Is an Electrician a good career?

Is an electrician a good career?

Looking for a career that interests you? This is a thing all of us do when we finish our education. A few are lucky enough to get their dream job. Is an Electrician a good career? – Electricians have several opportunities in the modern job market. The world is technologically moving forward rapidly; the need for electrical expertise is also increasing in the global market. If you have flair and interest in the electrical and technological aspects of modern society, then a career as an electrician can give you incredible job satisfaction and also can keep your pockets jingling. This article will find out why an electrician can be a good career choice and how you can make your career great if you have a flair for it.

The Importance of Electricians in the Modern Society

The use of electricity or electronic items is rather common in the modern household, and even industries cannot do without it in their day-to-day activities. Maintenance, installation, repairs, etc., all have their own importance if the work has to move smoothly in the industrial field. What will happen if the light goes off and you have to deal with all the work in complete darkness, and without the modern equipment you have become accustomed to? Everything will go on a standstill until an expert hand arrives and repairs the fault. So being an electrician is an important job, and many people depend on them to keep a smooth workflow possible. With the growth of technology, people are getting used to the more sophisticated lifestyle, and without an electrician, this lifestyle is impossible.

As soon as you finish your training in the electrician field, you get employed as an apprentice under a master electrician. After you get trained, you can become a journeyman, be self-employed, and do your job on your own. Otherwise, you can apply to companies that are on the lookout for an electrician. You are in safe waters both ways, the only job that is in demand both ways, either individually or in a company.

Is an Electrician a good career?

The Work Description of an Electrician

If you are looking for a career as an electrician then this what you need to do:

  • As an electrician, you will be responsible for installing, maintaining, repairing electrical wirings, equipment and look for any flaws in the entire electrical circuit of the company you are working in or if you are working as a government employee for the electricity department, then you will be responsible for the whole area.
  • You should know the technical diagrams given to you and be able to work by looking into the blueprints of the system.
  • You should also be well aware of all the overall maintenance of a building regarding its electrical needs.
  • Most companies hire electricians who are available 24/7 and will be on call whenever an emergency arises.
  • You should have an in-depth knowledge of wirings, connections, and other electrical concepts.

All of the above make the job of an electrician a good and important career. The most important thing in this career is that you need a flair for it as it is not a cup of tea everyone can drink. Having an interest in doing this type of job is very important, and without the interest, you can never be a successful electrician.

Requirements for Becoming an Electrician

No household or company can do without an electrician. Sometimes or the other, there will be a need for an electrician to check things out. When a building is in construction too, the need for an electrician is inevitable as he has to complete all the electrical wirings of the building. So, in short, such an important job needs certain requirements, and they are given below:

  • The modern-day electrician needs at least a high school diploma
  • He should have completed an apprentice in an electrical course
  • If he has a degree in any electrical courses it is always a plus point
  • He should have the stamina to work in all types of weather
  • He should be able to work in congested areas where there is very little space 
  • he should be well trained as he has to handle live wires and other dangerous stuff like getting on top of an electrical pole if the need arises
  • the electrician job requires good communication skills 
  • keeping up with time is also a trait required by an electrician
  • he should have a keen eye to spot what went wrong
  • the company will also look for a drivers license

All of the above are the must have traits for an electrician and getting yourself licensed should be your number one priority so that you get hired fast.

Demand for Electricians in the Modern World

The growth of technology has made the world dependent on electricity, and without an electrician, most of it can come to a standstill. With the growing population and the need for new constructions to meet the demands of this growing economy, the electrician’s job will have an upward marking on the graph. 

When skilled labor is hard to get, the demand for a good electrician is always on the rise. So making this your career choice will not be a bad decision. Because of the need for electricians in every field, the salary for experienced and trained electricians is at the medium level. Still, slowly the pay scale is rising, and very soon, the electricians will see a rise in their monthly pay scale.

As communities grow and build flats and houses for themselves, as we find new offices and large industries coming up, the need for electricians is also growing at the same pace. The more technologically advanced the world becomes, the more there is a need for electrical wirings and connections. The job of an electrician is such that it will never grow out of demand.

Why you can choose this as your career?

  • According to a survey conducted by The Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is predicted that by the year 2024, the demand for electrician job force will grow by 14%. Hence, the future looks very bright for the trained and licensed electricians out there.
  • Growth is also an aspect. If you have the skill, training, and license, then you can get opportunities to grow in this career. From just being a basic electrician to a master electrician, you can widen your horizons and get more important work from many companies.
  • As a trained and licensed electrician, you have the option of being self-employed and set your own timings. You will never sit idle at home because you have a skill in your hands, and the need for electricians can never decrease.
  • Being a licensed electrician can get you into union membership, and you can have lots of advantages because of this, including security in your career.
  • You don’t have to get bored by doing a desk job. It is a wide choice out there, and you can meet different people and be at different places. This keeps your job interesting and rewarding at the same time.

Wrapping Up

If you have finished your basic education and want to take up a job, it is good to do an apprentice course in any electrical stream and get your license as an electrician. It is a job that is always in demand, and if you don’t have any other priorities or don’t want to pursue any other stream, and most importantly, if you have a flair for this line of career, then electrician is the perfect career for you.

Many other jobs in the employment market need you to be academically excellent and will ask you for higher education certificates. The advantage of an electrician is that after your schooling, you can take up an apprentice course and get your license and start your job immediately. You need not be employed by anyone because, as a qualified electrician, you are bound to get house calls and a good fee. 

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Is an Electrician a good career?

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