How Long is Orientation at American Eagle?

How Long is Orientation at American Eagle?

American Eagle Outfitters is quite a famous US-based lifestyle, clothing, and accessories retailer. The retailer sells products from top brands to the customers with a reasonable price tag. This company falls under the retail industry and has been in the American market for the past forty-four years. Let’s know How Long is Orientation at American Eagle?

Normally, the orientation at American Eagle takes three hours and not more than that. During the orientation, the selected candidate will have to go through all of the company’s rules, regulations, and other related paperwork. 

Uniqueness About American Eagle 

The company serves in more than a thousand locations with 1,307 stores around the country and worldwide. In every store of American Eagle, the items for sale are placed on wooden shelving, chairs, tables, and clothes racks. 

But, the clothes that are in the American Eagle’s factory are all hung using basic or standard black hangers. Also, they have wooden hangers. Almost all of American Eagle’s stores have a flat-screen television that is hanging just at the back of the store or just behind the cash wrap. 

Below your foot, the floor is made out of superior wood or concrete that highly depends on the location of the outlet. Interestingly, the theme and display settings for each American Eagle’s store keep changing based on the seasonal lines and promotions of the company. This is one of the reasons why the company has been growing rapidly at a good pace. 

Other than the store structure, the retail clothing store has always come up with brand new ideas and promotions for the public. The company came up with some subsidiaries like ‘aerie’, ‘Martin + Osa’, ‘77kids’, and a few more. These subsidiaries gave the public of all ages a beautiful opportunity to grab new clothes for both men and women. 

How Long is Orientation at American Eagle?

The standard time for orientation for various business entities or organizations is three hours. But, we know that unofficially most of the companies or any other retails shops do not take three hours instead, complete the process within one hour or so. 

Orientation taking the maximum time can be one day long, not more than that. But, the selected candidates at American Eagle have revealed that the official orientation time might be three hours but they finish it within a one-two hours time. 

But, sometimes, the orientation depends on the location and the hiring manager of the particular store. Some candidates have revealed that they completed the orientation after four hours. In such cases, it is recommended that the selected candidate should be very patient. 

What Is Done During The Orientation At American Eagle?

The standard orientation time taken for most of the outlets of American Eagle ranges from 2-4 hours. During the orientation, the selected candidate will have to go over the terms and conditions, rules and regulations, paperwork, documentation, and address proof of the candidate. 

This is the basic process that is done at American Eagle Outfitters. After the basic processes are done they ask the selected candidate to toss onto the sales floor and they expect that the candidate should know all the ins and outs of every selling item of clothing, their price, how to deal with customers, how to solve any problem, whom to contact for any emergency, run fitting rooms, and stock and fold all the clothing to standard. 

So, it is highly recommended for the interested candidate willing to work at any nearby American Eagle store to learn these things beforehand. Many of the workers at the company have revealed that the training given by the company is not adequate or not properly done. This is because many workers have revealed that their performance was lacking during the orientation process because of the lack of training provided by the company. 

Other than that, once the selected candidates are hired by the manager of the store they are paid well. Additionally, along with good payment all of the workers at American Eagle receive great discounts and a long list of benefits from the retail company. 

Additionally, the retail store does pay all the selected candidates for orientation.  All the selected candidates are paid a portion of their orientation so, the interested candidate must give their best during the process. 


The retail store company opens up many entry-level jobs for the public with the minimum age requirement. All the interested candidates should not let go of such a chance if they have the ability and are willing to learn about the retail industry. They must grab such a chance and gain knowledge and experience in the field. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Who is the serving Chief Executive Officer of American Eagle Outfitters?

Answer- The currently serving Chief Executive Officer of American Eagle is Jay. L Schottenstein. He is an entrepreneur from Columbus, Ohio who is also the chairman of his own Schottenstein Stores Corporation. 

  1. Are inexperienced candidates allowed to apply for the job application at American Eagle? 

Answer- Yes, the retail company actively hires new and young employees with no background work experience. This retail is very quick and easy to get into but, you need to be hardworking, efficient, and effective. 

  1. Can we wear anything to work at American Eagle during work hours?

Answer the brand does not force the worker to wear any particular piece of cloth but, they tell you that they would prefer to wear their brand. 

How Long is Orientation at American Eagle?

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