How to Apply for Amazon Jobs?

How to Apply for Amazon Jobs

Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform as well as an online retailer and cloud services provider in the world. In today’s world, everybody is well informed as to what Amazon is. It offers a variety of perks and benefits to its employees. Additionally, it owns various e-commerce platforms i.e., websites, and operates separate websites for popular countries. mainly provides its services for the United States and its surroundings. Why are they having different sites? It’s because one can find it more convenient if the order is made from their local site. Because of that, time and money will be saved. Okay. What is the topic today? It’s all about amazon jobs, careers in amazon, and How to Apply for Amazon Jobs?

Amazon Jobs

Now, we’ll get to know about the amazon jobs. There are various departments in amazon in which various vacancies are available. Amazon is updating the details of vacancies and job opportunities accordingly. Here are the various departments in Amazon:

  • Associate Jobs
  • Operation Management
  • Customer Service
  • Technology
  • HR
  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain
  • Transportation
  • Engineering
  • Quality Assurance
  • Support Facilities 
  • Safety Fepartments

In the case of recruitment for the customer service department, Amazon is hiring people for both IT technical and BPO related jobs.

Amazon Jobs- Important Categories

  • Administrative Support
  • Photography Production
  • Business Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Buying, Planning and In-Stock Management
  • Customer Service
  • Data Science
  • Database Administration
  • Editorial, Writing, and Content Management
  • Facilities and Maintenance
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Warehouse Associate
  • Operations Management
  • Hardware Development
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing and PR
  • IT and Support Engineering
  • Technical Management
  • Public Relations and Communications
  • Software Development
  • Supply Chain
  • Systems, Quality and Security Engineering

How to Apply for Amazon Jobs

There are many ways to enter Amazon as an employee. Here are some ways to apply for an amazon job.

  • Online Application

Applying for a job in the amazon online portal is the easiest way. You can go through the link to Amazon. jobs and start filling your application. Here are the steps to do,

  • Go to amazon. jobs
  • Search for a job of your interest
  • Click Apply button
  • Sign up or Sign in to the already created account
  • Then, follow the directions showing on your screen
  • The name of the job you applied for will be listed in the section of applied jobs 

There are six more tabs you need to fill before submitting your application form. After that, you can check the status of your application in your amazon profile. This is one of the ways to apply for a job on amazon.

  • Through Referrals – Referral means an action of referring something or somebody for one’s further actions or steps. So, if you know anybody working on amazon, you can ask them to refer you for the job role you want to apply for. Getting jobs or being assigned for an interview through referral is a little bit easier than other ways.
  • Through Amazon Recruiter – To get placed at Amazon, you can get in touch with the recruiter. We can reach out to them via LinkedIn or any other sources. If your candidature meets their requirements, they will proceed with the further steps. The first step is making a phone call. Recruiters first will reach you through phone calls. The first impression is the best. So, answering the questions of recruiters wisely as well as correctly is very important. After that, they will assign the interview with the hiring manager, and as follows. The whole recruiting process will take up to 6 weeks. Finally, for the selected candidates, the hiring manager will have a telephonic interview with them. 

Apart from those ways, one can be placed at Amazon through hiring events, but keeping an eye on every amazon event is most important to go through this way.

Amazon Jobs for Freshers

Amazon offers various jobs for freshers. It includes a Customer Service Associate, digital Associate, and Amazon Sales executive. And also amazon flex jobs and support engineer jobs are available, especially for freshers.

Types of Amazon Jobs

There is a huge number of jobs, as well as vacancies, available at Amazon Jobs. Here are some of the jobs with their descriptions.

Administrative Support

Administrative supporters are the key to the doors of a company. Without the key, we can’t enter. Likewise, Amazon is recruiting people for the role of administrative support based on their eligibility criteria. The job roles included under this department are: 

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Office Manager

Amazon Stock Management Jobs

The work done by the people under this section is Buying, Planning, and In-Stock Management. Maintaining stocks, notifying out of stocks like managing available products are the actions done by them. The name of the job positions are as follows:

  • Buyer
  • Supply Chain Planning Manager
  • In-Stock Manager
  • Planner
  • Procurement Manager
  • Commodity Manager

Amazon Healthcare Jobs

Amazon provides healthcare jobs too for the selective people in selective locations to work remotely. Some of the virtual healthcare jobs are:

  • Bio-Pharma Consultant
  • Senior Solutions Healthcare Architect
  • Medical Representative
  • Safety product Manager
  • WHS Specialist
  • Safety Coordinator Specialist

Amazon Supply Chain Jobs

Apart from other departments, we are all using and spending more time on amazon for ordering purchasing products. So, supplying products at the right time is very important for amazon. So, Amazon is hiring people for the department of Supply Chain management according to their skills. Some of the positions in supply chain management are: 

  • Transport Manager
  • Transport Specialist
  • Transportation Analyst
  • Materials Manager
  • Transport Operations Manager

Design Jobs

We are buying products through the website. Just think if it’s not well-arranged or not well-aligned. We don’t show interest in visiting that website, right?. For this, a perfect design and responsive website are essential for every website. And also for ad purposes and some other things like social media posts, designing is important. So, Amazon is hiring people for designing jobs. Amazon is hiring people for the following roles:

  • UX Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Production Artist
  • Art Designer
  • Visual Designer

Amazon Work From Home Jobs

Amazon hired and still hiring many virtual workers for their company. It is mainly based on customer support including phone call and e-mail support services.

  • Amazon Customer Service – Amazon is offering home-based jobs for both freshers and experienced people and it will be either part-time or full-time. Amazon is hiring people, particularly from certain states. Work from home is comparatively more comfortable than a regular job. At work from home, we can’t schedule our work. There is a fixed work time for every individual. The requirements for work from home are phone-line, strong and high-speed internet connection.
  • Software Development Engineer – This position requires people with technically competent leaders to provide the vision and leadership to panning the demand, forecasting, and machine learning systems. The person under this role will develop future initiatives. The basic qualifications of this role are Graduated in Masters degree, and 5+ years of experience in mentoring, communicating technical information, and object-oriented programming language.

Highest Paying Jobs at Amazon 

  • Business Analyst – For every small business to large business, an organizer or analyst is needed to develop the company or business. The business analyst should be an expert in both qualitative and quantitative analysis and able to solve business problems with instinctive metrics. Overall, the whole business is in the hands of a business analyst. The business analyst should make decisions wisely as well as logically according to the business situation. Amazon is hiring business analysts after examining the educational qualifications and basic requirements. The average salary of a business analyst at Amazon is $73,220.

  • Senior Manager – The Amazon web services Networking team develops the network platforms for all of the sites including e-commerce services and cloud computing solutions. Amazon expects senior managers should have higher leadership quality and expertise in the latest networking technologies. The person under this role of Senior manager has many responsibilities. It includes providing guidance to the team members for planning and executing plans for business development. They should be responsible for building a team globally and working with customers very closely. The operational health of the inter-data center network will be maintained by a senior manager. Basic qualifications for this job are graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and having 7+ experience in technology and leadership roles. The average pay scale for a Senior Manager at Amazon is $151,500.

  • Software Development Engineer – As a software development engineer, one should maintain the entire process from beginning to end. It includes the design, vision, roadmap, and development of features of the products. The responsibilities of a Software Development Engineer are working with team members to solve the problems. Designing, implementing, testing, and maintaining software solutions to transform service performance and durability. High standard quality and best practices should be taken by a software development engineer according to the situation. Basic qualifications required for this job role are 2+ years experience in software development, Programming experience with any one of the latest programming languages. Should have experience in building large-scale software systems. Last but not least, having hands-on experience in technologies, and front and back-end software systems are most important. Amazon preferred even more qualifications like experience in communicating with others, software development engineering teams, management to collect requirements and describe technical designs. The average salary of a software development engineer is approximately $127,800.

Benefits of Working at Amazon

Amazon is one of the huge platforms which offers most of the privileges for the employees. It includes insurance based on every amazon employee. The list of insurances that amazon provides are as follows:

  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Health Savings Account
  • Disability Insurance
  • Mental Health Care

These are very few of the benefits provided by Amazon. Apart from these, there are much more benefits including financial care as well as mental care. 

Employee Health Benefits

Even from the starting day, Amazon begins to care and provides various benefits to their employees. Amazon is always aware of every employee’s mental and physical condition including parental leave, ways to save for their future, and other resources to improve the health of employees. Amazon offers a medical advice line and counseling services for the employees. It is completely available 24/7. Amazon is running a virtual clinic in which nurses are doing their jobs of taking care of the Amazon employees and their families by visiting their homes.

Caring Families

Amazon employees can compensate for their work because of their personal situations. Amazon offers adoption assistance for qualified domestic and international adoption expenses including attorney fees, court costs, and travel.


Now, we know quite well about amazon jobs, benefits, how to apply, and the highest-paying jobs. Selecting a suitable job role based on our qualifications is very important. We should make decisions wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Do you need a Resume to apply for Amazon Jobs?
    The resume is your identity. Not only for jobs at Amazon, but every job you apply for and every HR or recruiter for those jobs will expect you with a perfect resume. Your resume will be explaining more about you than you explain. It’s even okay to apply for jobs at amazon without a resume. But, having a resume before applying for jobs is the most recommended thing.

  2. What are the basic requirements for working at Amazon?
    The candidate should be 18 years old and have good knowledge of English in reading, writing, and speaking. Must be graduated with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent to a diploma.

  3. How many interview rounds are at Amazon interview?
    There are five rounds at the Amazon interview. One should qualify in all the rounds to be placed at Amazon.

  4. What are the best jobs at Amazon?
    There are various jobs at amazon. Among them, here are the few best jobs at Amazon.
    • Software Development Engineer
    • Technical Program Manager
    • Senior Program Manager
    • Software Engineer
    • Software Development Engineer
    • Business Analyst
    • Brand Specialist

  5. How many hours do amazon employees work?
    There are many shifts based on job positions at Amazon. Approximately an amazon employee works for 35 to 40 hours per week.
How to Apply for Amazon Jobs?

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