Best Books That Will Help You Love and Accept Yourself

Best Books That Will Help You Love and Accept Yourself

Sometimes you may feel obligated to love others and give all your energies and resources to them. It is easy to forget yourself, especially when surrounded by crowds of people waiting for your attention. Despite all your efforts, people are full of criticism, and they can reject you easily. When you continually receive negative feedback from people, it’s easy to begin hating yourself. As long as you are alive, the person you will always be with is yourself. Try your best to start loving yourself. If you cannot love and accept yourself, the following books will help you love and accept yourself.

List of Best Books That Will Help You Love and Accept Yourself

  • Enough by Sharon Jaynes
Best Books That Will Help You Love and Accept Yourself

One of the most distressing thing in your life is when you feel you are not good enough for any task. Many voices speak in you, telling you that it’s impossible, you are ugly, a wrong timer, not qualified, or it’s for someone else. 

A time comes when you must say enough to every negative voice and thoughts and begin focusing on how important you are to yourself, the community, and the world. This book written by Sharon Jaynes will help you refocus. 

The book will help you learn to reject any negative voice within you and focus on the grace God has given you. When your natural abilities fail you, the supernatural will help you accept the truth that you have all needed to defeat your insecurity and find confidence and love for yourself and other people. 

  • The Self-Love Experiment by Shannon Kaiser
Best Books That Will Help You Love and Accept Yourself

Many people have been changed by cultures and societies to believe they should never give themselves a priority. You must pat yourself on the back and put yourself first.  When you prioritize everything yourself first, you begin to show yourself kindness, compassion, and acceptance.

Shannon has written a wonderful book to help you begin accepting yourself, find a life purpose and live passionately. Shannon experimented on a few things and shared the results that can help you form a different habit in life and begin loving and accepting yourself. 

 It is possible to achieve your life’s dreams when you overcome all fear and build confidence to help you become a friend to yourself. 

  • I Heart Me by David R. Hamilton
Best Books That Will Help You Love and Accept Yourself

Many people do not love their authentic selves. David is a doctor, and when he realized he didn’t have self-love, he decided to do several experiments on himself. For over a year, he studied the science behind love. He found that self-love was deep in people’s genes. 

As we grow and learn different things, self-love is drained from our brains, and people begin trying to become someone else instead of themselves. In this book, David put himself through 27 exercises and has detailed them in this book to help you reprogram your brain and improve your self-love and your love for others.  

  • Don’t Overthink It by Anne Bogel
Best Books That Will Help You Love and Accept Yourself

What a boring state to find yourself circling in a life full of questions. You keep asking yourself, what if I do this thing and this happens, what if I fail, what if I get rejected, what if… and the ifs goes on and on. 

The circles of questions come from a self-denial state and over-analyzing situations and actions until we are left with nothing. When you critique your decisions too much, you feel empty inside, and all your confidence runs out.

In her book, Anne tells us not to overthink our plans, decisions, and goals. Overthinking will only result in negativity and does not help you or anyone else. The book helps you to become sober in your thinking and begin creating positive questions in your mind. 

You will be able to make some better choices in life and feel comfortable about them, thus save yourself a lot of energy. 

  • Into the Magic Shop by James R. Doty
Best Books That Will Help You Love and Accept Yourself

James narrates how he grew up in poverty under a sick mother and a father lost in alcohol. Co-incidentally, James met a woman in a magic shop who taught him several exercises to overcome suffering and fulfill his desires. 

The woman requested him to share the exercises with others and to keep his heart open. For the first time, James had learned the relationship between the mind and the heart. As he practiced the lessons, he began getting perplexing outcomes and even bought his first bike. 

The book is a great inspiration to anyone who feels rejected, poor, unconnected, and lonely. You can find love again within yourself and begin walking a victorious life. 

  • Overcoming Negative Self Image by Neil T. Anderson and Dave Park
Best Books That Will Help You Love and Accept Yourself

As human beings, we wonder if God really thinks anything good towards us, and if there is any, what is could it be? A negative self-image robs you of everything positive, and you begin feeling insecure, become abusive, develop low esteem, and hate yourself.

Instead of hating yourself and getting stuck in self-pity, Neil Anderson in his book encourages you to rise again and overcome every negative image. Using biblical examples, Neil exalts people to rise and embrace the freedom available in Christ’s message. 

The book is resourceful to anyone seeking to reverse their life curve and begin loving and accepting themselves just as God loves them. 

  • Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies by Tara Schuster
Best Books That Will Help You Love and Accept Yourself

Tara was quickly rising towards celebrity in Television entertainment, and everyone saw her as a success. The truth inside Tara was that she was bleeding inside, full of anxiety and in a total mess. In her childhood, she barely experiences parental love, and as a result, she was feeling rejected, depressed, shameful and anxious. 

While in desperate need, Tara had to make a paradigm shift and choose to love herself and become different. She began exercising simple habits, and eventually, she managed to pull herself out of the mire into self-acceptance.  The book is practical in all aspects and will help you create a different mindset to appreciate yourself and even reward yourself with good things. 

  • The Self-Care Solution by Jennifer Ashton, M.D., M.S.
Best Books That Will Help You Love and Accept Yourself

Sometimes we fail because we do not plan well. We list our goals of the year but rarely accomplish any. By the end of the year, we feel desperate, unaccomplished, or good for nothing and hate ourselves because we failed to accomplish the goals. 

One of our goals fails because we didn’t set the path or strategy to accomplish them. Every day, week, and month pass by, and finally, we feel like our goals were an impossibility and not doable. 

In her book The Self-Care Solution, Jennifer helps you set doable goals so that you stay motivated throughout the year. In the book, she has written a set of goals for you to do throughout the year to learn to plan, do and become better emotionally and physically. 

She has broken the goals into manageable pieces like meditation, laughter, hydration, mindful tech and so on. 

  • You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero 
Best Books That Will Help You Love and Accept Yourself

You may find yourself in a situation where you cannot change the way things are, how they happen, or when they happen. You find yourself in a deep desire for a whole new life, but keep going back to the same old style. 

You come to a desperation level, and all that you want is change, yet you fear failure. You Are a Badass is an action-filled book, and it will help you overcome great obstacles to become the new you. 

Jen has pieced together inspirational content to help boost your morale and ego. There are exercises fit for you to inspire you to set yourself to a whole new dimension. Jen does not leave you alone to figure out things but has filled the book with timely advice so that you get in the right direction easily. 

Self-sabotage is an action that can keep you locked into a dark prison of self-hatred and pity, but the swear words in this book will help you break out of the dark prison and walk a path full of light where you love yourself again and believe you are a great person. 

  • Empty Your Cup by Yong Kang Chan
Best Books That Will Help You Love and Accept Yourself

Many times we fill our inner self with poisonous thoughts that destroy our ambitions. We become lowly and unable to stand and declare love within ourselves. Low self-esteem is not taken away by your accomplishments or status in society. 

You could be well known in society, be the greatest business person in your time and have everything you need in this life, but none of these can help you love yourself. The way you perceive things determine the way you accept yourself. 

This book by Yong Kang Chan helps you become mindful about yourself, come out from a low self-esteem level, and begin loving yourself. By the time you finish reading the book, you will feel more compassionate about yourself and embrace yourself as an overcomer. 

  • The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown
Best Books That Will Help You Love and Accept Yourself

In the wheel of life, no one is equal to another. We are all at different levels of life academically, socially, in relationships, politically, and economically. This ‘imbalance’ helps us put more effort into life as we desire to attain another person’s status level or achieve something closer to their level. 

The truth is, we will always be who we are in terms of our personality. It is easy to fall into self-pity when you realize you cannot become like someone else no matter how hard you try. You look back to see who you wanted to become and who you became and hate yourself for who you became.

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown was written to help you accept and forgive yourself. You did not become who you wanted to be is not a reason to stagnate in self-hatred. You can rise, love yourself again, and begin walking in self-acceptance. 

  • Aim True by Kathryn Budig
Best Books That Will Help You Love and Accept Yourself

Self-hatred can turn into a totally different level. You come to a level where you hate your body; you hate your food and your spirit. This is a situation that can lead to suicide because you do not place any value in yourself. 

Kathryn is a yoga instructor and a great motivator. She loves to see people pursue and achieve their goals and remaining true to themselves. She uses the principle of yoga to help people meditate and live a balanced life. 

There are things that you cannot run away from, and that is your body, your spirit, and food. You are what you eat, and therefore you should boldly eat your food, take care of your spirit and be true to yourself.  The book is generally a guide to life. 

  • Beautiful You by Rosie Molinary
Best Books That Will Help You Love and Accept Yourself

Beautiful, you are a special book written by a woman for women. Rosie envisions a beautiful woman both on the inside and outside despite her age, situation, career, family, or status in society. 

The book will help overcome and build an image of self-acceptance and love to the woman harboring low self-esteem. For a whole year, the book details actions that the woman can take daily to feed her self-image with the right ingredients until she becomes a beautiful, attractive and prosperous individual. 

Building a unique self-image is a journey that can be accomplished through a set of doable goals, and every woman is capable of rising to great heights of self-love. 

  • Radical Self-Love by Gala Darling
Best Books That Will Help You Love and Accept Yourself

There is a moment when you feel a greater desire for a life full of joy and laughter, but the desire only remains a dream and an illusion. When everything you try out fails, it is easy to fall into depression. 

Other people judge others as the source of their trouble and therefore hate them and always look for the slightest mistake to start quarrels and chaos. Their whole cycle of life is full of chaos. 

Gala has experienced all the negative things that life can bring your way and lived to overcome. That inspired her to write this book so that many other people going through the same experiences or worse can get help. 

Through homework exercises, Gala has designed tools to help you come back and fall in love with yourself and start loving others. If you follow her exercises keenly, your life will soon begin to manifest a different personality, and many people will notice that you have changed. 

  • The Wisdom of Sundays by Oprah Winfrey 
Best Books That Will Help You Love and Accept Yourself

There comes a time when you come to an end of trying to learn from yourself. Learning from the self begins with a look into the past and the mistakes you have made.

From there, you correct them and build new ways of approach to life even as you perfect your little strengths. There are times when you try everything and keep failing no matter how hard you try. 

That will be the time to turn to other people and learn from them. You listen to their testimonies on how they struggled in life, their time of awakening, and who they are today. 

This is what The Wisdom of Sundays is about. Oprah Winfrey took time to interview great society influencers’ wisdom so that we can learn from them and correct the negative feedback we feed ourselves with. 

Oprah also details how she traveled her spiritual journey and then introduced her conversations with inspiring leaders like Tony Robbin and great authors like Wayne Dyer. 

The book is useful to any person who wants to overcome ego, weak relationships, and a broken inner self. Once you become self-conscious, you can awake and begin living a wonderful life full of possibilities, and you deeply connect yourself with all that nature can offer.

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Best Books That Will Help You Love and Accept Yourself

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