Ace Hardware Careers- Job Opportunities, Their Salary, and Duties


Ace Hardware Careers is designed for those who are passionate about having small and interpersonal relationships with individuals while working to meet their company goals. If you desire to render service to humanity and participate in community development through a retail experience, then Ace Hardware Careers is the best place for you. Ace hardware delights in helping various households with the needed hardware.

Ace Hardware possesses an average of 5,000 stores across the world. The stores are independently owned by local entrepreneurs. These stores offer opportunities to youngsters who desire to build a career in retail management. By working with Ace hardware careers you would be privileged to participate in community service because the company believes in giving back to its community. You will also be privileged to enlarge your social network because Ace Hardware Careers maintains a small outlook to be able to maintain a personal relationship with their customers. 


Ace Hardware was established in 1924 by some entrepreneurs in Chicago, Illinois. It is reported that their names were Richard Hesse, E Gunnard Lindquist, Frank Burke, Oscar Fisher. Ace Hardware is known as the largest retailer-owned hardware cooperative in the world. Since its establishment, it has grown into a cooperative that has 5,400 locally operated stores in 70 countries.

Beyond its growth, Ace Hardware has determined to be a part of the community. It is defined in such a  way that it possesses the capacity to meet the hardware needs of homes. This is the reason for the name “the helpful hardware place”. Their intention to keep hardware stores looking like homes has made them a really helpful tool in their communities. The reason for the differences in the outlook of stores is because it is a cooperative, not a franchise. Ace Hardware runs with the sole mission of being a strong and effective supportive retail company that provides dealer owners with merchandise at a low price. 

Scattered around the 50 states of the United States, Ace Hardware provides a variety of tools, paint, lawn and garden, and anything you will need in fixing your home to make it beautiful and comfortable. So, it is a home away from home. They are not limited, they fit into the needs and design of their neighborhood.  Now that you know what they represent and what they offer to their community, let’s take a look at the available job positions for you and the things that will qualify you to begin your career at Ace Hardware.


At Ace hardware, there are different job positions available that can be suitable for you. Some of these job positions are entry-level and open to all with little or no qualification at all. While others are managerial positions that may require a level of experience and certifications. Some of them include:

  1. Sales Associate
  2. Cashier
  3. Team Leader
  4. Department Head
  5. Assistant Manager
  6. Nursery Manager


The above-listed jobs are available at different store locations and their responsibilities and qualifications differ. You must have a vivid understanding of what each job entails before applying for the job so that you can have a very clear picture of what you are getting into. This will also help you assess your strengths and skills so that you will know how best to channel them into any of these positions. So let’s get started:

  • SALES ASSOCIATE JOBS: This is an entry-level position that allows you to relate with a lot of people based on sales. As a sales associate, you are expected to be an express image of the organization. So you must be friendly and courteous in nature, excellent in communication, possess the ability to pay attention to details and be very knowledgeable. You must also be good at using your skills in generating sales for the company. You will be required to provide assistance to customers during their visit to the store and also ensure that their needs are met. Depending on your store location, you may be required to work part-time or full-time. Your responsibilities will include the following: 
  1. Greet and Welcome Customers: As a sales associate, you will be expected to welcome customers politely as they visit the store daily. You will also need to help them with their purchase and present an enthusiastic representation of the company.

  2. Restock Shelves: Sales associates are also responsible for the straightening of shelves after purchases are made to keep the store looking orderly. They are also expected to restock the shelves with merchandise where necessary. They are expected to always refill the stores so that customers’ needs are always met on a visit.

  3. Maintains the Store: Sales Associates ensure that they keep the store clean by sweeping it regularly and emptying waste bins in the trash cans. As a result of this, the sales associate must be a well-organized and neat individual.

  4. Carries out duties following the guidelines: Sales Associates are given an orientation book that contains the company guidelines. They are to ensure that they carry out all their operations in line with it.

  5. Carry out tasks assigned by the team leader: There will be other responsibilities that will be assigned to you by your team leader. You are expected to do them promptly and diligently in the best character.

Sales Associates must understand that as they go about their daily tasks the tendency to be distracted is high. So, they must avoid personal distractions from their phones, so that they will be able to be at their best. You must work with a plan to keep yourself very productive.

  • CASHIER JOBS: This is another entry-level position that begins with hourly rates and offers part-time jobs to those interested in beginning a career at Ace Hardware. As a Cashier, you will need to be physically strong because you will need to stand for long hours to attend to customers as they visit stores. Beyond standing, you will also need to assist in the stocking of merchandise on the shelves. There are no special qualifications for this job position, so you can send in your application, but before that let’s take a look at what your responsibilities entail:
  1. Provides Customer Assistance: As customers visit stores, Cashiers are expected to assist them to identify and process their purchases and help them lift their purchases from the store to their vehicles. 

  2. Operates Cash Registers Accurately: As a cashier, you must fill up the cash registers as purchases are made. You must pay attention to every detail of sales made. 

  3. Monitors all customers transactions: The cashier is solely responsible for monitoring all financial transactions from deposits to inhouse accounts, to Ace rewards, to refunds and cash withdrawals to team members where necessary. You must be highly accountable and ensure that there is accurate documentation of transactions.

  4. Keeps Check-out area clean: Cashiers ensure that check-out areas are properly kept clean and arranged. You must also stock supplies in check-out areas in an orderly manner. 

  5. Vigilance and Supervision: As you perform your duties, you must also be on the lookout for any suspicious activity so that you can call in the management to arrest the situation.

  6. Sales Promotion: You will also work closely with the sales associates to ensure that the store location records massive sales daily. This can be done by promoting Ace hardware programs and offers at every little chance you get. 

In addition, you are expected to possess a positive attitude always, prioritize customer satisfaction and live an exemplary life to other team members.

  • TEAM LEADER JOBS: This job position is a leadership position that team members can grow into over time. The team leader is in charge of overseeing and supervising the activities of the store in the absence of a store manager. You will need to possess excellent abilities to lead people, work with teams and be able to teach and train others. Your responsibilities will include the following:
  1. Opening and Closing store locations: As a team leader, you are expected to resume early enough to close store locations and also be the last person to go home after work so that you can close up the store. This is a very accountable position because all merchandise must be properly packed in and brought out every day, and no one must go missing.

  2. Ensures Maximum Productivity From Store Staff: As a team leader, you will be in charge of assigning daily tasks to staff. You will also need to ensure that they are busy attending to customers in a polite professional manner as they visit the store. You will closely follow up on projects assigned to team members to see that it is completed on time.

  3. Demonstrates Exemplary Leadership: This is very important because individuals naturally look up to their leaders. So, in attending to customers to keep up with daily tasks you must be an example for other team members.

  4. Assist the Training Coordinator: Beyond your responsibilities, you will be called upon to take on other assignments. You will be needed to assist the training coordinator in training new team members as they come on board. And, you will also need to encourage them as they learn, to speed up their onboarding process.

  5. Ensures that Company Guidelines are followed: As a team leader, you must ensure that all team members carry out their duties in line with the policies of the organization. This is to avoid penalties from the management. You will also need to prioritize a department so that you can be an example to other department heads. 


To work at Ace Hardware, you must be 18 years of age. This is because you will need to get involved in tasks that include lifting heavy items and standing for long hours. So, to avoid child labor, the minimum age stays at 18. Possessing a G.ED is not compulsory for entry-level positions but may be very essential for those applying for a management position.

Going further, it is important to add that possessing adequate knowledge about tools, equipment, and merchandise in the hardware store industry could also be an added advantage. For those applying for a job position in management, possessing a level of experience would boost your chances of securing the job.


 Ace hardware offers a wide range of opportunities in several locations. As a result of that salaries may differ from one store location to another. However, a general observation reveals the following:

  1. Sales Associates and Cashiers: Working in any one of these positions will give you the privilege to earn an average of $10.00 per hour. This hourly rate can increase as you advance on the job.

  2. Store Managers/Department Head/Team Leaders: If you are privileged to secure an appointment with the upper-level management at Ace Hardware you may earn an average of $25,000- $30,000 per year.


To secure a job position at Ace Hardware, you can print an application form online. Fill it and submit it to any store locations. You can also visit their official website to check for available openings before filling up an application. Also, if there is any store location close to you, you can pay a visit to the store and make inquiries on available positions before submitting your application.

This will make your application faster than applying for positions that are not available. If your application impresses them, you will be called upon for an interview within 2 weeks depending on the hiring needs of a store location. Their interview process usually involves a period of questions and answers that helps the hiring manager assess the applicant. 


Beyond the hourly, monthly, or yearly salary, employees at Ace Hardware are also privileged to enjoy certain benefits. Some of them include:

  • Assistance in tuition fees for students.
  • Special assistance programs designed for employees.
  • Paid Vacation
  • Medical Assistance Packages, etc.


  1. How can I secure a Job at Ace Hardware?
    The simplest way to secure a job at Ace Hardware is to visit the Ace Hardware Store in your location. When you get there, you will be required to fill an application form, after you have made the necessary inquiries.

  2. What is the minimum age required to work at Ace Hardware?
    To work at Ace Hardware, you must be 18 years of age. Nothing less than that is allowed in the organization.

  3. Does Ace Hardware have any open positions currently? 
    Yes, they do, visit their official website or any store to find out the details.

Ace Hardware Careers- Job Opportunities, Their Salary, and Duties

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