Advice For Becoming An Artist or Designer

Advice For Becoming An Artist or Designer

It’s easy to be an artist or designer. You don’t need a permit or qualification, so we can advise you for becoming an artist or designer if you think of yourself as an artist or designer. However, that does not make it a job, and it isn’t easy to live. So if you want to live in the art industry or design industry, it’s normal for you to go to an art University design school, get a job at a design company, and then become independent once you have the ability. In this article, I’ll write what you need, whether you’re self-taught or going to school.

The First Thing You Need

What you need to do to be an artist or designer is to do work anyway. Of course, it doesn’t make sense to think that you are an artist and you have to do work. Anyway, it is important to do work first, and the method of making and expression is free.

Be Individual Character

In the beginning, it would be fine if you make it, but in mediocre works, it would be buried in other works. Many people do great works. For you to stand out among them, you need to have individual character. However, if you do something different from others, you are often not appreciated. If you accept others’ opinions and bend your beliefs, you may end up with mediocre and boring work. It is important to have confidence in yourself and stick to your beliefs. However, it’s not that you don’t listen to others at all. It means that you must not be too self-centered. In particular, something that nuisance others is not an art, but just a nuisance. Of course, illegal activities are not allowed. It is important to listen to and understand the opinions of others and to take in useful things. You have to find and create your own uniqueness. I think that there is an idea that creates originality in our lives. It is like looking for a part of our lives that lacks flavor and adding spices to improve the flavor.

Advice For Becoming An Artist or Designer

For example, for my work, the one I applied for the Lexus Design Award 2016 was designed with the idea of how to put a lot of plants in a small garden, and the one I applied for the Lexus Design Award 2017 was designed with the idea of how to project the sky into a windowless basement.

The theme of my art work is familiar nature.

Advice For Becoming An Artist or Designer

There are many seeds of ideas in our daily lives.

Be Confident

If you don’t have confidence in your work, it isn’t easy to succeed. No matter how unique the work is, if you don’t have confidence in yourself, it will lose its appeal. If you don’t have confidence, others won’t find your work wonderful. It is important to have confidence so that people think it is good to work. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, you may be afraid and miss a chance. To not do so, it is necessary to build confidence that will not sway under any circumstances. So, where does confidence come from? It’s a daily effort. The accumulation of daily efforts to produce works leads to confidence. However, even if you gain confidence due to your efforts, you may not get good results. Efforts may not be recognized. There are many such things. Many artists are evaluated in their later years or after their death. Some people are not appreciated at all. That’s the art industry.

So what should we do to be evaluated by people?

It is to have writing ability and presentation ability.No matter how mundane the work, it can be valued by making an attractive presentation.No matter how great the work is. There is a possibility that you won’t feel the value if you don’t convey the charm. Many people want to be artists and designers, and to stand out among them, it is necessary to show how attractive your work is, unlike other works.

Make Connections

Interaction with many people is important. It could be a good way to get people to know your work or be a source of ideas. Your connections may be connected to unexpected places that will have a positive effect on your future. The work becomes valuable by being seen by others. If you want to convey a message or become famous, it’s important to get people to see your work. Making something unique, making connections, making presentations, art, and ordinary work are the same. If you already have the ability to make works, it is recommended that you develop personal connections and make presentations. Personal connections are property.

Please continue to make. Keep sending out information.

If you believe in yourself and your work, continue creating and disseminating information, you may someday be recognized. If you have conviction, keep making. What’s written in this article may be a matter of nature, but that natural thing is important and difficult. Thank you for reading to the end. I wish you all success.



I draw and design pictures with the theme of small nature. Design and production of “Medical Information/Intention Confirmation Card” LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2016 shortlist. LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2017 shortlist.


Medical information / Intention confirmation card:

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Advice For Becoming An Artist or Designer

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