Vacation Pay Request Letter Format & Samples

Vacation Pay Request Letter

A vacation pay request letter is one of the essential documents you will find in any business organization or company. Thus, you must know how to write it. Vacation pay may be one of your entitlements as an employee, and writing a vacation pay request letter is definitely something you should pay attention to. A vacation pay request letter is a formal letter that should contain basic information such as your name, position in the company, vacation period, and vacation pay amount. Your vacation pay request letter should contain two addresses, a heading, appropriate salutations, body, and closing remarks. It is a short letter that makes no provisions for long-windedness. 

For starters, a vacation pay request letter is a letter that you write or submit to the HR or managing director of your business organization or company, indicating and informing them that you will be going on vacation, while also notifying and reminding them that you are entitled to vacation pay in the company. Vacation pay is a different payment from your salary/wages. The importance of taking some time off work cannot be discussed enough; it leads to an overall improvement and increased productivity. However, you are entitled to vacation pay whether you choose to go on a vacation, although this depends on the company you work in. 

Since a vacation pay request letter is an official document, it should contain a formal letter’s features, which are your address, the company’s (receiver’s) address, date, heading, salutation, body, conclusion, and signature. You may see a template for a vacation pay request letter below but first, let us discuss the components of a vacation pay request letter.

Components of a Vacation Pay Request Letter

  1. Address

    • There should be two addresses in this letter. The first one contains your information as the sender of this letter while the second one contains the information of the recipient of the letter (this should include the receiver’s position in the company). Do not forget to include the date in this part also.
  1. Salutation

    • The salutation comes after the address. Examples of what to write as the salutation include “Dear Mr.,” “Dear Madam,” “Dear Ms.,” and others. A comma should follow whatever you decide to use as your salutation in your vacation pay request letter. 
  1. Heading

    • This part of a request letter contains the title of the letter you are writing. The title of your letter should be succinct enough but should give enough details to the reader about why you are writing the letter. An example of the heading of a vacation pay request letter can be ‘request for vacation ‘pay’ or ‘vacation pay request.’ Also, note that the heading should entirely be in all caps, or the first letter of each content word should be in capital letters.   
  1. Body

    • The body of the letter should briefly explain in short details why you are writing the vacation pay request letter. In the body of this request letter, you may reiterate the gross amount and the due date it is meant to be paid into your account. The body of your letter, including the conclusion, should not be more than three paragraphs. Your conclusion should state that you are expecting feedback concerning what you have written. The message the letter is trying to pass across should be put clearly in the body of the letter. However, keep it short and direct to the point. Also, note that you should not include any contractions, such as “can’t,” in your request letter. Write your words out in full. 
  1. Closing remarks 

    • The closing remarks contain your closing salutations. If you are short of what to write in the closing remarks, you may use “Yours faithfully,” This should be followed by your signature, name, and position in the company. 
    • After you are done with this aspect, remember to proofread your letter for any spelling or grammatical errors. While proofreading, you should also check and confirm that you wrote the right names and figures in the letter. You really do not want to make such mistakes in your letter.

Template of a Vacation Pay Request Letter


Writer’s Name (optional),

Writer’s Address.


Receiver’s Position,

Receiver’s Company,

Receiver’s Address.




Dear Sir/Madam, 


I am writing this to notify you …………………………………………………………….

I humbly ask that my request be granted and payment be made into my account at the appropriate time.

Thank you.

(Closing remarks)

Yours faithfully,

(Your signature,)

(Your name,)

(Your post.)

Samples I

Madelyn Piper,

Lane four, Golf Area, New Jersey.

17th January, 2021.

The Managing Director,

Country’s Staff Club, 

Lane four, Golf Area, New Jersey.

Dear Sir,


I am writing this letter to notify you about my unpaid vacation payment for the just concluded the year 2020. I met all the criteria required for receiving this vacation pay, and this can be confirmed in the company’s attendance and complaints book.  

I hereby request humbly that my vacation allowance be included with my next paycheck, which will make my next paycheck a total of a hundred dollars. 

Thank you for the warm consideration of my request. 

Yours faithfully, 


Madelyn Piper,


Sample II

Alex Bordello,

Page Street, Central Park, California.

17th January, 2021.

The Managing Director,

ABC company and sons,

Page Street, Central Park, California.

Dear Ms.,


Kindly consider this letter as a means of bringing your attention to my unpaid vacation. According to the entitlements of an employee in your company, which is stated in the handbook, I am entitled to the sum of twenty-five dollars per year as vacation allowance. However, I am yet to receive this.

I hope that this allowance is paid before the end of this working month. 

Thank you for consideration of my request.

Yours faithfully, 


Alex Bordello,

IT Engineer

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Vacation Pay Request Letter Format & Samples

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