Latest Curveball Interview Questions 2021 [Updated]

Curveball Interview Questions

You may have come across this typical question “Why do you want to work in this company?”  And by now, you have it perfectly memorized and are just waiting for an opportunity to blurt it out. Right? But what if they ask something that’s completely out of the box, like, “ Have you ever cheated on someone?” We will discuss Curveball Interview Questions here.

Yes, this question and many more questions that are equally crazy are often asked when interviewing at top companies. These questions are now becoming a norm, so it’s very critical that you prepare for such questions and not just prepare for the typical questions asked in an interview. These curveball interview questions are usually asked to know how quickly you can think on your feet and how creative you can get with the answers. These questions will help them assess how quickly you respond when you’re caught off guard and if you crack under pressure. There’s no right or wrong with such questions, just ways in which you can form an appropriate answer right on the spot. This would require quick thinking and good communication skills. The more prepared you are, the more are your chances of cracking the interview and getting selected for your desired profile. 

To make sure that you’re well prepared for curveball interview questions, we have some tips and tricks for you to keep in mind while answering such questions.

So, what are the things you should do when faced with a difficult question?

  • Listen and process the question and then answer it.
  • Even though you’re panicking on the inside, your face should show no signs of panic, and you should remain calm and poised.
  • Your answer should show them how unique your thought process is and how innovative you can be even in a difficult situation.
  • Take a deep breath and relax. Make sure to meet your interviewer’s eyes instead of averting your eyes and looking elsewhere.
  • While responding to the questions, back up your statements with examples.
  • Be clear with your answers and appear confident.
  • If you don’t fathom what your interviewer is asking, politely ask them to repeat or elaborate.
  • Mostly be honest in your answers, even when faced with tricky questions.
  • Be concise and yet thorough with your answers.

Now that we’ve covered where you understand what you should do while answering curveball interview questions. Let’s take a look at things you should avoid doing.

  • Do not lose your confidence and keep calm. It’s not the time to get hopeless but rather to very calmly process the question in your head and genuinely answer it. 
  • Don’t be phony but be your authentic self.
  • Do not fidget, as it shows that you’re inattentive.
  • Don’t mumble as it’s a sign of unsurety and might make you look less confident.
  • While answering, don’t think about what the interviewer wants you to say but rather speak what you believe to be correct.
  • Please don’t be too vague about your answer, and try to keep it brief but comprehensive.
  • Please do not rush to answer the question, but rather, take your time answering it. And then answer in a manner that will prove you’re a perfect candidate for them.
  • The interviewers try to throw you off course with such questions, so don’t get nervous or start stuttering. Just smile and let your personality and quick wit shine. 
  • These questions might catch you off guard, and you might get anxious and antsy but, this is the time to outshine other candidates with quirky and witty answers. A perfect situation that proves that you’re practical, logical, and creative as well. And not even a curveball interview question can deter you. 

Curveball Interview Questions

Some crazy questions for you to practice which would give you a rough idea and help you crack your interview:

  • How would describe the color yellow to someone who is blind?

Yellow is a happy color. When you think about warmth, this is the color that comes to your mind. It’s a light-hearted color, the taste of citrus, and the smell of flowers. Yellow is when your turn your face towards the sun and feel its warmth. Yellow is the color of happiness and my favorite color too.

  • Can you name the 3 consecutive days without using these 3 days of the week- Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday?

The answer is yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

  • Have you ever taken revenge for something? If yes, then how?

Honestly, I’ve thought about it but I, just couldn’t. I was very angry with my friend for stabbing me in the back. I wanted to take revenge on him by making him have a taste of his own medicine. But I didn’t have it in me to stoop that low, and I’ll be filled with guilt after executing my revenge so, I do my best to cut myself off from such situations that make me question my morals.

  • What’s the most useless word in English?

Misunderestimate, in my opinion, is just useless. I mean, we already have underestimated and misestimate then, what’s even the point of adding this word to the dictionary. It serves no purpose and sounds weird. 

  • If you were a fruit then what fruit would you be and why?

I’d be a strawberry because I’m vibrant and bright, just like the color of strawberries. I’m very versatile in general and do not believe in limiting myself but rather constantly changing and adapting to my surroundings. I’m easygoing and comfortable where ever I’m. I adjust well to things,  just like a strawberry that can be used in sweet and savory dishes. I work productively as an individual contributor as well as along with a team. Meaning I have the necessary qualities and skills that complement other team members when working with them and making for the perfect combination. Just like strawberries always complement the dish in which they are added and enhances the taste.

  • What’s your favorite website and why?

Reddit is my favorite website, and most of my time is spent on it. It’s a large group of forums in which users can talk about anything from technology, films, news, literature, and anything you could imagine. For me, it’s a perfect combination of news sites, social media, and a community-driven by engaging content. It’s a perfect platform where you can get authentic product feedback. Reddit is for serious users, and anonymity guarantees genuine feedback. It is anything you want it to be. It is a place where I go, and join discussions, get advice and learn something new. For me, it’s a great resource for research. Reddit is a website shaped by its user’s opinions, beliefs, and what makes me love it even more.

  • If one animal could talk to you who would you want it to be and why?

I love animals, so I’d want my pet dog Bronzo to talk to me if I had the power. Firstly I’ll tell him how much I love and adore him. And how I appreciate his company and his loyalty. I’ll ask him about his likes and dislikes regarding everything and would try to implement them. I’d ask him how he feels and if there’s anything he longs for. I’ll ask him about his favorite treats and then buy them in bulk. And the most important thing I’ll be asking is why do you lick my face after you lick your butt. 

  • What is your leadership style?

My leadership style has morphed depending on the people I’m leading and the type of environment. In the past, I’ve managed a workforce that was quite junior. Many of them were freshers and had to learn new skills, and it was an industry that was heavily deadline-driven. So my leadership style was very hands-on. I worked with them on their first few assignments, which resulted in them being fully trained in a few weeks. I’ve also led other teams where the work was longer-term projects, and it was a bit more innovative. And I found my leadership style was to step back a bit, give them a goal, and allow them to determine how they wanted to reach that goal. I made sure to support them, remove roadblocks and correct them if need be.

  • If there’s a conflict with a coworker, how would you deal with it? 

I haven’t faced any conflict with my coworkers. However, if it were to happen, I’ll try to resolve it straight away. I’ll tell them how I feel from my shoes and won’t point fingers. I’ll speak only from my experience without assuming or insinuating that they are responsible. As  I firmly believe that conflict can hurt the team, it will take away the positive energy, and in the long run, it can deter us from what we’re trying to achieve as a team. 

Latest Curveball Interview Questions 2021 [Updated]

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