Amazon Driver Background Check- A Complete Guide

Amazon Driver Background Check - Complete Guide

Whenever we apply for a job, it is common to undergo a process called background verification. This process is carried out to check if the application submitted by the applicant is genuine or not. They also contain other important personal details of the applicants like medical history, criminal records, qualification, nationality, and a few essential certificates. All these things are check to provide a safe work experience to the workers and the customers. In this article, we’ll be reading about Amazon Driver Background Check before selecting a person for product deliveries. Read further to know more about the complete details to have in mind before applying for the position.

Amazon the Kingmaker of technology:

We all know Amazon is one of the world’s most influential and rapidly growing retailing companies. After a humble start in 1994, the company has proved to become the fourth largest multinational corporation, just after Google, Apple, and Microsoft. This American company mainly focuses on improving technological advancements like cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Though it was started only to sell books online, the success of that initiative led to its development. As of now, Amazon has the most prominent brand valuation in the whole world.

Jeff Bezos: The man behind the wall

Jeff Bezos established this company in Bellevue, Washington. Its initial setup was actually in a car garage. But due to the determination that worked into achieving this goal is important. Amazon evolved into existence through a consistent and ongoing quest for building a quality system. Amazon was built on the pillars of energy of character, bigoted focus, and a wish to give the highest customer expertise to every company.

Jeff Bezos proposed the basic plan for the company while the world was still investigating how the internet can function. The main purpose for Amazon has never been to defeat or overcome its competitors. Rather it focuses on fulfilling consumers and building content for them. This keeps them engaged in administering their plans and policies.

The background verifications:

When you apply for a position as a driver, the company may usually check for the following details: criminal background searches, references verification, medical history, drug tests, Driving license verification, passport verification for foreigners, and a few other basic papers works.

Criminal Background checks:

In this process, the applicant would be checked if he/she has any criminal records. They have a separate service called the national criminal background check service to conduct power background verifications. If you have a background with a felony, you may be hired after knowing how your life has changed over the year. But you would need to provide professional, sound people to verify all those procedures. But in some cases, when the felonies are a little old and you aren’t having any trouble with the law, you may be hired. But you would need to submit the necessary paper works from the officials from the law side in case if it is necessary.

References verification:

You might have submitted several references to acknowledge your application. But the organization must cross verify if the details are right or not. If you have several references who have worked with you previously or maybe the manager of your previous company, checking would be done with all your references personally either through a phone call or a virtual call. When they find something wrong with the references, you might be called for an explanation, or your application might be rejected automatically.

Medical history:

In jobs like a driver, it is very important to be physically and mentally stable at the same time. A lot of tests would be conducted to check if there are any major ailments in your body. Mainly they would check your cardiac stability and your blood pressure levels. Both these things shouldn’t be abnormal to be hired for this position. You might not be hired when you have diseases that can spread through air and water like leprosy, skin diseases, and so on.

Drug test:

A drug test examines the presence of prohibited drugs in your urine, hair, blood, saliva, or sweat. Most firms prefer urine testing because it is cost-efficient. Drug screening obtains out if a person has used a certain drug or alcohol. You may have to undergo a drug test as a necessity of your job, partake in related sports, or be a member of a police inquiry or court procedures. Your wellness care instructor may require drug screening if you have indications of drug impairment. A drug test usually needs that you give a urine specimen in a laboratory. 

In certain cases, a medical practitioner or any other staff member may require to be near while you give your specimen.

License verification:

This verification is the most prominent procedure that would be carried out to verify if your license is updated or not. First of all, your license would be screened to check if it’s real or fake. Then they would check if it is renewed up to date. Then It would be checked with the police if it has any record for accident. When you pass all these levels, you have greater possibilities to be hired.

Passport Verification:

This procedure would be carried out to individuals who do not belong to the local nationality. Sometimes people might illegally pass the borders and might be living in another country. In such cases, the passport would be verified to check if the individual’s stay is legal or not. Also, some people might be staying in the county even after the visa expires. So all these issues would be sorted in this step.


  1. Can I get hired with Amazon with a criminal background felony?

They are a little strict, but if you submit the necessary information about how your life has improved and if someone can check those differences professionally, you can and presumably will get hired.

  1. How do I know If I had passed the background check?

It’s simple, You would receive a mail regarding your status.

Amazon Driver Background Check- A Complete Guide

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