How To Resign From Amazon Jobs?


A detailed guide to how to resign from Amazon jobs? It is the right place that shows you all the details step by step. If you are planning to resign from your amazon job, we can help you with that. Let you know step by step about the prior notice period of resignation and its methods in a good way without any problems both by labor law and organization. This is an important thing to know what the labor law said about the notice period and how long before you can give it? If you planned to resign, you have to leave the organization pleasantly without any legal problems in the future that you may want to rejoin the same organization. So that you can be helped by the step-by-step guide about amazon job resigning problems and how you can do it properly? 

What is the notice period? 

The notice period is some duration of time that the employee{you} has to inform the management about the last day of resignation. Otherwise, it is also the meaning of terminating the contract between you and your company {if you are in the contract period while resigning}. That is precisely the time duration between the notice period and relieving time from the job. 


  1. Letter format 
  2. Email format 
  3. Your company website/app.

Format for your mail/letter: 

  • Date 
  • To (Hr/manager) 
  • Statement of your resignation 
  • About your last day 
  • Gratitude towards the company 
  • Request to know about further process 
  • Closing with your signature/name. 

How long before you have to give the notice period? 

Here is the answer, it depends upon the days in your company (you may work for 1year, 1month). generally, you have to give before 

  • Before 2months {it is the law thing about resigning} 
  • Before 1week {amazon most probable period} 
  • Open your offer letter {If you have confusion about this, you can check in your offer letter in the clause of the notice period. 

Main Steps to Resign From Amazon Jobs: 

  • Do plan for your last day: 

Confirming the last day is very important in job resignation. 

  1. Finish all your works. It will not be pending.
  2. If you planned for a new job, attend the interview, and ready to join.
  3. Hand over all the things that belong to the management.
  4. Update your recent contact info in your company for contacting you regards paycheck, benefits like that. 
  5. If all well, then you can decide the last date and proceed with giving a resignation letter. 
  • Process of amazon job resignation: 

So, here you can know about the detailed process of resigning. You can resign from the job in two ways like formal/informal. Most preferably in a formal way.  

  • By giving resignation letter: 

You can resign from your job on amazon by giving a proper resignation letter to your heads in a respectful way. 

  • Talk to employer  
  • Give your letter 
  • Show your gratitude 

If you dislike this method, you will resign your job on the links provided on websites or the amazon hub app. 

  • By doing in amazon hub app
    • STEP1: Login to amazon HUB 
    • Step2: on the bottom, there is a link for resigning from the job 
    • Step 3: click the link 
    • Step4: finally resigned  


  1. Resignation Letter 
  2.  Inform Your HR 
  3.  Finish Your Work 
  4.  Update Your Recent Contact Information(ph numb,address). 

How to do proper relief from the company? 

If you are worried about your paycheck, ask it in your resignation letter, you can inform your manager/HR that you are planning to resign. That might make a good impression on you. So that in the future, if you want to rejoin, it will help you. 

Can we leave Amazon without a prior notice period? 

If you leave without the notice period, you may affect by the company in the payment process. The company will proceed with legal action that will end up with a penalty or adjustment in your settlement amount. In the preparatory period, you have to inform the company that you are plan to resign with proper notice. 

What are the Reasons you can mention for your resignation? 

When resigning from the job, you have to tell the reason for leaving the current work. Your manager/HR wants to know the reason. So here are some of the perfect reasons you can mention.  

The Top 10 Reasons for your Resignation you can give is, 

  1.  You are plan to relocated to a new place  
  2.  Health issues 
  3.  Better career 
  4.  Family problems 
  5.  Better opportunity 
  6.  Work time 
  7.  You want a better payment option
  8.  No promotions 
  9.  To start own business 
  10. Planning to get a nearby job. 

Can you relieve the amazon job without giving a notice period? 

Here you know that what are the actions taken by management if you do not serve notice? 

  • Making you pay{penalty} 
  • Making you an ineligible candidate to rejoin 
  • Marking you as a abscond 

It all will have to create an impact for you to get a new job and paycheck. 

Can you rejoin amazon jobs after resigning? 

Of course, you can, but it depends on how you are relieved before. If the management fires or if you voluntarily resigned. Apart from that, you can rejoin as you are relieved adequately with your gratitude. It has an opportunity for you to rejoin. 

How long after you reapply for amazon jobs after resignation? 

It depends upon amazon management. Most probably 90 days to 365 days. 

Does amazon rehire the people who resigned? 

Yes, it probably happens because HRMS has the flag ” Eligible for Rehire.” As per your resignation reasons, you have been a good employee. The management will give a flag as eligible for rehire.  

Frequently Asked questions: 

  • Who has the authority to make a note on the employee database record as{eligible/non-eligible} to rehire? 

It depends upon the authority like CEO or manager. 

  • Does 2-week prior notice is must for an amazon job? 

It is a courtesy of your profession that will give mutual understanding between the employee and employer. 

  • How soon you have to talk about your resignation to the amazon management authority? 

It depends on the notice period policy of amazon. That policy terms are on your offer letter. 

  • Have you be hired after leaving? 

Try to get a reference from an authority or employee with years of experience. 

  • What is the best way to convince the head of your resignation? 

Choose the right time for a person-to-person talk to your manager/HR. You can mail the reason for your resignation. But better E2E is best. Start the conversation along with gratitude and reasons that what you have decided to say. Like I have some family reason else you have the better opportunity in another company like that. With a respectful and grateful manner, you can take a leave off with a good impression. 

To Resign from Amazon Jobs: 

Finally, you have got the idea about the resignation about notice period and its duration and how you should do with the respectful manner with your management heads. And have a piece of knowledge in paycheck or benefits or unemployment benefits for your amazon job. As an Amazonian, you were doing a great job. Show your gratitude towards the management and say goodbye to all your colleagues. with a proper way without any hectic, you can now resign according to with the guides.

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How To Resign From Amazon Jobs?

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