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Best Careers for the Next Ten Years

The world is moving at a very fast pace, and so is everything moving with it. As man is evolving, so are his needs, desires, and everything he interacts with. In the coming years, many things will change, and some of those things are job trends and descriptions. The interesting reality is that every millennial, both consciously and unconsciously, takes steps to structure his/her future. In most cases, they try to secure their jobs or businesses. The big question, however, is; will your careers for the next 10 years? Will your job still be in demand in the coming years? We know for sure that things are bound to change, and this change might be sooner than you expect it to be.

One of the smartest things to do now is to make conscious efforts to secure your future now.  If typically, most people will want to know what the future holds for them, but since no one can say for sure what the future will be like, it is possible to take calculated guesses according to past and present events or trends. These guesses are meant to inform your actions based on many possibilities.

We may not be sure of many things. Still, we know for sure that the world will experience a shift in social, economic, cultural, political, technological, and environmental changes. One can already forecast some of these changes.  Without signs or prior warnings, the world will face some challenges, a typical example being the Covid-19 pandemic. There may also be some exciting events that will change the order of things for the better to solve age-long problems.

It would be easier to decide a career path if one can say what the future holds. If only one can stare deeply into space and see what the most lucrative jobs will be in the next two to ten years. This would make life much easier right? Since this isn’t quite the case, job forecasts are the most reliable ways to find the future’s best career choices. There is also the option of relying on researches and studies to decide which futuristic career choice is best for you.

Before one can conveniently predict the best jobs for the future, it is important first to understand the factors that combine to determine the best jobs for the future. Many of the best paying jobs for the future will be borne out of today’s socio-economic needs and scientific/technological progress. You need to understand that some of the jobs that will become the best-paying jobs in the next ten years are yet to exist. One may not even imagine what these jobs are going to be yet. Research by the World Economic Forum shows that two-thirds of the children in kindergarten will take on jobs that do not yet exist.

This is not to say that many or most of today’s occupations will go into extinction. Many of today’s jobs will also be part of the future, but there will be tremendous changes in them. Some will metamorphose into an entirely different structure, while others will eventually seize to exist. When you think about it now, it may seem too complex and difficult to understand, but it is eventually going to play out before the world. Your resistance to change and fear of the unknown may stop you from giving too much thought to this possibility. This is why most people find themselves being too comfortable with things as they are.

The smartest thing to do now is to think of and explore the possibility of delving into new career paths like those discussed in this article. By so doing, you will gain insights into how you can adapt to the changes that may arise. You need to also prepare your mind for the exciting possibilities of the future. If you do a critical assessment of things, you will find that many occupations are now overlapping or changing. This may lead to a wide range of future occupations. This isn’t meant to overwhelm you; rather, it should prepare you for what to come. 

This article will explore some of the best careers for the future, and how to identify them.

Identifying the Best Careers for the Next Ten Years

The Bureau of Labour Statistics has something they call the Occupational Outlook Handbook, designed to help people search for the career paths with the most potential. Here, you will get the most information about various occupations. They describe what the work demands, how it is designed, and its prospects for the future. There are search filters in the OOH that allow you to search for jobs according to their growth rates, payment structure, and the level of education required to get the job. This handbook will also help you discover how your college degree and other certifications will pay off in the future. This means that you will get to know whether you are to stick to what you are doing or switch to other areas to be more beneficial to you in the future.

Once you have used the OOH or other similar tools to find that career you are interested in, making sure that it will remain relevant in the next ten years, you can then research ways to prepare yourself for it. Ensure that you learn about the growth rate of this career in the nearest future.

In choosing one of the best careers for the future, you need to consider how it overlaps with the things you are already good at. You have to bear in mind that this isn’t about you; what do organizations want, how does this job solve problems, what does the world want, and how will you stand out in doing these things? The connection between these factors determines how well you will thrive in this path. You don’t have to focus on job titles, then forgetting your skills or interests. When you put your skills first, you will find out how they are suited for a wide range of profitable careers in the future. Below are some of the factors to consider in determining the best careers for the next ten years:

Career Growth

Some careers were considered as good and very lucrative jobs in the past but are no longer considered as such in the present. For example, during the industrial revolution, manufacturing was one of the industries that topped the charts. Those who worked in factories were paid higher than the rest. Hence factory workers who were not very educated were able to climb up to the middle class. What has happened to those jobs now? They are no longer as lucrative as they used to be in those days. These days, health, food, technology, and service sectors are some of those fields that have peaked with many career opportunities. The OOH, however, forecasts that these areas are likely to grow by over 10% from the year 2018 to 2028, while other sectors will experience an average of 4% growth.

Earning Prospects

A good job may not make you a millionaire, but it should give you relative comfort. This is regardless of whether you are new in the market or not. Your job should comfortably give you enough money to pay your bills and earn you a few luxuries. It should also afford you the chance to save up for emergencies. As you progress in your career, you should earn higher than you used to earn so that you can confidently set long term financial goals and meet them. Many jobs as they are in the present cannot afford you this life, so if your job belongs to this category, it is time to look out for futuristic jobs that can sustain you for the long term.

Educational Requirements

In ten years, many of the best jobs available will require some special skills. Others will need a college degree or other forms of education, possibly beyond a college degree. You may need to go to a medical school to work in the health sector. As it is, many people are yet to acquire these special skills. While you may need to get a college degree to get some of the juicy jobs in the future, you have to be ready to invest many years of your life and thousands of dollars to earn this degree. Unfortunately, one cannot clearly state that a college graduate will help graduates earn enough after graduation to pay off their student loans and help them start their lives as adults.

While many of the present day’s jobs may not offer high pays, especially without a college degree, there is a possibility of a future where you will earn high pays with as little as an associate degree or some special none academic training. Some of these jobs can be found in fast-growing fields; hence to stand the chance of getting these jobs, you have to get the required training. When you arm yourself with the necessary skills, you may stand a higher chance than some of those with college degrees.

The Best Career Options for the Next Ten Years

Data Scientist

Data science is one of the fastest-growing areas now, and this is for many good reasons. Data companies are now springing up from many corners, and the use of data generated or gathered by these companies has also risen tremendously in recent times. More than ever, companies require the skills of data scientists for the effective use of their data. Considering the rate at which data scientists’ skills have been in demand for the past couple of years, it is no doubt that they will continue to be in high demand till the end of the new decade and maybe beyond. The United States and India are at the top of the countries where data scientists’ services are in high demand.

Those who wish to remain relevant in the next ten years should consider learning this skill. This will definitely help you become one of the most sought-after experts soon without running after jobs. Data scientists’ services are required in almost every industry, so you see why they are a hot cake? The job of a data scientist is to figure out the best data analytics solutions for their companies. They employ the use of deep learning, machine learning, and other tools for their tasks. To get started with a career in this field, you need to enroll in a data science course to get the appropriate skills.

Alternative Energy

While oil and gas may be old, it isn’t time to say goodbye to them yet, even though alternative energies like hydrogen power, solar power, wind power, and geothermal power present an entirely new pack of different careers. As these energies become more popular, they continue to present new career options from mechanic and plant managers to engineers to scientists, engineers, and sales/marketing experts. The alternative energy industry has different opportunities for those who are scientifically inclined, those who have a flair for research, and those passionate about the future and health of the earth. With this field’s growing popularity comes many universities that now offer associate degrees, BAs, and even MBAs in alternative energy.

Data Analysts

Back to the field of data analysis, there is another set of people whose services are also in high demand; these are data analysts. These are the people who are responsible for simplifying data for the consumption of all. A data analyst is a person who takes complex data and insights and breaks them down to become very easy to understand by a general audience. This is different from what data scientists do as they are responsible for giving solutions by analyzing data and utilizing them. Those who are good in mathematics and statistics are best suited for this job. Apart from a good understanding of maths and statistics, you also need to understand different programming languages like SQL and Python. Data scientists became highly sought after in 2020. This is a quite new field, so if you can delve into and succeed in this field, your career will be secured for the nearest future. As a data scientist, your role means that you can use data to find solutions to difficult business concerns. Before you pursue a career in this field, you need to have a certificate in business analytics.

International Law

The world continues to emphasize global business and trade. This is why many organizations now lookout for people who are learned, experienced, and skilled enough to operate and thrive in the field of international law. Organizations source for people who understand tax codes, ethics, work, and environmental regulations. If you wish to tap into this growing trend’s dividends, you will need to get a law degree and major in international law. Individuals in this field need to have good communication skills, understand, and be fluent in one or more international languages. This is not a static field, so you have to travel to and live in different countries.

Blockchain Developer

Bitcoin has been a hot topic in the past few years, thanks to its impressive returns to its investors. Note that bitcoin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency. According to experts’ forecasts, technologies based on blockchain will completely change different industries because of their dynamic and practical prospects. It is for these reasons that careers in this aspect of technology have many benefits. To get a clear picture of blockchain developers’ value, take a look at the high demand there is for them in the industry. The demand for blockchain developers has grown by up to 6000% in recent years. Their salaries are also about 50-100% higher than other developers.

Many industries like health, transport, finance, logistics, etc., now seek blockchain developers to prepare them for the future’s unique demands in their respective industries. Beware that blockchain is not an easy subject as one needs to acquire many skills like programming, cryptography, etc., to excel in it. If you wish to become a blockchain developer, take a blockchain course that encompasses all the required topics and the other skills in high demand in the industry.

Content Creation

Marketing has moved from its traditional sales-based era to an education-based era. For this reason, there is now a high demand for business writers to write website copies, whitepapers, blogs, special reports, and newsletters. You don’t need some special education to become a content creator. Most content creators have at least a bachelor’s degree and certifications in different areas of specialization. The basic requirement for this field is excellent communication skills and good writing skills. They also need some level of originality and creativity. Self-motivation and discipline are also strongly required as they need it to meet deadlines.


Companies seek their products and services to stand out with a high level of completion in different industries. This is why companies will always need marketing experts, but there is a special need for those who can evolve with trends and keep up to date with strategies. A marketing professional requires at least a bachelor’s degree in a business-related course. Those with an MBA, who are specialized in either business or marketing, emphasizing strategic marketing are better positioned in this field. There is also a need for creativity, research skills, and excellent communication skills to thrive in this field.

Digital Marketers

It is no news that most businesses now operate online. The question is, how do they manage to make sales online? This is where digital marketers come in. this field has been one of the fastest-growing careers in recent times, with a growth rate of about 25-30% in countries like India. The number of internet users in India grew to 500 million in India by the year 2018, and this number keeps growing by the day as people continue to buy/use smartphones.

However, it is no doubt that digital marketing is one of the best career paths for the future. You don’t necessarily need to be a tech expert to succeed in this career, which is advantageous. You only need to combine basic knowledge of technology and creativity as you will work with different aspects of these areas. However, you need to have good knowledge of SEO, Content Optimization, Content Marketing, SEM, and so on. There are different certification courses available to those who want to go into this field. These courses will broaden your knowledge of the field and help you sharpen your creative skills.

Personal Care Aide

These are essential workers in many companies as they provide either social or medical services. This field presents many job opportunities both locally and internationally. Although entry-level positions may not pay so much initially, there are many promotional opportunities as you progress in your career. There are also other side attractions like tuition reimbursement, training programs, and subsidized health insurance. All these are of great benefits to employees.

Some people are natural caregivers; if you are one of those, consider going into this field. There will always be a need for personal care aides, so your job in this field is secured for the future regardless of whatever change may occur in the economy.

Cloud Computing Expert

Cloud technology is an aspect of technology that helps organizations cut down on operational costs and boost productivity. With this, there is harmony in the company’s operations and a high level of productivity. Many companies have begun to adopt cloud technology, hence the rise in the demand for cloud computing experts. This job is one of the best career options for the next ten years because, according to studies, many organizations will have more need for cloud software in the coming years. The coronavirus pandemic’s impact has been noted as part of the reasons behind the increasing need for this software.

To delve into this career path, you need an engineering degree with a focus on cloud computing. A postgraduate course in cloud computing will also set you on the right track for this career as it will help you become a professional in this sector.

Human Resource Personnel

Human resource management is one of the jobs that now pay very high salaries. Their role entails that they listen to and seek solutions to people’s problems within an organization. While they may not literally spend all their days listening to problems, they are charged with the responsibility of increasing the productivity and success rate of a company by perfecting the company’s business’s organizational factors. They relate with top-tier executives and also serve as a bridge between the staff and management. A bachelor’s degree is required for this role. Human resource management is expected to grow by 7% in the next 7 years.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Professionals

Both artificial intelligence and machine learning experts are now in very high demand. The demand for this set of professionals will continue to increase in the coming years. ML and AI technologies are used in different sectors like health, education, finance, manufacturing, etc. AI and ML experts are now among the most sought after professionals in the world. While the demand for these experts is high, there seems to be a dearth of experts in this field. This is why now is the best time to consider learning these skills. It is almost needless to say that MI and AI are among the most lucrative career options for the next decade. While the AI and MI sectors may be new, they will soon become more crowded and competitive.

If you wish to become an AI or ML professional, you need to first gain proficiency in programming, logic, and different computer science concepts. It is best to take a course in AI and ML  as this will boost your chances of getting gainfully employed. A certificate in this field will place you above the crowd and help you make quick progress in your career. You have to learn the different technical concepts of AI and ML, like reinforcement and learning, data science, natural language processing, and data analytics.

Health Services Manager

The health sector is one of the sectors that will experience a tremendous change in the coming years. This will be more than many other sectors. For this reason, every healthcare organization will require the services of knowledgeable leaders and managers to help them adjust to the regulatory, legal, and technological changes that will occur. This will be without compromising the quality of their services. As of 2019, health and medical services managers were already earning an average annual pay of $100,980. Hundreds of thousands of job openings will be made available in this area over the next decade.

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Best Careers for the Next 10 Years | Careers in demand

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