Become a General Manager of Airport Operations at JetBlue

High Hopes? Become a General Manager of Airport Operations at JetBlue

In the pursuit of attaining a higher standard of living, it seems merited to infer that the best route to such is, by far, to realize the pleasures afforded by travel and to engage with them as often as humanly possible. To experience the world and all its delicacies, insurmountable pleasures, and people of diverse cultures and belief systems is to expose oneself to its boundless beauty. To be a General Manager of Airport Operations at JetBlue is to move people steadfastly, with dignity and a prideful heart, towards these blissful experiences. A feat one would hope to be instrumental to the reshaping process of their outlook (and or perception) of the world and their overarching perspective of themselves. A plight shared and consequently comparable to only but a handful of professions.

Are you a person that thrives on pressure? Do you favor the prospect of having to juggle between one task to another whilst also maintaining, and conversely exceeding, the standards set by those admired by and also adjacent to oneself? If this is the case, being a General Manager of Airport Operations at JetBlue is the best place to exercise the bounds of your gumption. In the following sections, we will uncover all required to be the best JetBlue crewmember one can be. We will also delve into details regarding the salary, work-related benefits, and a whole slew of other topics of interest to a prospective candidate.

Becoming a JetBlue General Manager of Airport Operations 

In the airport business, unpredictability is the name of the game. To win, there are but a few “in-game tactics” to choose from: leadership, confidence, and creative problem-solving. Not only is this the best way to perform on the job, but it is also the way many customers have come to expect (or anticipate) you to perform based on the high-risk nature associated with life at the airport. Remember, as asserted by the famous adage, “the customer is always right,” and adhering (and being amenable accordingly) to their expectations is the best possible means of attaining success in this role.

Below are a few associations, in the form of words and phrases, regarding “airport life”:

  1. Diversity
  2. Language barriers
  3. Cultural differences
  4. Confused and frustrated customers
  5. Impatient students
  6. Check-in induced panic
  7. Late-arrivals
  8. Passports (Outdated and Renewed)
  9. Flight cancellations
  10. Economy-class
  11. Deferred liquids
  12. Pets
  13. Security clearance
  14. Diplomats 
  15. Presidential staff
  16. Foreign ministries
  17. Diplomatic immunity
  18. Customs clearance
  19. On-hand luggage
  20. Terminals
  21. Baggage claims
  22. Lost (and found) luggage
  23. Connecting flights
  24. The need for data and a stable internet connection
  25. The admiration of planes by adolescents and adults alike
  26. Security clearance
  27. The fear of heights
  28. Pilots and other crew members scurrying to the place for a check-up

Having to deal with these “airport life” predicaments can be a mountainous task to traverse, especially for those who have yet to expose themselves to situations of similar make-up. These associations are an everyday occurrence. Being acquainted with them and making oneself prepared for their eventuality is a task in line with the pursuit of “staying above the flow (or current),” so to speak. 

As a means of personal assessment, asking oneself the following questions will help distinguish the level of readiness for the role. Note, however, that the objective isn’t to arrive at a pre-distinguished correct or incorrect answer, only the truthful answer based on one’s own personal life experiences and the afforded judgment thereafter. 

Below is a set of questions which can be used to assess the readiness for the General Manager role at JetBlue:

  1. How effective am I at communicating my ideas and principles with people when I’m in a state of panic, anger, or frustration?
  2. When push comes to shove, as the famous adage goes, how likely is it that I will lose my frame of reference leading to performing duties in a manner unsatisfactory to the standards set by the firm and otherwise?
  3. Are you a sole worker, or do you have the capacity to delegate and collaborate with people functionally?
  4. Are you a person that relies heavily on structure? 
  5. In the wake of chaos, which one would like to attribute to being in line with the process of forming the butterfly effect, how likely are you to stay afloat upon a position and or stance regarding the flow of work and or judgment upon a particular situation?
  6. In the event of a background check to be conducted on one’s persona and personality traits, what is the likelihood of uncovering your persona as the source of inspiration for the many (inclusive of relatives and otherwise noted)?
  7. Have you ever been in a leadership position that would compliment your (and prescribed hereunder) ideology of life as a General Manager of Airport Operations?
  8. Can you distinguish between breaking the rules and finding an unexpected solution?
  9. Are you a person who commands authority politely and respectfully?
  10. Is there a threshold of pressure that one deems to be over the top? If so, how likely is it that such a point will be reached whilst employed by JetBlue as a General Manager of Airport Operations?

Due to the nature of the role and having to deal with people daily, being passionate about them and equally having the ability to make them feel welcomed are key traits. Whether it’s your first time at the airport or the seven hundredth time, you will always need to feel like you aren’t walking alone. This sense of community induced by all those in association with JetBlue, particularly the General Manager, will be of primary importance when considering a competitive advance. Therefore, one should express themselves openly to, and with, others as though to the family of their own.

Education-Related Requirements

Education is one of the most coveted topics since the founding of man. It is infamously paraded as the single most definitive factor contributing to the success of any peoples. As said by Warren Buffet, “The more you learn, the more you earn,” and seeing as though he is currently among the wealthiest pupils in our global society, it would be best to engage and transpire one action in line with (or rather from the notion of) his token with great eagerness and diligence.

Nelson Mandela, the late statesman of the Republic of South Africa and freedom fighter shares his token of wisdom with the following words, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. The power of education extends beyond the development of skills we need for economic success. It can contribute to nation-building and reconciliation.” Having spent 27 years in prison and having the opportunity to witness and lead the revolution of South Africa from being impoverished by the hold of apartheid, it’s safe to infer that his token is, much like Buffett’s, one of high acclaim.

Inline (and favor) of such wisdom, JetBlue seeks out individuals who share the same sentiment and does so without fear or prejudice to consider. JetBlue is built to both favor and honor those who continually challenge themselves as they are likely to be the ones most able to offer clients the best possible guidance in their time of need.

Below are the educational requirements outlined for the General Manager of Airport Operations at JetBlue.

Education-Related Requirements:

Note: To be considered, one need not obtain all the qualifications outlined below. These are only to be acknowledged as a prerequisite for the job. Having only one (or at best a couple) of these qualifications is enough to enroll for eligibility.

  1. High School Diploma or General Education Diploma (GED)

A High School Diploma is a document that establishes the completion of secondary schooling. Usually, in the form of a certificate that outlines the school of attendance, the board of representatives of the set school and their signatures, the stamp of approval from that city (or states) department of education, and the date marking the collection of this document.

A General Education Diploma (GED) is similar to a high school diploma. It demarcates the compilation of secondary school, be it in a manner that isn’t as streamlined as the former. To get a General Education Diploma (GED), one needs to first engage in tests that are set out to validate comprehension of skills and tasks which are to be associated with a pupil obtaining a solid secondary educational background (Grades 1 – 12).

  1. Bachelor’s Degree
  • Bachelors of Commerce in Business Management

To obtain a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Manager will set a candidate up for success based on the nature of the firm and the degree likewise. This degree is usually associated with the management of people and operations. Therefore candidates who are either working towards or have already achieved such will be considered favorably.

  • Bachelors of Science in Information Technology

Information Technology is, in essence, the foundation of all things relating to the Airport and, in particular, the operations of all things therein. Therefore, Bachelor of Science degree holders in Information Technology will be acknowledged favorable due to the expectation of their relation to the tools and princesses regarding airport operations.

  • Bachelors of Arts in Industrial Psychology

Due to having to coordinate people (both workaround and otherwise), having a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Psychology will render a candidate viable. The reason being their expertise at inspiring and engaging people towards productive work habits.

  • Bachelors of Arts in Applied Physics

There aren’t many objects today which exhibit the workings of physics in our modern-day then airplanes. Therefore, to obtain a degree in Applied Physics denotes the making of a prime candidate due to the nature of their relatability to the mechanisms of the planes themselves and otherwise. It’s important to note that by no means is this list exhaustive. However, being a quick and avid learner is of prime importance due to the fast-paced nature of the job at hand.

Attributes Specific to the General Manager Position:

  1. Ability to maintain one’s pose when in fast-paced environments
  2. Ability to manage people in a manner that deters conflict
  3. Ability to discern truthfulness from fraudulence
  4. Ability to collaborate with others in a thorough manner
  5. Ability to effect a hands-on approach to problem-solving within oneself and also crewmembers
  6. Ability to craft meaningful reports through the use of Microsoft Excel and other platforms deemed fit
  7. Numeral literacy

What is it like to work for JetBlue as a General Manager of Airport Operations?

Picture this. A person of high acclaim happens to be in the same city you’re in for the holiday season. The city has shown him all of its pleasantries and thus induced a sense of belonging within him, which nearly crowds that of his hometown. However, the time to leave has arrived, and in fact, it happens to be the very next morning. Consumed by life in the city, the subject continues to parade and enjoy himself as though he has only arrived.

As the night grows older, or younger as some might say, he and his fellow tourists decide to call it a day and head over to their hotel rooms for the last time. Morning comes, and as it gains momentum, our subject continues to be under the sway of last night’s parade. The eventuality of wakefulness arrives, and so too the realization of being late for the flight schedule for 9:30 am. Being thirty minutes out from the airport terminal. The subject scurries in search of the nearest taxi not to be late for departure.

The city, busy as ever, seemingly has no taxis to accommodate. The panic of the moment grows as time lapses. Eventually, the subject arrives at the airport and is subject to another horror, the terminal queue. Having only 5 minutes left for boarding the flight, a great uproar commences, by his convergence, among, and with, those ahead of him to let him through before he misses his flight, the only flight scheduled for his destination for the day. 

In this predicament, the General Manager of Airport Operations has to answer the issues of the moment. Furthermore, GM has to do so without altering the perception of JetBlue customers. After all, one bad apple need not be the reason for all the other to be as such.

At any moment, the unexpected could happen, not because JetBlue couldn’t coordinate their efforts accordingly but because the person in question couldn’t. Factoring in that the customer is always right, a solution must arise from the other party, the General Manager. In essence, this is what it’s like to work as a crewmember of JetBlue.

Note: At JetBlue, it is customary to address all staff and faculty as a crewmember. This includes the pilot, the flight attendant, and the rest of the people who make the journey possible.

What are the expectations for crewmembers of the JetBlue?

Reputation is king. This is because it has the ability to induce how people perceive a company which could lead to a rise or fall in its market share. JetBlue is no different, and in line with such, the expectations are set to a high stand as accommodation. 

Below is a detail of such in direct relation to the General Manager of Airport Operations:

  1. Uphold the safety standards and or metrics of JetBlue
  2. Be punctual and attend to duty regularly
  3. Exhibit the ability to work on a moments notice to uphold the legacy of JetBlue
  4. Be a flexible member of the crew who will fulfill duties on a need basis.
  5. Identify and engage safety concerns accordingly
  6. Maintain a professional aesthetic

Salary – About the Pay

The salary is one of the questionable margins for the job at hand, which is to say it has no set number. This is because not all airports are the same. Some require more effort to control than others, and the salary is reflective of such. 

According to ZipRecruiter, one could earn upwards of $30/hr which translates to $61,188/year.

The following table is a breakdown of the pay for this particular role across the United States.

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Sunnyvale, CA$75, 961$6, 330$1, 461$36.52
Santa Rosa, CA$73, 487$6, 124$1, 413$35.33
Williston, ND$72, 243$6, 020$1, 389$34.73
Manhattan, NY$72, 054$6, 004$1, 386$34.64
Cambridge, MA$71, 202$5, 933$1, 369$34.23
Arlington, VA$70, 761$5, 897$1, 361$34.02
Dickinson, ND$70, 328$5, 861$1, 352$33.81
Ketchikan, AK$70, 006$5, 839$1, 347$33.69
Vacaville, CA$69, 833$5, 819$1, 343$33.57
San Mateo, CA$69, 513$5, 793$1, 337$33.42

Courtesy of

Benefits of Associated with the General Manager of Operations Post:

There are many benefits to accommodate those who apply for this role. As insisted above, one will be leading people to realize the great multitudes that life has to offer. A fitting prospect as that may be, it isn’t the only one. The outline below in bulletin notation are benefits which former crew members have entailed about the job at hand.

  1. Earning a considerably high salary.
  2. Being instrumental to the company’s direction through decision-making.
  3. Gaining vital and holistic experience which is easily transferable to other forms of employment.
  4. Inheriting the chance to make decisions that allow for the overall satisfaction of oneself and crew members.
  5. Holiday packages allow you to make the most of the festive season.
  6. A healthy work-life balance.
  7. The opportunity to gain higher employment within the firm based on performance levels and metrics.
  8. A sense of service the people like no other.

These are some of the benefits the role has to offer. As many things are, experience tends to be the best teacher. Therefore to be induced in this role and perform it to one’s potential is the best possible measure for the benefits associated with such, whether these relate to having to endure challenging work or gaining time away from work.

Application Process

If the above seems a fitting prospect for you, then be advised to head over to JetBlue’s career page and enlist as an applicant. The application process is as straightforward as one would hope. All that’s needed are the following:

  1. Identity Card

Being that the airport business has a lot of room for variability about the mismatched identity of people, providing your identity card will ensure that JetBlue can inspect your application without fear of hiring someone likely to pose a threat to the security of the airport. Providing a copy of one’s identity card also communicates the idea of integrity and honesty, qualities that need not be ignored in a role of such responsibility.

  1. Proof of Residence

The proof of residency is needed for similar reasons as the identity card listed above. Furthermore, proof of residence allows the hiring manager (or anyone of such authority) to investigate the validity of that person’s citizenship and or eligibility to work within that particular country (or state).

  1. Curriculum Vitae (Resume)

A detailed description of one’s professional (and or academic) history. In this, one will outline the specifics of the jobs and roles taken before being interested in the General Managers’ role and indicate why such has positioned him (or her) to be a prime candidate for the role.

  1. Letter Of Referral

As simple as it is for applicants, the job application process can be an extremely hazardous task for those presiding over these applications. Having a referral from a trusted and well-reputed individual will make for an easier process of elimination by the hiring manager. This referral will serve as extra weight for the submitted curriculum vitae, boosting the manager’s confidence in your abilities for the job at hand.

  1. Personal Motivation

A letter of personal motivation is essential as a document (in written form) that elaborated further on one’s competency for the role. Within the letter, one needs to outline their strengths and weaknesses and all other experiences that have enabled them to obtain confidence in their ability to fulfill the role successfully.

  1. Allowance Notification for the Background Check

The airport is no place for criminals. Allowing for a background check will allow those concerned to investigate one’s history and act according to the safety of the firm and the rest of the people likely to be implicated should there be any unwarranted mishaps (the public). As a rule of thumb, 10 years of clearance is required to waiver viability for this role.

If the above is in order, be sure to follow the link below and prepare to change the lives of many by way of your dutifulness. JetBlue is a prestigious firm, and the standards of service are reflective of such. To be accepted is to be among the most trusted and respected individuals.

Apply now, follow the link below to complete the process:


Embrace Flight, Embrace Life.

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Become a General Manager of Airport Operations at JetBlue

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