How to Quit Amazon?


You must have heard about Amazon. It is one of the biggest information technology companies in the US. If you are an employee at amazon and have made up your mind to quit Amazon, then all the information you will need during the process is provided here.

If you are leaving an organization, you must verify everything before doing so, leaving an organization after clarifying all formalities with good faith to be rehired if you ever decide to rejoin the organization. 

Procedure to Quit Amazon

Your resignation can be either formal or informal. A formal procedure should be favored as it leaves a decent impression on your employer. You can resign by the following two procedures:

  • Giving resignation letter. You can resign by giving a proper formal letter to your head or HR. You will have to provide a reason to quit respectfully while showing your gratitude towards your employer. This procedure consists of the following steps:
    1. Firstly you will have to talk to your employer.
    2. Writing a formal letter and giving it to your head or HR 
    3. Sort out any pending work and formalities before your last day at work.
    4. Do leave with a positive impression, express your thankfulness towards the team you worked with.

  • Amazon hub app. If you are not satisfied with the above procedure and want to avoid the formal interactions before resigning, you can opt for this method. It consists of the following steps:
    1. Log into your amazon hub app. 
    2. Scroll down, and n the bottom, you will find the option for resignation
    3. Click on the option given and fill in any details that are asked for
    4. Finally, you resign and leave on the last day.

Even in this process, it is advised to complete all the pending work and formalities and sort any legal restrictions. Doing this will leave a positive impact on your employer and will show your sincerity towards your work.

Notice Period

A notice period is the duration of time that you as an employee have to inform the management about your resignation and the day you are planning to leave. You can write your notice period in three formats; letter format, email format, and company app.

  • Format of your resignation letter:
    1. Your name and personal details like phone number, email, address to be mention below your name.
    2. Date of writing the letter
    3. Name and details of the person you are writing the letter for
    4. Statement of resignation in the subject
    5. In the letter’s main body, write details about the reason for your resignation, your last day of work, and ask about how to proceed further.
    6. End the letter with your signature

  • Keep the tone of your letter formal and polite. If you are more comfortable with an email, then that is also acceptable, but you will have to be formal and keep a polite tone throughout.

Can you resign without giving a notice period to your employer?

If you leave the company without any notice period, the management can take several actions to ask for a penalty fee. This will be marked as a negative point, and they may not rehire you if you ever apply for any position in the future. This can also affect your image in your new job.

When to give the notice of your resignation?

Every company has its minimum notice period for amazon that is 1 week. This means if you are thinking of resigning, you will have to hand over the notice at least a week before the last day of your work.

Generally, it is advised to inform the company at least 2 months before your last day of work, this gives enough time for you to sort out your things and prepare for the next job and the employer also has enough time to look for replacements.

While planning the resignation you should check in your offer letter the advised amount of time for handing over the notice period.

Reasons For Resignation 

While leaving the company, you will have to give a reason for your resignation. You can provide the following reasons for resignation:

  1. Planning to move to a new place
  2. Going back to your hometown
  3. Having health issues and want to donate your whole time in recovering
  4. Family problems 
  5. You got a better opportunity at some other company
  6. You got a better paying option 
  7. You got a job that offers a better position than this one 
  8. No promotions for a long time
  9. To start your own business
  10. You want to study further 

Even if you got a better opportunity in hand, or you were not satisfied with your experience in this company, you should present your reasons with calm and sincerity.


If you want to rejoin amazon after resigning, Amazon allows you to rejoin the team. This depends on whether you left the company by choice by giving a valid reason or whether you were fired from the position.

  • If you were fired because of some reason, the company might find you unfit due to a previous incident, and you might get rejected in the selection process.
  • If you left by choice, the reasons for resignation and your past performance would impact your rehiring process.
  • If you left the company pleasantly, then it would be a scoring point.
  • If you left with a bad impression, then the company will mark you unfit for future joining, and thus, you won’t be able to come back.
  • After resigning, you can apply for other positions on amazon after at least 3 months.

Some Other Important Points

You must pay attention to the following listed tasks before resigning:

  • To confirm your last day with your schedule.
  • You will need to plan everything so that you can leave without any pending duties.
  • If you plan to work someplace else, you should apply and be done with the interview while completing your pending work in the current job. This way, by the time the last day of your job approaches, you will be ready to join at the new place.
  • Please update your personal information to the company before leaving so that they can contact you for any required assistance like a paycheck and things like that.
  • You should hand over all the belongings of the company in your possession.

If you think you have planned everything and you can leave work with satisfaction on both ends, then hand over the notice period and talk to your manager about how you can proceed further.


The above article comprises information about the resignation process of amazon. You can get an idea about the notice period, how to write your resignation letter, and what reasons you can provide for your resignation. Do keep calm during the process and respectfully deal with your manager. Explain your situation and reason to resign patiently. Do complete all the pending works and formalities before leaving. Check if any legalities bind you before resigning. And also, check amazon’s policy and your offer letter and then plan your resignation accordingly. If you wish to come back and work at amazon in the future, your previous employment record will hold weightage, so don’t leave without completing your duties and dealing with your team and manager respectfully.

How to Quit Amazon?

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