American Eagle Careers- Job Opportunities, Salary, and Benefits

American Eagle Careers- Job Opportunities, Salary, Requirements, Age, Application Process, Benefits

American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. is an American retailer of clothes and other accessories, whose headquarters lie in South Side Works, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania state, USA. Here, we’ll know about American Eagle Careers.

Founded 44 years ago from today in 1977 by Jerry Silverman and Mark Silverman, the first store of American Eagle had been opened in Twelve Oaks Mall in Michigan. As of January 2021, the retailer operates now 901 American Eagle stores across the USA and abroad.

American Eagle has made its place in the fashion trend of today’s generation targeting accessories and clothes mostly for College students. A wide range of clothing is sold in shopping malls, online through their websites and other retailers, or by catalog. 

American Eagle Outfitters Careers

The retailer provides various opportunities for the job seekers for the store chains. For job-seeking, mall-based opportunities of American Eagle stores serve the best option for searching for retail jobs. 

These stores hire people continuously, it is not an occasional deal when their stores are opened for hiring, and these positions are opened for customer service, stock manager and other seasonal hiring occurred usually on the busy holiday season.

American Eagle Outfitters is an employer that gives equal opportunity and complies with all employment opportunity laws be it country, local, or state. According to the Brand’s policies, it discourages unfairness against their workers and job-seeking candidates for job opportunities regarding a person’s color, religion, citizenship, sex( pregnancy included), nationality, age, disability, gender, sexuality, marital status, domestic violence or stalking victim status, genetic information, military or veteran status or other as protected by law. 

And it applies to all American Eagle activities which include recruiting process, employment, compensation, training, promotion, productivity evaluation, and discipline. 

American Eagle Outfitters also provides accommodation as required according to law. 

American Eagle also provides opportunities in  Corporate as seekers can find opportunities in their headquarters. The jobs which are opened for hiring are both part-time and full-time.

  1. Corporate Careers

American Eagle employs in their 6 departments which are Merchandising, Marketing, and Design, Technology & Digital, Store Operations & Loss Prevention, Finance & Planning, Supply Chain & Production, Human Resources & Legal. 

  • The job positions available in Merchandising, Marketing and Design are of Image Specialist, Associate Digital Designer, Director of Photography and Videography, Design Director, Manager, and UI Designer 
  • Other positions available in Technology & Digital Department are Senior Systems Engineer, UI Engineer, Network Administrator, Associate Manager. 
  • Store Operations & Loss Prevention Department has opened hiring for Retail Designer, Senior Analyst Real Estate, Associate Project Manager in Store Technology.
  • Finance & Planning Department onboards candidates for the positions of Merchandise Order Specialist, Senior Manager Business Development, and Merchandise Planner. 
  • Positions available in Store Supply Chain & Production are Analyst in Product Safety & Regulatory Compliance, Program Manager, Supervisor, Manager, Director, Coordinator. 
  • Human Resources & Legal Department sees the hiring for Employee Relations Specialist, HR Coordinator, HR Business Partner, Assistant General Counsel. 


  • Bachelor’s degree; preference would be given in Fashion Design, merchandising, Business or equivalence.
  • Previous Experience of 1 or 2 years is required In the field.


Salary at American Eagle Corporate varies as per department. Employees at Human Resources get an average sum starting from $65,4672 annually for Human Resources Business Partner to $15.34 per hour for Staffing Supervisor. 

Meanwhile, Technology and Digital Department employees see an income starting from $131,706 annually for Senior Quality Assurance Engineer to the lower end for Technical Product Manager which is $87,330 per year. 

In the Management and Store Operations Department, the salary on the higher-end gets enjoyed by Assistant Manager which is $36,961 and on the lower end, the Operations Supervisor gets an income of $25.38 per hour.  

  1. Distributor Center Careers

American Eagle offers many opportunities at all distributor career levels. The employment opportunities are now open for hire which includes job positions: Merchandise Processor, Maintenance Technician, Procurement Specialist, Director of Information Technology, Group Leader, Operations Clerk, Material Handler. 

Job Seekers can get more information by visiting this website.

  • Salary at Distribution Centers

A Merchandise Processor gets an average hourly wage of $13.51 per hour which is 15 percent above the national average. While Maintenance technician gets paid an hourly wage of $21.40 per hour, 17 percent above the national average. 

Other than that Operations Clerk enjoys an hourly wage of $16.54 per hour, 10 percent above the national average while a Director of Information Technology enjoys a salary of $179,984 annually. 

On the other hand Materials, Handler gets an hourly amount of 425.53 per hour which is 74 percent above the national average.  

  1. Store Careers

The store offers a vast number of part-time opportunities for High school and college students to work at. Store Careers Opportunities offers employment in these positions: Sales Leader, Stock Associate, Sales Associate which is generally known as Brand Ambassador and, Store Manager. 

Candidates looking to work at American Eagle need no prior experience to get employed. Sales Associates generally do not require any skills whatsoever, but the most preferable skills are Communication, Teamwork, reliability, and must be adaptable. 

Prior retail experience in a fashion-oriented environment is generally given preference. 

  • General Responsibilities of a Sales Associate ( Brand Ambassador) 

The Minimum Age required to join as a Sales Associate is 16 years. 

A Brand Ambassador at American Eagle represents the brand and its values, therefore they provide excellent services to each customer coming to the store or shopping online.

  • Engaging and serving the customers of what they need. 
  • Solving the queries of the customers.
  • Introducing the American Eagle various programs including a loyalty program and other additional brands under it to the guests. 
  • Skills Required: Good Communication, Multi-tasker, Previous experience in retail, Team-oriented, and  Problem solver. 


Brand ambassadors can earn up to $11.36 per hour which is below 35 percent national average.  

  • General Responsibilities of a Sales Leader

This position is available both full time and part-time depending on the Store. A part-time leader works with Store Leadership Team and ensures a great experience for all the customers coming to the store. 

  • A Sales Leader needs expertise in driving sales by maximizing Fitting Room and Sales Floor Productivity and winning customers loyalty by ensuring they have the best experience. 
  • Motivate and Inspire the whole Store Leadership team by culminating American Eagle values and ethics.
  • Training new hires according to Brand’s values, culture, and customer services. 
  • Execute daily operational methods and procedures for visual which include shipment processing, merchandising moves, and visual standards.
  • Guarantee Store Safety standards which are maintained by a commitment to the company’s standards and protection and adhering to other brand’s policies and operations.
  • Skills Required: Previous retail management experience, teamwork, multi-tasker, and ability to adapt to the new work environment. 
  • Must be available to work in a flexible schedule according to store operation and timings. 


The average income of a Sales Leader at American Eagle is up to $14.20 per hour which is 15 percent above the national average. 

  • General Responsibilities of a Store  Manager

This position is available full-time. A person needs to be a minimum of 18 years of age or above to get hired as a Manager.  

  • An entrepreneurial-minded person is perfect for this position to maximize the daily operations and sales of the store. 
  • Develop and manage the store team through effective coaching and training, 
  • Can make strategic decisions to drive Store’s business at maximum capacity. 
  • Design, lead and implement Store’s business plan to meet specific goals. 
  • Examine and report sale trends to higher-ups to make innovative business decisions to achieve the brand’s financial goals. 
  • Recruit, hire, and train the high-performing team and encouraging the team for better opportunities.
  • Participation in training for leadership and generate feedback of the performance to every employee, individual development plans, and annual performance reviews. 
  • Always ensure that the store maintains American Eagle Visual Standards by managing all processes involves in Merchandise.  
  • Maintains a schedule to meet business requirements by evaluating the usual traffic and payroll reports. 
  • Make Integral compensation decisions by ensuring results from auditing and shrinking meet Asset Protection Standards. 
  • Skills Required: Previous experience in retail management, ability to do the multi-task, effective time management, can manage team, knowledge of employment law, effective communication and conflict management, can analyze drive sales.
  • Available for a flexible schedule according to the store’s requirements. 


Employees at the Store Manager position earn up to $ 23.44 per hour which is 55 percent above the national average. Depending on additional experience and other preferable qualifications Store Manager can earn more. 

The Salary data is according to the where former and current employer updates their salary ranges. 

Other Seasonal Openings at American Eagle

American Eagle’s hiring process for the seasons starts usually in September, the recruiters review application forms and shortlist the candidates for an interview. If selected in the interview process you will get hired for the seasonal jobs. Most of the job positions are opened for Sales Associates who promote the brand and assist the customers. 

Seasonal Stock Associates also get hired during the holiday season. Their duties involve upcoming seasonal stock like loading and unloading the deliveries, replenish finished stock and merchandise. 

The pay a Sales Associate usually earns starts from $10 per hour however, for a Stock Associate the usual pay ranges from $8 to $12 per hour. 

Benefits of Working at American Eagle Outfitters

Besides providing several great opportunities for job seekers, the retailer offers exciting and attractive benefits for usually full-time workers. 

  • Health
  • Medical plus Prescription Drugs
  • Savings account for health care
  • Health reimbursement plan
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Telemedicine
  • Dental and vision insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Other eligible plans as employees see fits. 
  • Holiday
  • Paid Time off
  • Company provides holiday
  • Parental leave
  • Maternal Leave
  • Military leave
  • Other leave for absence
  • Other Well Being Plans
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • American Eagle outfitters well-being programs
  • Discounts at Fitness Clubs and Gyms
  • Gyms and Fitness classes present onsite
  • Program for pregnancy
  • Financial Well Being
  • Disability plans
  • Life plans
  • 401 k Plan
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Free  Will services
  • Tuition Reimbursement plan
  • For Recognition
  • American Eagle give awards for service
  • Incentive Programs
  • Awards for Exceptional achievements
  • Other Benefits
  • Pet Insurance plans
  • Mortgage Assistance Programs
  • Discounts on Merchandise
  • Employees get the Sample sales product

Looking forward to applying for a job at American Eagle Outfitters, then keep on reading!

Apply  at American Eagle Outfitters 

To work at American Eagle, you must apply through the company’s official website and then sign in to make yourself an account, you will see the opening for available positions at various places and then choose the most suitable job for you and proceeds to fill up the application form online or you can fill the printed application available.

 It is always recommended to see the job responsibilities, skills required, and salary options before going through the application process.

Application Process

 Job Seekers wanting to get a job at American Eagle can just find job vacancies online by visiting the careers page. Their Website offers a vast job portal where job availabilities, skills, and other requirements are available and thus one can access job applications there as mentioned above. 

Also, You can just visit the local store of American Eagle nearby and ask for a job application form there and fill it in in person. The application form gets 2-5 working days to process. If shortlisted you will get a call or a mail for the interview.

To check on the application status after going through an interview, candidates can call or mail the Hiring  Manager or team. 

After an interview it usually takes one week to get the job offer, otherwise, most candidates get their job offers on spot after the final interview. 

Filling up the form in person may get additional consideration because this can be seen as the initial sign by the hiring team. Candidates are highly recommended to write clear and honest answers in a liable manner, any repercussion in the application form may result in rejection of the application forms, and further expulsion if get hired. 

Also, highlight the previous experiences in the application forms and you can also get referrals if you know someone working in American Eagle which will Only aid you.

American Eagle has strict compliance with the company’s policies which adheres to human rights, corporate ethics, and other code of conduct for the vendors. 

The retailer has various methods of checks and balances to assert the ethical treatment of the workers, vendors, and customers within their stores. It also maintains an audit committee that can check the actions in any suspected business from retails to the corporates. 

American Eagle Careers- Job Opportunities, Salary, and Benefits

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