What is the Amazon Business Analyst Salary?

Amazon Business Analyst Salary

In this article, we will see the Amazon Business Analyst Salary.

Business analyst job titles at Amazon are in great demand nowadays. Business analysts work on analyzing the market and come up with different metrics. A business analyst works on several things so that the business runs smoothly without any interruption. 

There are challenges and hurdles faced by any kind of business and it is the job of a business analyst to work on improving corporate reports framework and visualize data. However, the job of a business analyst at Amazon is not limited to just one responsibility. 

If you are interested to work as a business analyst for Amazon or any other organization then you must know the job requirements before applying for it. A business analyst is required at every type of organization so that the business run in a particular system. 

Challenges Faced By Business Analysts 

A business analyst must be good at most things because all those things that one is good at might come at handy. One must be able to understand how things work and they must be good at researching things. They should be an immediate solution giver for several types of business problems. 

A business analyst (BA) is also responsible to interconnect the gap between IT and business with the help of data analytics. So, you can imagine that there is a lot of work that needs to be done as a business analyst of an organization. 

A business analyst career is an excellent career choice because not only you will earn enough but you will learn so many new things. One will also gain their analyzing power if they have got experience working as a business analyst. 

Even if you have all the required skills for the job of a BA you would think that the job of a BA is easy. But, this is where you might be wrong because BA jobs can be stressful most of the time. If there is any kind of issue that arises then it is the BA who is attacked the first. 

Steps To Become a Business Analyst

  • If you have a Bachelor’s degree then you can apply for the job of a business analyst at Amazon.
  • If you hold an MBA degree then it would be great too.
  • Candidate must have at least 2-5 years of work experience with at least a couple of years of experience in a similar job.
  • Must know using tools like data mining tools. For example SQL, SAS, SPSS, and other such kinds of things. 
  • One must be able to meet tight deadlines if they are given a certain work. 
  • He must also be a team player and must work efficiently with his fellow teammates.
  • Must be able to focus on customers and solve business problems at the same time. 

Business Analyst Skills & Knowledge Requirements 

A business analyst must work on several things and it is not limited to a single type of job. Therefore, one must have a basic knowledge of most things. Talking about the skills then you must possess basic skills like soft skills and all other types of skills. 

First of all, you need to be qualified for the job title. To be qualified for the job of a business analyst at Amazon you must have a bachelor’s degree and must have work experience. Anyone having an undergraduate degree in subjects like computer science, business information systems, computer, computing, and system development, and business management can apply.

Skills that you must have for the job of a business analyst are as the following:

  • Oral or written communication 
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Problem solver
  • Consultative skills
  • Detail-oriented 
  • Organizing skills
  • Technical skills
  • Analyzing stakeholders

There are more things that you should know while applying for a business analyst job at Amazon. One should have technical skills too because they might be working on a computer. Know about tools that will help you work easily such as some useful software. 

Business Analyst Jobs In USA

Social media platforms like LinkedIn and other such websites offer business analyst job advertisements. Interested and eligible candidates can apply for the same online and can get a call back from the employer within a few days. 

Before applying for these kinds of jobs one should prepare a proper resume or any other credential and documents that might be required during the hiring process. Your resume should include all the things that an employer wants to find so that the chance of hiring increases when the employer looks at it. 

There are about 110 active fulfillment centers in the United States of America. You can apply according to your preferred region or locality for the job of a business analyst. Now, due to the recent situation, the hiring process might be done online itself either over a call or video chat. 

Once you get through the first phase of the hiring process then you might get hear back from your employer within a few days. He will show interest in your profile and might arrange for an interview for further process. 

You should be ready for the next process because this is what you have been working for. Prepare yourself for the interview round. Make sure you behave well and talk gently with your employer/interviewer even if it is a call interview. 

How To Apply & Interview Questions

Some of the most common interview questions asked for the job of a business analyst are as the following:

  • According to you who is a business analyst?
  • What skills do you have for the job of a business analyst?
  • What do you think is SRS and what are its key elements?
  • Name some of the most important tools that a business analyst uses.

You need to prepare more than just from the above questions. Your interviewer might ask you questions that would be more difficult which will test your knowledge and skills. Business analyst jobs are in great demand especially for companies like Amazon. 

According to Quora.com, there would be two phone screen interviews. The first round of the interview would be with the hiring manager. During this round, he will check whether one meets the required eligibility for the job.

The second phone screen interview, on the other hand, is the interview where the interviewer will test your technical skills. Here, one will be judged whether he or she is a good problem solver or not. 

What Does a Business Analyst Do?

A business analyst would be required to work on several things to make sure that the business runs smoothly. A business analyst works on improving the system of the company and along with all its processes. 

These people are also required to work on researching and analyzing so that they come up with innovative solutions for a particular problem. These solutions that they come up with need to be introduced to the systems of the business and also to their clients. 

Working as a business analyst at Amazon would also have the same kind of responsibilities and duties. However, the working culture and conditions might vary from one company to another. Since Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world one can expect their working condition to be great. 

One has to solve complex problems while working as a business analyst at Amazon. One should be able to learn things fast and make effective communication with clients and customers if needed. A business analyst job comes with several challenges and one must be ready to face those. 

In terms of a long-term professional career as a business analyst then there could be so many things one could build their professional career. In this job title, one will learn several new things like techniques and methods. 

How Much Does a Business Analyst Make?

A business analyst is paid pretty decent salaries in the USA where top earners earn around $115,000 approximately per year. A business analyst at Amazon will earn around $80,100 per year approximately. 

However, more experienced workers might be offered more than junior-level workers. Amazon pays an extra monetary benefit of USD 15,000 which makes around 100,000 per year for business analyst workers working at Amazon.

 Therefore, if you want to work as a business analyst at Amazon then you can earn enough out of it. In the end, it is the amount of money/income that matters the most. You should clear out with your employer about your pay before signing the offer letter. 


In the end, one has to be satisfied with the work that they do because that way you will be interested in your job. Once you are satisfied with your job you could grow more in your career. There would be other companies that might pay you much higher than your previous job. 

You should know your strengths and weaknesses so that you know which are the areas that you have to work on. You should know that every job would require so much effort from you and you should be prepared for it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which country pays the highest salary for business analyst jobs?

Ans: The United States of America pays the highest salary for business analyst jobs. The USA is also the home of several business schools and therefore the demand for business analyst jobs is very high.

  1. Which company is the best to work as a business analyst?

Ans: Some of the best companies that you can work as a business analyst are as the following:

  • American Express
  • Accenture
  • Evalueserve
  • ZS Associates
  1. How to become a business analyst at Amazon?

Ans: The following are the requirements for becoming a business analyst at Amazon:

  • One must have a bachelor’s degree.
  • Must have at least 2-5 years of work experience. Two years for a similar job type.
  • Must know about data mining tools like SQL, SAS, etc.
  • Must be a team player, problem solver, focused on customers. 
What is the Amazon Business Analyst Salary?

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