to negotiate financial deals as well. This matter needs to be dealt with the communication skills of the employees. So that you don’t lose your customers when negotiating. 

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Looking for a Healthcare Investment Banking career?

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