American Eagle Interview Questions- With Simple Answers

American Eagle Interview Questions

If you’re wondering how to ace the interview for American Eagle, then the odds are in your favor this time because you found the right article for some of the best tips and tricks to master your interview. If you want to find out all of them, make sure you read them till the end. Here, let’s know some American Eagle Interview Questions.

There are several roles that one could be hired for at American Eagle, so we brought up to you the most common and frequently asked questions in interviews for all positions in general. So first off, in any sort of interview, one common or should I say one of the very crucial questions would be:

Tell us about yourself.

And you would be surprised to see how many things you forget to include while answering this in order to fit in all the exciting stuff, so here are some tips for you to answer this question perfectly and create a good impression for yourself.

  • First things first, you have to tell them your name.
  • Then tell them what is the most important to you.
  • Also include why you’re fit for the job, which is why you should tell them you’re degrees and the universities you’ve graduated from.
  • Then subtly add your accomplishments. And remember that you should not boast, so avoid using superlatives and be more humble yet make sure to get the point across the table.
  • And then stop. You don’t have to fit in the entire biodata; you still have to answer any questions. You will have a maximum of 60 to 90 seconds to answer this question.
  • Be confident and try not to fidget while answering the question, try to make eye contact, don’t be robotic while answering the question, and let your body language be fluid. Don’t be too stiff or too worn out.

Common interview questions for American Eagle:

The golden rule for interviews is that you need to know at least 50% of the company’s history to answer unexpected questions quickly. If you don’t know, don’t worry. It’s never too late to do a quick background check. So here is a brief history of Americal Eagle.

American Eagle, also known as American Eagle Outfitters, is a clothing and accessory brand. It is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The brand has been around for over four decades now. It was founded by the Silverman brothers and then later in the 1990s sold its ownership to Jacob Price. They are a brand that has university or college and high school students as their targeted consumers. The brand’s current CEO is Jay Schottenstein. With over 1000 stores worldwide with a workforce of more than 35,000 people, American Eagle is one of the most known brands around the globe.

Now that we’ve done a background check, let’s move on to the Questions and sample answers or tips on how to answer them:

  • Have you worked in retail before?

This question is for them to decide how much training period you might require to be put into real action. If you’ve had prior experience, do let them know that loud and clear, and by audible and clear, I mean vividly, not quite literally. On the other hand, if you do not have any experience or are fresher for the job, tell them that you are new and probably need some guidance before starting to work.

  • You’re due to leave work at 5:00 pm, and your replacement worker doesn’t show up on time. What would you do?

You have to stay back and help them out! There is no better answer for this question You can tell them that you would try to stay back as much as possible and leave once you make sure your replacement is there or find a way to fill you in. Never tell them you have a busy schedule, and you would instead leave immediately after your work hours. That might make the interviewers think that you’re not yet ready to devote your time and attention to your work thoroughly. Always try to put your work schedule first. This question assesses your flexibility as an employee and also how much you care about the company. 

  • Describe a time when you had to deal with an unhappy customer? Or describe what you would do or how you would handle a dissatisfied customer?

Give a specific example for these sorts of questions. You will have to keep the following six things in mind while answering: 

  1. What actually happened, and why was the customer unhappy?
  2. The task you had to achieve while dealing with the customer.
  3. The type of action you took to resolve the issue.
  4. What was the end result? 
  5. Did it make the customer happy? 
  6. Were you able to solve the problem efficiently?

This question depends on your experience. So, for people with experience, the answer can go according to the tips. For those with no experience, you will have to build up a scenario and try to solve it efficiently. Don’t get too ahead of yourself or too scared of expressing your original thoughts. The interviewers will for sure cut some slack for your lack of experience and correct you if you did or said something wrong.

  • A customer wants to return something that has clearly been opened and used. What would you say, or how would you deal with that?

You could say, “When dealing with the customers, no matter what I would try to be polite and courteous at most times unless they are on the faulty side or when things start to get way out of my hand. I would also keep in mind all of the things that I learned in my training and explain to them the company policy in respect of refunds. I’m assuming that in this example, the customer would most likely not get a refund, and on that basis, I would patiently explain to them why. I also understand that the company has legal obligations and rules that need to be followed at all times when it comes to refunds, and the customer also has their own side to the story. However, if it in any way looks like perfectly decent goods are opened and used, that means they are not eligible for a refund, and I would not hold back in explaining how the whole thing works.”

  • What do you think is more vital- good service or great quality products?

This question when heard or read first looks and sounds too simple for a retail interview but you will be doomed if you pick a side in this. In retail, always remember that both excellent customer service and quality products are equally important. So, while responding, don’t hesitate to tell them both are just as important and try to explain why. For example, “To be honest, I believe both are equally important and to be fair I wouldn’t emphasize either if you have a sub-standard service or products you will get complaints. Now that things have advanced quite a lot people might go online and leave the store a bad review which might cause us higher damage than we anticipated. Hence, I believe in retail, quality service, and quality products work hand in hand.”

  • If the final billing amount comes to $ 17.11 and the customer hands you one 10$ bill along with two 5$ bills, how much would you return them?

Depending on the type of role you’ve applied for, they might ask you a small numerical of this sort to know how good you’re with numbers. So be sure to take a decent amount of time but answer correctly. On the other hand, don’t be too nervous. They aren’t going to ask you a question from integration, and it would be a simple mathematical operation that you can do for sure.

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Don’t try to add too much to your strengths or weaknesses. Instead, elaborate a little bit on the things you’ve already mentioned in your CV and explain briefly how the specific characteristics ended up in your list of strengths and weaknesses. this question is asked to assess how well you can manage your strengths and weaknesses while working. 

  • Tell us about a time when you were challenged and how you managed to cope with yourself.

This can be any time from the past. It can be something like your friends falling out or something like having too much to do in a little bit of time. This makes the interviewers realize that you can cope when things get stressful and that you won’t let your personal life affect your professional life.

A few extra tips that should be common knowledge:

  • Be punctual
  • Dress nice and formal
  • Don’t show up with friends or some sort of company. If you had to have company, then make sure you enter alone for the interview at least.
  • Be bubbly and show your unique personality! It is all about mingling with people and being active in retail.
  • You would not be judged based on your looks.
  • Availability is a big deal for them, so make sure you pinpoint how flexible your work hours can be.


You will certainly be able to answer all the questions asked, but the catch is to do it with confidence. A little nervousness for your interview is understandable but try to get out of your comfort zone, and you’ll end up with the results you desired. Also, don’t forget to be on time and dress for the occasion. Lastly, good luck with your interview!

Frequently asked questions:

  • How to prepare for an American Eagle interview?

Here are some crucial tips for you to prepare for your American Eagle interview irrespective of your role:

  1. Make sure you go through a quick background check of the company
  2. Also, make sure to have flexibility in the work schedule.
  3. Be confident and punctual.
  4. Dress nicely
  5. Make them realize that you’re enthusiastic and that you can mingle with people easily.
  6. Answer the questions without overthinking.
  7. Be honest with all of your answers, and be humble when sharing your accomplishments.
  8. Don’t ever try to get ahead of yourself while answering a question you’re not sure of or familiar with.
  • Why do you want to work for American Eagle?

If you’re confused on what all you should include while answering this question in the interview, here is a sample answer:

“I’ve always been interested in retail and thought that this would be the perfect fit for me to start with, don’t worry, I’m a fast learner, I’m not well equipped with all the skills I might require, but as I said, I am a swift learner and will give it my all most of the time.”

Be honest with them. Don’t sugarcoat your words. The interviewers must have been through this many times, and they can see right through you, so be careful and thoughtful.

  • What all products does American Eagle sell?

American Eagle is a fashion apparel brand that sells products ranging from clothes to footwear. They first started with men’s wear and then slowly expanded to women’s wear and footwear. They now sell Apparel, accessories, lingerie, footwear, and personal care. Their target audience is high school and college students.

  • In what all countries are American Eagle present?

American Eagle is a very well-known apparel brand that is present all over the world in a lot of different countries with over 1,000 stores. Originally founded by the Silverman brothers and then and ownership was handed over to Jacob Price. Brand headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The brand stores are very prominently present in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, China, etc. The brand is renowned for its footwear and clothing apparel he was first started for menswear and then started to expand their apparel for all genders and now cells all different types of apparel along with accessories.

American Eagle Interview Questions- With Simple Answers

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