Google Hiring Committee- Set Up

Google Hiring Committee

Many people want to know the best way to break into a specific career path. Some careers, like software engineering and data science, may be challenging to break into without a background in those fields. Others, such as graphic design or web development, may require experience or credentials that you don’t have. This part is where Google’s hiring committee and partner programs come in handy! Let’s know about Google Hiring Committee.

We are here to give you an overview of what they are and how they work to understand your options better once you apply for these jobs through Google’s career site or other resources.

Getting Hired At Google

Getting hired at Google is not an easy task. The company has a strict hiring process and only selects the best to join its team. Google’s hiring committee consists of representatives from different departments in the company who have a say in which candidates are felicitated with an offer. The committee will review several factors, but Google wants to see evidence that you can succeed in their work culture and be an excellent cultural fit for the company. Some people believe that this committee has been created to selectively go after perceived left-leaning employees, thus justifying Google’s position as a conservative institution.

The first step in the process is submitting your application online via Google’s website. From there, you get subjected to a series of tests that will help determine whether or not you are eligible for an interview with one of Google’s hiring managers. According to Google, the App Developer hiring process will include written tests, coding challenges, and oral interviews. In addition, it will involve testing candidates’ knowledge, conceptual understanding, and problem-solving ability. You can prepare for these tests by practicing beforehand and understanding what skills they want to see from you.

Google Hiring Committee Set Up

The committee comprises renowned information technology experts, the members of which have significant business experience and skills. In today’s competitive world, a hiring committee is considered a crucial hiring tool to ensure that the candidate(s) hired to provide services and products meet industry standards. Most of the time, candidates have an excellent understanding of the industry, its practices, and the changing market trends. Therefore, organizations need to evaluate their hiring priorities often. For example, when is the ideal time to hire? Is it before or after a launch? 

And to empower women, search engine and online company Google has set up a committee to deal with the recruitment of women candidates in engineering. The committee will focus on evaluating and encouraging the participation of women in technical jobs while helping Google attract them to the company. In addition, the committee will seek out qualified women in technical and non-technical roles for interviews and internships, and help them get feedback on their applications, reports CBS News.

To attract more women to apply, Google has started an interactive website to help them find ways to overcome the stereotypes holding them back. The website makes it easy to find a detailed explanation of the hiring process to prepare themselves for women with no programming experience.

The hiring committee for this organization consists of four to five members in total but with the criteria of being well experienced in holding successful job interviews and understanding all the required hiring attributes appropriately. In addition, this committee includes people belonging to the designations like managers and peers of different levels and a cross-functional member too. They will be responsible for assessing partnership ability. 

But are you, like many others, thinking how this committee can be good in recruiting individuals to different disciples? Just hold on, the company keeping this situation in mind, has particular committees reviewing individuals according to each function in the company like to hire engineers there is Engineering Committee, for sales concerns they have Sales Committee. For general public operations, they have HRs available to carry out the drive.

You would be surprised to know that just like the aspirant needs training before the interview, Google believes that the hiring committee needs proper training. Yes! For that purpose, they even organize shadowing sessions where the new committee members are given a chance to hold healthy discussions, which are reviewed then by the experienced members and provided feedback on the basis. 

Content For Committee Review

The brand makes sure that all the hiring committee members understand that decision-making can only be the best if all the members have equal amounts of information regarding each applicant and if they go through them nicely. So it is beforehand informed to all the members out in the committee to go through the application forms and jot down the necessary points before the hiring meeting commences.

Rating Candidates 

Google Hiring committee, unlike many others, holds a healthy discussion amongst their committee members about the quality of the applicant and drafts feedback regarding that. The rating of candidates according to their procedure means to say “yay” or “nay” and then discuss the right job level that will fit the particular applicant the best.

Hiring Outcomes

The hiring decision here at Google is entirely based on consensus rather than on a majority basis like many other organizations’. Their voting procedure includes either of the following three outcomes-

  • Hired
  • Not Hired
  • Hold/More Information In Need

Suppose any situation where the recruiter has to go with the third option, as mentioned earlier. In that case, they must take feedback from their fellow members, gather more of the information, and schedule an additional interview so that the committee can consider other influential factors and make the right decision.

Hiring Committee’s Feedback

The recruitment process of Google is callous and strict. They also keep their reputation of following specific rules and regulations that ensure there is no manipulation of any kind. To maintain professionalism to the fullest, Google’s hit ring committee always prefers to offer feedback to the interviewers. And to the contrary, this feedback is not just about things that need to be improved but also includes the positive points/ traits the applicant has. This act of giving feedback does not only provides the applicant with an overview of the things that they need to work on but also, on the other hand, helps the hiring committee to have ease in a future meeting. 

How is Google’s Hiring Committee Different From Others?

  • Google’s team of people who interview candidates for the company, the Hiring Committee, differs from others. They are less likely to reject candidates based on skillsets. Google wants candidates who can think critically and keep up with technological change.
  • Google’s hiring committee is unlike any other. Unlike other companies that will reject candidates if they don’t have specific skills, Google wants to hire people that think critically and stay current with technology changes.
  • They are more interested in the candidate’s personality and how they will work with the team. They believe that the skills of a candidate can be learned, but not their personality.
  • Google is known for developing user-centric products. So it follows that they have an interest in hiring people who have a similar mindset of being user-centric, creative, and innovative.

4 Best Hacks To Get Hired At Google

#HACK1# Depict your Leadership Trait-

It is a sure indication from the above points that your Resume/CV concerns the hiring team the most. So, make sure that if you are applying for the designation that needs leadership qualities, you must display top-notch of them in your resume.

#HACK2# Crack The google Hangout or Telephonic Interview-

This session generally lasts for 30 to 60 minutes, and the points that need your attention are-

  • Always put up clarifying question
  • Explain your responses in the desired manner
  • Make sure all your answers are in workable code, and do consider corner and edges cases too.
  • Optimize carefully

#HACK 3# Ace the On-Site Interview-

Before going to the interview, here is a piece of advice that will surely benefit you if followed. Check it out below.

  • Continually note down some of the potential questions and their answers that you think they can ask you.
  • Do not hesitate to show up your thinking.
  • Give them an explanation about how you make decisions.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for clarifying questions. There is no harm in it at all.
  • Always support your answers with factual data and shreds of evidence.
  • Emphasis on conceptual understanding

#HACK 4# Have Googlyness-

It always serves as an additional bonus at the time of the interview. Yes! It is the one that incorporates unique qualities like passion, creativity, drive, entrepreneurship, grit, and persistence in an individual.


So guys, who don’t ever want to work for an organization like Google? Of course, everyone is out here competing. But to get hired at Google is quite a tough job, so the article above will surely help you out if you desire to work with the brand. Still don’t believe it? Just give it a try, and we think you will come later thanking us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What comes after the phase of Google’s Hiring Committee Screening?

Ans- After you are through with the screening at this phase, the recruiter figure outs the best role you can be offered according to your location and things like- educational background, experience, and skills.

Q2. How long does Google’s Hiring Committee take to revert?

Ans- As the organization receives millions of application forms daily, the whole process concerning your hiring typically takes about two to six months. 

Q3. Is getting a job at Google that hard?

Ans- Indeed Yes! Google is all believed to hire individuals of top-notch talent. According to a study, it is therefore thought that getting a job at Google is ten times harder than that being at Harvard.

Q4. Does Google Hiring Committee reject the application forms?

Ans- Yes! Every week the committee reviews some of the forms, and it would be no surprise if none of them concerns them. They in no minute will reject all of them.

Q5. Does the Committee at Google inform you about rejection via mail?

Ans- N, not at all. They just made a telephonic call to inform you about the round you didn’t get through.

Google Hiring Committee- Set Up

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