Heb Careers- Job Opportunities, and their Salary

Heb Careers


Today’s article is all about Heb Careers.

  • HEB Grocery Company, LP is an American-based private Supermarket Chain in the United State of Texas and Northeast Mexico.
  • The company also owns an organic and fine foods retailer, favor delivery, etc market.
  • It has headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

The mission of HEB Organization:-

  • To hire good people, offer the best services to the consumers and, sell fresh and safe products.
  • To maintain a sustainable strategy with the help of local farmers and social welfare committee to benefit the customers and the employees.
  • To fulfill the orders, choices, and demands of the consumers.

Products sold at HEB Company are as follows:

  •  Grocery.
  • Bakery items.
  • Meat products.
  • Pharmacy goods.
  • Dairy food items.
  • Deli.
  • Snacks.
  • Seafood.
  • Frozen foods.
  • Gasoline, etc.

Top Competitors of the HEB Organization:-

  • Whole Foods Market.
  • Amazon.
  • Walmart.
  • Trader Joe’s.
  • Costco.
  • Kroger.
  • Aldi.
  • Albertsons.
  • Fred Meyer.
  • ACME Markets.
  • Pick n Pay.
  • Jewel-Osco.
  • Pathmark Stores.
  • Spinneys.
  • Winn-Dixie, etc.

Some of the popular locations of the HEB Company:-

There are altogether 318 locations of the HEB Organization in the United States. Some of which are as follows:-

  • Waxahachie, TX.
  • College Station, TX.
  • McAllen, TX.
  • Waco, TX.
  • Burleson
  • Hudson Oaks.
  • Richmond, TX.
  • Cypress.
  • Missouri City.
  • The Woodlands.
  • Carthage, TX.
  • Cedar Park.
  • Mont Belvieu.
  • Bellaire.
  • Rio Grande City.
  • Below are the top ten locations with the maximum number of HEB locations in the United States.
Corpus ChristiTexas10
Round RockTexas5
San AntonioTexas46

Job positions available at HEB Careers:-

  • Cashier.
  • Checker.
  • Stocker.
  • Food Representative.
  • Baker.
  • Bagger.
  • Bookkeeper.
  • Deli.
  • Digital Marketing Analyst.
  • Customer Service Assistant.
  • In-Store Shopper.
  • Copywriter.
  • Floral Designer, etc.

Job opportunities available at HEB Company:-

Some of the job position details related to working at HEB Store are as follows:

1] Food Representative

– Food Representative services are offered in the deli, bakery departments, etc at the HEB store.

– The minimum age criterion to get employed for this job position is 18 years.

– The candidate must have a high school diploma degree or the degree in a related field.

– The job duties involve preparing, packaging, and merchandising the products, and assisting in customer selection when required.

– The candidate must be able to work in different shifts.

2] Cashier

– The job responsibilities involve scanning items and collecting payments from the consumers.

– Cashier at the HEB store must be attentive to the customer’s needs.

– He/she must be experienced in customer service.

– Cashiers usually earn an average salary of $10.00 to $12.00 on an hourly basis.

3] Night Stocker

– The candidates applying for this position must possess good time management and organizational skills.

– He/she must have previous work experience in the stocking.

– Night stockers must perform manual labor, operate several light machinery and work overnight hours.

– The average salary range for this job position is $11.00 to $12.00 per hour.

4] Reporting Analyst

– The key responsibilities for this job position involve specializing in gathering and analyzing data, creating and implementing process improvements in the reporting process, etc.

– He/she must be expertise in Power BI or Tableau.

– The other job duties include the ability to manage the process from logging business requests through delivery into production involving prioritization, quality control, development, etc.

– The applicant must have previous work experience in data management practices, consisting of data access technologies and metadata management.

– He/she should possess strong SQL and database programming skills and related knowledge.

5] Customer Service Assistant

– The job responsibilities involve packaging groceries and helping consumers in transporting their purchases from the HEB store to their address.

– The other job duties involve distributing buddy bucks to register and replacing anti-fatigue mats.

– The physical duties involve cleaning, mopping, dusting, sweeping, maintaining store cleanliness, etc.

– The candidate must maintain efficiency standards, high levels of productivity, and work in a fast-paced environment.

6] Store Operations Lead

– The educational qualification required for this job position is an associate’s degree or other equivalent degrees.

– The job responsibilities involve scheduling work, training the team members and other employees, and developing the partners.

– He/she should carry out the supervisory responsibilities regarding the applicable laws and organization’s policies.

– The other job duties involve assisting with the inventory control, loads, unloads, etc.

– He/ she must use suggestive selling techniques to meet the consumer needs and build department sales and orders.

– Store Operations Lead must also address various complaints of the customers and resolve their queries and problems.

7] Associate Business Development Manager

– The basic requirement for this job role is good project management and organizational skills.

– The educational qualification required is a bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, or Finance.

– The job responsibilities involve working collaboratively with Supply Chain, Global Sourcing, Shelf Edge, Own Brand, and other related fields.

– Participating and learning in the process of the understanding market, merchandising activities, best buying practices, etc.

8] Fryer/Baker

– The minimum age requirement for this job position is 18 years of age.

– The job duties involve applying proper frying/ baking techniques for every food item, ensuring quality control measures of all products before sending for selling.

– He/she must be able to use production tools to plan baking/ frying.

– Must be proficient in equipment set-up, operational tasks, maintenance, and cleaning.

9] Pharmacy Care Representative

– Must possess Pharmacy Care Representative Training and certification in the related field; training in HIPAA, ACR, etc.

– The job tasks involve receiving refill prescriptions from the consumers and obtain demographic profiles and related information.

– Answering the telephonic calls, ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of the Personal Health Information (PHI).

– The other duties involve assisting the Pharmacists and Technicians to complete production for the shift.

– The candidate must be multi-tasking, able to handle stressful situations, good in mathematics, computer, etc.

10] Quantitative Research Analyst

– The educational qualification required for this job position include a bachelor’s degree in Business Analytics, Market Research, Statistics, or any other degree in the relevant field.

– He/she must know about analyzing the data with software and other statistical procedures.

– The job responsibilities involve conducting actionable research to capture the voice of the consumer.

– Identifying, analyzing, and interpreting the patterns or trends in the store products.

– Collaborating with the other analysts in planning, designing, writing, etc the research questionnaires and ensuring survey functionality.

– The job role also involves communicating the research process and the obtained results to business stakeholders and other colleagues. 

  • Educational qualifications required to get hired at the HEB Company:
  • Bachelor’s Degree, Diploma, etc in a related field.
  • Basic knowledge about the Computer including MS Access, MS Office, MS Excel, etc.
  • Profound knowledge in Mathematics, Statistics, etc.
  • At least one year of experience in a customer-facing sales setting.
  • Skills and talent required to get hired at the HEB Company:
  • Leadership and Management qualities.
  • Basic understanding of customer service practices including sales principles.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Friendly and energetic personality.
  • Able to deliver prompt and friendly customer service.
  • Must be able to work with minimal supervision.
  • Hard worker.
  • Skill to handle the customers.
  • Mentoring and motivating team members and other employees.
  • Ability to work in teams or independently.
  • Must maintain high standards and give good results.
  • Marketing ability.
  • Time management.
  • Confident, motivated, and enthusiastic.
  • Ability to fix the technical issues (equipment, printers, computers, fax machines, etc).
  • Must be updated with the latest technology, and market trends.
  • Decision-making ability.
  • Multi-tasking ability.
  • Ability to handle work stress, and pressure.
  • Honest and trustworthy.
  • Data visualization skills.
  • Ability to attract and influence customers.
  • Readiness to work in different shifts, if required.
  • Salaries offered to the employees at HEB Company:-
Retail Store Manager$40,000-$92,000$56,450
Data Analyst$42,000-$78,000$56,450
Software Engineer$58,000-$100,000$80,855
Senior Business Analyst$60,000-$105,000$82,450
Operations Manager$42,000-$115,000$72,156
Seafood Department Manager$35,000-$80,000$55,400
Department Manager$30,000-$72,000$45,780
Risk Analyst$50,000-$100,000$72,350
Project Architect$92,000-$202,000$132,165
Product Analyst$40,000-$83,000$54,350
Accounts Payable Director$85,000-$175,000$122,760
Security Administrator, IT$56,000-$105,000$76,644
Grocery Produce Manager$55,666-$96,888$72,355
Pharmacy Manager$104,000-$142,000$132,000
Senior Data Engineer$116,000-$172,000$141,300
Senior Purchasing Manager$62,000-$114,000$86,044
Pharmacy Technician$105,000-$142,000$36,755
Systems Developer$50,000-$98,000$72,025
Senior UX Designer$102,000-$158,000$128,065
Night Stocker$11,000-$15,000$13,000
  • What is the minimum age required to work at HEB Organization?
  • 16 years is the minimum age requirement to work at HEB Organization.
  • What are the working hours of operation at HEB Company?
  • Daily working hours of operation at HEB Company:  6.00 am to 12.00 am.
  • Benefits offered to the employees at HEB Company:
  • Life Insurance.
  • Health Insurance.
  • Vision Insurance.
  • Child care facilities.
  • Parental Leave.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Dental benefits.
  • Disability Insurance.
  • Onsite Gym facilities.
  • Mental Health Benefits.
  • Commuter Benefits.
  • Relocation Assistance.
  • Tuition Reimbursement.
  • Performance Bonus.
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan.
  • Paid Holidays.
  • Job Training and Conferences.
  • Parking and Recreational Clubs.
  • Wellness Programs.
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA).
  • Inclusion Staff/ Dedicated Diversity.
  • Adoption Assistance, etc.

General questions asked during an interview at the HEB Company:-

 1] Tell us something about yourself?

– The applicant can describe his/ her interests, qualifications, hobbies, previous job experiences, etc.

2] What is your greatest strength?

– The good way to answer this question is by describing the talents, skills,                               previous job experience.

– One can respond in a positive way highlighting one’s plus points, achievements, strengths, capabilities, etc.

3] What is your greatest weakness?

– One should deny replying directly to this question.

– The applicant can answer this question by stating the weakness, but also how that weakness he/ she can overcome.

– It is because the direct mentioning of the weakness can show one’s inability to perform the specific job role.

4] How would you lead the team members and employees in the HEB store?

– The applicant can describe the leadership and management qualities.

– One can also express about the previous experiences in which he/ she has to lead a team, supervised the trainee, etc.

5] Can you tell me about the objectives and goals of the HEB Organization?

– The complete survey and research about the HEB Organization are needed. 

– One can visit the Company website/ online search before going to the interview.

6] Explain how would you stay organized in your job position?

The applicant can answer this question by stating the following points:

  • By maintaining a proper routine daily.
  • By not keeping the workload and other tasks pending
  • Giving priority to the important things first and then working on minor tasks.

7] Describe the difficult situations you have experienced in the past and how you were able to solve them and find a conclusion?

– This is a situational question.

– The applicant should state the thoughts, actions and, results of the challenging situation faced in the past in detail.

8] What do you expect from this job position in HEB Store?

– The candidate can speak about the potential career aspirations, career development, work relationships, overall progress and, learning that he/she can receive from the specific job position in HEB Store.

9] How do you work under stressful and pressured situations?

– One can reply by mentioning some important skills like multitasking abilities, teamwork, time management, good leadership skills, etc.

– By organizing the work duties properly and trying the best to complete them before the deadline.

10] How well do you know about the HEB Organization?

– The candidate can mention the foundation history of the HEB store, its mission statement, locations, product quality, marketing strategy, etc.

11] How would you handle the rude or unsatisfied customer in the HEB store?

– The candidate can speak about good consumer services, politeness, and courteous behavior, understanding the consumer problems, demands, etc.

– Also providing the best solutions, helping them to find the right product, etc.

12] Why should we hire you for this job position in the HEB Company?

– Share the information related to the described job description.

– He/ she can speak about his/her importance by stating the skills, qualities, and experiences.

– Also, one can state how he/she can fit best to this job position.

13] How much salary do you expect for this job role in the HEB store?

– In this, the candidate can’t ask for a very low or very high salary.

–  If fresher, one cannot demand a high salary.

–  But if experienced, then one can say that “the salary which best suits my job position and the previous experience.”

Heb Careers- Job Opportunities, and their Salary

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