Can Seasonal Jobs become permanent?

Can Seasonal Jobs become permanent?

Season jobs are ideal positions for both beginners and experienced workers. Different events and seasons bring out a variety of temporary positions for potential candidates. But these short-term jobs are only for the set period, and you might want to pursue them for longer. Can Seasonal Jobs become permanent?

The transformation of a seasonal job to a permanent one depends on various factors including your performance, the requirement of the post, etc. While there are some uncontrollable factors, you can use various methods and actions to try to turn your position from a temporary employee to a permanent one. 

How long does a seasonal job usually last?

Seasonal jobs are the positions that open up in a specific period due to an increase in demand for a certain service or product. They get listed as summer or winter jobs in many job descriptions. The premise is that their demand is limited to some amount of time in the year. These jobs can range anywhere from weeks to months.

However, there is a chance that you could convert your position into an all-year-long one instead of its original time limit. Your performance plays a crucial role in deciding if your post is necessary enough to become a full-time position.

What are the ways you could appeal to your employer?

A significant part to encourage conversion of any seasonal job is to leave a lasting impact on your employer. If your employer can see the potential in you and appreciate your work and working style, you’re already halfway there.

Additionally, here are some steps you could follow to ensure that you make a good impact on your employers and stand out:

  • Be Proactive– The working style and methods of each employee differ, but being proactive makes the employee stand out. Being proactive means being active and enthusiastic with your work. 

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should keep working longer hours, rather it refers to how enthusiastic you are in participation. Taking up newer projects and giving ideas or initiatives to your employer are actions that contribute to your success. By being enthusiastic and actively participating in your tasks, your employer will be impressed.

  • Do Not Turn Down Work– As cliché as it might sound, accepting challenging tasks is more beneficial to you than you can imagine. These tasks may seem difficult and time-consuming, but help you make your mark and become a reliable employee. 

While most of your co-workers might shy away from the task, take it up for yourself and show your skills to prove your capability. The higher the difficulty level is, the more it shows how well you deal with problems and create opportunities.

  • Be Up for Learning New Skills– If you agree to take up challenging projects or tricky tasks, they will also be a gateway of learning for you. They will help you acquire more knowledge and a deeper understanding of your tasks. 

These skills may not come in handy immediately but will help you sometime in the future. With further knowledge about your role, you have a better chance of standing out since you have more understanding of your work.

  • Relay Your Expectations– If you want to change the duration of your job, it is best to be direct about it. If you clearly state to your employers that you want to make your position a permanent one, they can understand your intent for the future. 

Whoever is your superior at work, whether it’s your HR manager or senior, make sure to relay that you want to get your position extended. Asserting your point of view and expectations on your post will lead them to ponder over the possibility of it changing to a permanent one.

  • Additional Gestures– To prove your capabilities and potential as a permanent employee, you need to appeal to your employees. It can include basic workplace manners such as being disciplined and on time at work. 

Treating your co-workers and superiors well and communicate with them. Creating a good relationship with your co-workers can help you become more efficient with your work. 

Are there instances of this change?

Various posts are seasonal but have become yearlong posts. Many companies and firms hire summer interns for their tasks. Their aim is not only to get work done in a short period but to pick out the potential candidates for a permanent position.

That might not be their goal from the get-go, but with an exemplary performance from an intern or temporary employee, they might consider it. These opportunities are golden for students or inexperienced workers who have never had a chance to showcase their talent before. But doing such a job can make way for their future and leave a lasting impression on their employers.

As long as you can stand out among your peers and show ideal performance for a seasonal worker, the chances of you getting hired for a permanent position do increase. For some jobs, their nature interferes with their conversion to a permanent one, for example, a ski trainer. However, with jobs having partial potential or similar work posts, switching over to a permanent employee is possible.


Seasonal work is ideal to go for if you are a student or a first-time worker. They are the perfect way to showcase your skills and make an impact in the firm. If your performance is deemed ideal by the employers, you could even get a permanent position.

All you need to do is follow a few things for work and abide by rules and principles to impress your employers. Once you have proven your potential to your superior, there is a high chance that they will consider you for a permanent post.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are seasonal jobs only summer jobs? 

No, summer jobs are a kind of seasonal job, but seasonal jobs mean a temporary worker position created due to an increase in demand, holidays, seasons, etc.

  1. What is the qualification needed for seasonal jobs? 

Although the qualifications differ greatly with the nature of the work, seasonal jobs are ideal for new workers. Students and inexperienced workers can acquire a position, and it helps build your resume.

  1. Can you convert the post duration with efforts? 

You could do certain things to promote yourself and encourage your employer to do so. But at the end of the day, the decision will be in your employer’s hands.

Can Seasonal Jobs become permanent?

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