How Much Does A GameStop Manager Make?

How Much Does A GameStop Manager Make

Have you ever wondered how much money one can earn working at the nation’s most significant gaming retail store? Employees at GameStop make much more money than you would anticipate based on their position within the company. Here, we’ll know ‘How Much Does A GameStop Manager Make?’

A GameStop manager is responsible for a variety of retail-related tasks. Specifically, the manager ensures that the shop operates smoothly and effectively. GameStop managers may earn somewhere around $30,000 to $40,000 annually, based on their specific job description, shop location, and years of expertise in the retail gaming industry.

How Much Do GameStop Employees Get Paid?

GameStop Corporation is an American retailer of computer games, electronics, and gaming products. It has more than 4,000 stores and a significant online presence in 10 countries. Video gaming systems, accessories, and computer game titles are accessible at GameStop, which is part of the GameStop group of companies. 

Employees at Gamestop get nearly $30,000 each year, or $14 an hour, which is 75 percent less than the overall US average income of $66,000 annually. As per the statistics, a SQL Server Developer is a best-paid employee at Gamestop for $108,000 per year. On the other hand, the lowest-earning position at Gamestop for €16,000 per year is Game Associate.

What Are The Roles Of GameStop Manager?

Managers of companies are held responsible for a particular set of tasks. Some of the roles of GameStop manager are mentioned below:

Recruiting And Training New Employees

A vital responsibility is to supervise the recruiting process, which is one of their most essential responsibilities. 

Managers evaluate applications, contact eligible workers, interview people, appoint employees, and help train new hires and existing staff. 

Managers must get acquainted with GameStop’s corporate policies and processes, as well as with other methods.

Communication Skills Are Essential

To be a great GameStop manager, you must have excellent communication and management abilities to exhibit to peers and clients. 

The majority of managers’ positions at GameStop necessitate some level of prior professional experience. 

Taking The Next Step To Management Positions

While many GameStop managing associates go from game advisor roles to store manager positions, candidates with the highest management knowledge are given preferential consideration when applying for employment with the company. 

Become a shift supervisor or assistant manager to start your path to store manager.

Manager Positions And Their Salaries

In a corporation, managers must perform a particular set of tasks for the company to succeed. For example, a GameStop manager may perform the following duties:

District Manager

The district manager’s job is comparable to that of an inventive company contractor and owner, focusing on products, reused sales, employee engagement, guest experience, and risk mitigation. 

District Managers get the liberty, ability, and moral responsibility to influence excellent organizational performance through someone as the representatives of the district’s productivity development plan inside the confines of GameStop’s widely defined boundaries. 

For a Job in which the best GameStop district manager in the US, the average annual pay for this position is $65,000 with an additional $10,000 in revenue sharing.

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager organizes and manages distribution networks to guarantee accuracy, efficiency, and punctuality. Verbal teamwork, monitoring, task planning, and commitment to corporate rules create a favorable working atmosphere. 

This job is self-contained, with very minimal interactions with the supervisor. Most tasks are performed without prior supervisor permission.

In the USA, the standard average income for an operations manager is $63,800, with a $10,000 bonus payment and a $7,000 profit share incentive in addition to it.

Product Manager

Product managers search deeply for client-specific problems and use statistics to guide the vision and path of your product development.

They also act as specialists with solid knowledge of the technologies and services supporting the experience. In addition, product managers collaborate with the marketing, styling, and engineering staff to provide an exceptional service experience.

GameStop Product Managers make an estimated $122,600 per year, including average base pay of $112,400 plus an incentive of $10,100. In the United States, GameStop’s average Product Manager pay is $6,600 more than the national average income. 

Retail Store Manager

The Store Manager assists all areas of the company, especially maintaining that the store workers deliver a warm, engaging, and sincere service experience, both physically and on the mobile phone. It involves dealing with product range, transactions, and returns, as well as addressing general questions.

Some of the work includes maintaining a healthy, well-planned, and appropriately commercialized shop every time while complying with all rules, processes, and regulations. The retail store managers are also required to arrange, manage, and assign work to Game Advisors’ teams while maintaining control over the group.

The store manager at GameStop earns $13.85 per hour. As per the overtime hours worked, the weekly wage will be around $550. So the yearly income will be roughly $28,800 (or much more, depending on your experience).

Senior Manager

The Senior Manager collaborates with the digital commerce development team, Management, advertising, marketing, and analysis to propose and execute technical strategies to enhance GameStop online and digital search engine exposure.

The position needs demonstrated skills as a cooperative team leader with expertise in creating consistent ideas among cross-functional teams and utilizing project management capabilities to make teams responsible for completing projects on time and of high quality.

The average pay for the Senior Manager is $134,100 per year. Therefore, a Senior Manager’s salary at GameStop may vary from $101,800 to $175,700 each year.

What Are The Perks Of Working At GameStop?

With GameStop’s position as the world’s biggest video game retail store, it understands the significance of offering an extensive benefits plan to its workers. Consequently, the chain provides excellent GameStop employment perks to its employees, making it the most acceptable place to work in the gaming business.

Due to its competitive salary and benefits packages, GameStop is a top employer. GameStop provides typical employee benefits such as employee discounts, medical insurance, paid vacations, paid time off, 401(k) Plan, life insurance, etc.

What Skills Should GameStop Job Positions Require?

Applicants should have strong communication skills, a kind personality, and stock availability. Many of GameStop’s entry-level positions are occupied by people with little or no prior experience. Interest in video games is not necessary; however, it may be helpful in the recruiting process for specific candidates.

The essential element of daily activities is providing excellent customer service. GameStop employees are required to help customers in making purchases and to provide current market information.

Employees in the Workplace should be at least 16 years of age to be considered for entry-level jobs. The video game store offers full-time and part-time positions. In addition, it’s possible to get a promotion within the Gamestop store, which encourages development inside the business.


Anyone interested in applying for a position as a manager at GameStop must now be familiar with the duties of a manager, including the abilities needed to do the job, the pay of all different kinds of managers, and so on. Then, based on your qualifications and experience, you may choose which type of position will best fit your needs at GameStop, as well as how much you will be paid for your efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Is a job at GameStop a promising starter career for someone?

Working at GameStop is a great opportunity to get your toes wet in retail if you are young, passionate, and enjoy video games. However, because an entry-level employee at GameStop will not make a decent salary, it’s vital to love your job and workplace.

2) Does Gamestop pay weekly or biweekly?

Whether you get paid weekly or biweekly depends on the payroll policies of your local GameStop shop. If you work for a specific company, you may choose to take paid weekly or biweekly. It is highly recommended that you set up a direct deposit in your bank account if you do not already have one. You will get your payment within a few days following the conclusion of your pay period, either on a Thursday night or Friday morning.

3) Does GameStop give out commissions to its customers?

In this firm, there are no commissions. Instead, a yearly raise or promotion is given to you based on your performance. Helping your store grow its profitability is the key to moving up in the organization. Befriend your management team in the meantime so that they will take note of you.

4) How much does GameStop pay?

Employees at GameStop are fully aware of a need for bonus payments. Despite this, many continue to apply and hope for a chance to work at the nation’s leading video game store.

 5) What are the GameStop full-time employee work hours?

Most stores are open Monday through Saturday from 9 AM to 9 PM and from 11 AM to 6 PM on Sundays. As a full-time seasonal or permanent sales associate, you may expect to work the following shifts: 8 AM to 4 PM 9 AM to 5 PM 11 AM to 6 PM 4 PM to 11 PM 5 PM to 12 PM.

6) What are the entry-level salaries at Gamestop?

Entry-level salaries at Gamestop are meager, but the firm is focused on employing younger, more enthusiastic staff to remain competitive. Because many adolescents and young people are drawn to employment involving gaming equipment and accessories. It is effortless to discover excellent applicants for these associated roles.

How Much Does A GameStop Manager Make?

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