What Is an Arepa Sandwich?- Ingredients In Arepas

What Is an Arepa Sandwich?

Owing to your engaged and busy days, in case your thoughts somehow wander to try something delicious and healthy, you should consider trying a batch of arepas. The prime origin of this dish is within the pre-Columbian northern area of present South America; this is a typical dish in Colombian and Venezuelan cuisine. What Is an Arepa Sandwich?

Arepas have developed slowly and gradually a food fashion within the United States. With their food trucks or vans and restaurants to dedicate this dish, arepas sandwiches are like a cross between an omelet and a pancake. Absolutely and simply made by unleavened thick, flat patties made of high grained corn flour. People can eat this plain or split it to fill with veggies, meat, egg, and cheese. Arepas can be eaten at all times of the day; it can be eaten as a snack often or as a side dish to the main course meal. 

Ingredients In Arepas

The main ingredient that sets this dish apart from the others is corn flour or corn, an essential element of arepas. Along with these things, water and salt give it a unique taste and smooth texture. Instead of cornflour, you can buy masarepa flour. You just need to add an exact amount of water and salt until the dough does not crack, and it will give you the authentic look of corn flour dough. Arepas can be eaten as grilled, deep-fried, baked with convenient stuffings.

How To Eat Arepas

Arepas can be eaten by every vegetarian and non-vegetarian person; arepas are served as veg, non-veg, or an ovo-veg. Arepa bun can be split and filled with butter and made into sandwiches with several sauces. Popular combinations of sandwiches include cheese, black beans, crumbled cheese, ham and cheese, and scrambled eggs. Frankly, the more creative you are, the more attractive and delicious your arepas will be. 

Why Are Arepas Healthy?

Depending on stuffings and bread, it will give you nutritional value, although the nutrients will vary depending on whether you eat it plain or stuffed. In general, one served arepa carries 150 Calories. If it is prepared with cheese, then 19 g Carbohydrates and 5g of protein also will be included in your diet. In addition, Arena is a huge source of vitamin C with 5%. Arepa contains minerals, too; 9% iron and 25% of Calcium will be added to your body to keep bones strong and healthy.

Discuss The Differences Between Colombian And Venezuelan Arepas?

The Chicago Tribune describes arepas as a thick grill, baked or steamed pancakes made from cornmeal, filled and stuffed with meat or cheese to make a sandwich. Arepas are famous throughout Latin America. According to the Matador Network, however, there is a specific place in the heart of Colombians and Venezuelans from where food was born. According to Carols Gaviria, a chef, and professor at La Sabana University, there are at least 55 arepas in Colombia and 42 in Venezuela.

The Latin American post specifies that the primary distinction between Colombian arepas and Venezuelan arepas is in the stuffings. While Venezuelan arepas tend to include various fillings and choices, Colombian items are often loaded with cheese and eggs. The recipes have been passed down for so long that the ancients cooked them 3000 years ago, resulting in distinct sorts of cuisine in each region.

What Are The Differences Between Arepa Sandwich And Sandwich?

Commonly we can see sandwiches are always served in a triangular shape, and the dough is mainly made of wheat flour, and sandwiches have their primary fillings [veg,non-veg]. It is only available as grilled and baked, depending on the person’s eating habits. In the case of arepa, It is a flat, circle-shaped unleavened patty. Recently we can see maize flour arepas. Also, arepas can be grilled, baked, fried, boiled, or steamed. People can change arepa’s stuffings by their choices and can alternatively eat as plain, depending on their region. 

Are Arepas A Type Of Sandwich, Burger, Pocket Bread, Or Pancake?

It is known from the statement of local Venezuelan people, “It’s our daily bread!” this gluten-free cornmeal is popular in Venezuela and Colombia and is also gaining popularity in Australia. If anyone wants to categorize arepa as a particular genre of a food item, they will fail since arepas are much flexible food, which is the main attraction of this cuisine. People could eat arepa by their preference or depending on their regions, it may come to you as in sandwich form, or as in burger too, you just need to change the stuffings and the decorations. Or else, you can eat arepas as plain either; then it will be considered as pocket bread, bread, or pancake. 


A daily meal arepa has its traditional glory, and nothing could diminish it by anything. It’s a relaxed meal with high food value; it has its characteristics also associated with Colombia and Venezuala’s national cuisine with 75 distinct forms of preparation. This dish is applicable for all ages with zero risks. So, theoretically, with the historicity, it can be considered as an ideal food.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I eat arepa with diabetes?
    Eating a few simple arepas is undoubtedly healthy for diabetics, but overeating cornmeal will never be advisable.

  2. Is arepa bread better than regular whole grain bread?
    Cornbread or rolls are naturally gluten-free or heat up even better than average cornbread or muffins. 

  3. What exactly are arepas in English?
    A perfectly grilled cornmeal cake that is stuffed with delicious and healthy stuffings.

  4. Are arepas the same as Mexican tacos?
    An arepa is a Venezuelan and Colombian dish prepared from crushed maize dough or cooked flour. On the other hand, Tacos are a classic Mexican dish made of maize or wheat tortilla folded around an accompaniment.
What Is an Arepa Sandwich?- Ingredients In Arepas

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