What Is Enneagram Type 9?- Self Improvement Tips and Best Jobs

What Is Enneagram Type 9?

Enneagram Simplified. 

Enneagram is a typed system of analysis of the distinct personalities in humans. It has nine dominant personalities. Below are sub-types that connect the fundamental type. The system uses a diagram that displays nine points. Each of these nine points represents a personality. It becomes a little complex once interpreted deeper. What Is Enneagram Type 9?

The word itself is a compound word. Dissecting the first half, ennea, is of Greek origin, meaning nine. The other half, gram, is again of Greek origin and means something is written or something in a letter.

Concrete and proven proof of the origin of the enneagram seems elusive to say the least. There are abundant stories and tales, though, of where and how this could have started. 

Some say it comes from an era 4,500 years ago when pagan belief was common. Others insist it is from the Greeks because of the root words. There are also a considerable few that propound that it is a product of Muslim mysticism. 

By whatever way this came, it is of no question that it is of eclectic origin.

Nine Types of Enneagram

The Backdrop to the Main Type

Before we go into the nine types of the enneagram, two groups must be mentioned. The first of the two is the Centers.  The second is the Wings. We give you the name and the predominant emotion that goes with it. As aforesaid, it could get complex.

The name of the first group is Center. Each center has three of the nine enneagram types. The names of these centers are:

A. Heart or Feeling Center

Enneagrams that belong here are reliant on their emotions. Emotions to understand themselves and also to connect with other people.  The people with this center operate in the usual through feeling, or tone, or mood. This center has the dominating emotion of shame. This is for types 2, 3, and 4.

B. Body or Instinct Center

The three enneagrams under this Center are instinct-driven. This refers also to those persons that fall into each of the three enneagrams. Instincts tell them to move when opportunities surface or when a stake, dangerous or not, is at hand. It is also through instinct that they interact with the community. The center has rage or anger at the top of their emotions. Types 8, 9, and 1 belong here.

C. Head or Thinking Center

The head is where the brain is, and the intellect of those belonging to this center is the driving force for them. They use their intellect to arrive at explanations for all their daily situations. Intellect is also the means to mingle with others. Fear is the principal emotion of this center. This is the center of types 5, 6, and 7.

The second group is called Wings. There are two wings for each type of enneagram personality which is the left and the right. These are the Enneagram Types immediately to the left and right of the focused Enneagram Type. These are permanent and non-interchangeable; the right will always be at the right. It is based on the Enneagram circle. This wing acknowledgment reflects the intricacy of each personality.

Nobody among us is of the pure personality type. If you are a Type 4 Enneagram, you do not have the full and pure composition of type 4 only. You have a mixture of the Center and the Wings that affect your personality as a whole. A professional Enneagram interpreter will reveal to you something even much deeper than what we have here.

Enneagram’s Main Nine Types

With all those body parts aside, we delve into what we came here for; the nine enneagrams. In the description of each enneagram, there will be a word or two that are in bold type. These words are the primary traits of people in that enneagram. The underlined words are lesser characteristics.


Body or Instinct Center / Rage or Anger / Right Wing: Type 9 / Left Wing: Type 2

The people that belong here move in life with purpose. They never sway from it with utter self-control and adhere to their principles every step of the way. They are rational thinkers in doing and saying things. They may fall into being a perfectionist for their being idealistic. People in this enneagram are teachers, advocates, or crusaders. They are conscientious, ethical, and afraid to make mistakes. 

Known personalities, to name a few, are on this shortlist. Jerry Seinfeld, Harrison Ford, George Bernard Shaw. Rudy Giuliani, Hillary Clinton, and Osama bin Laden.

Enneagram #2: The HELPER or GIVER

Heart or Feeling Center / Shame / Right Wing: Type 1/ Left Wing: Type 3  

This second enneagram is where the person is generous, in money or time, to deliver care. They may be possessive since they create a very wide world of contacts. This is so with the influence of being friendly, sincere, and does things to please people. They are the Twos and they belong to the Hear Center with Shame as the prevalent emotion.

There are Twos in the news or movies. Nancy Reagan, Pope John XXIII. Stevie Wonder, Barry Manilow. Elizabeth Taylor and Martin Sheen all belong here.

Enneagram #3: The ACHIEVER.

Heart or Feeling Center / Shame/ Right Wing:Type 2 / Left Wing: Type 4  

Though this type does fall under the larger group of Heart or Feeling Center. They are those that are pragmatic. They strive for success through practical means. Threes walk with assurance and energy. Because they know they are competent to get to their ambition. With your Feeling or Heart Center, you have a conscious concern with what others say about you.

Live your life knowing there are others like you. Michael Jordan, Paul McCartney, Tom Cruise. Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Swift, Anne Hathaway, and Prince William are here as well.

Enneagram #4: The INDIVIDUALIST. 

Heart or Feeling Center / Shame/ Right Wing:Type 3 / Left Wing: Type 5  

People who are under this enneagram type are introspective. You are someone who is silent and examines oneself deeper than others usually do. It is no wonder since this type belongs to the Heart or Feeling Center like types 2 and 3. Many of the Fours prefer to be around things of or with beauty. Some may even feel what their emotions tell them before they move out into the world.

Hark for you are not alone. Marlon Brando, Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet. Ingmar Bergman, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and Edgar Allan Poe will share space for you. 

Enneagram #5: The INVESTIGATOR.

Head or Thinking Center / Fear / Right Wing:Type 4 / Left Wing: Type 6  

Cerebral and intense are the people that belong to this type of enneagram. It is an expectation so for they belong also to the Head Center, the thinkers. These types do not want to be useless for they are alert and curious about anything. When left alone to think, they can come up with complex ideas. These are the type that is inventive while being independent.

If you belong here in this type, look who you belong with. Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Mark Zuckerberg. Stanley Kubrick, Jodie Foster, and Albert Einstein would want to think it over with you.

Enneagram #6: The SKEPTIC or LOYALIST.

Head or Thinking Center / Fear / Right Wing:Type 5 / Left Wing: Type 7  

The Sixes are people who are skeptical, committed, and security conscious. They are those that will engage with anybody and are responsible for what they do, say, and think. They may be front liners in trouble-shooting situations. To do so, they encourage cooperation.

You are among those in the likes of the following. Prince Harry, J. R. R. Tolkien, Robert F. Kennedy. John Grisham, Robert De Niro, Julia Roberts, think you belong with them. 

Enneagram #7: The ENTHUSIAST.

Head or Thinking Center / Fear / Right Wing:Type 6 / Left Wing: Type 8  

This is one slick personality. The person may have a scattered interest but can be spontaneous or be versatile in his/her dealings. The person itches to be busy and seeks a multitude of activities to quell the enthusiasm within. This is so because these people are high in spirit and practical in all their undertakings. 

Know that among those with you in this type are John F. Kennedy, Miley Cyrus, Steven Spielberg. Robin Williams, Brad Pitt, Paris Hilton. Leonardo Di Caprio, and Bruce Willis.

Enneagram #8: The CHALLENGER.

Body or Instinct Center / Rage or Anger / Right Wing: Type 7/ Left Wing: Type 9

The name of this enneagram shows the person what he is. The person is not a ruckus rouser. He is the dominant personality and asserts and controls a situation. He is powerful and may domineer on everyone and egocentric on his negative trends. This may come as something positive or a deterrent to his situation. He may not be boisterous but could slip down to be a trouble-maker. 

Take a glimpse of those under this type. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Indira Gandhi. Sean Connery, Tommy Lee Jones, and Clint Eastwood.


Body or Instinct Center // Dominant Emotion: Rage or Anger

Wing Right: Type 8 // Wing Left: Type 1

They have it named Type 9 as the Peacemaker. This is because the personality is the only one of all types most devoted to their quest. The quest they undertake is not for themselves alone but everyone. Inner and outer peace in all individuals for personal peace of mind and harmony in the world.

Some people call them the “seekers of spirituality”. It is but none other than the basics of psychological and spiritual endeavors. They work to maintain the peace around them and in their community. They also strive to do the same in their families, and themselves. These are those that are supportive and willing to go along with the views of others. Even if it conflicts with their own. They want things to move without a glitch. 

These are the people that can bring others to the table for unity and resolution of disputes. An indispensable type in tough times. They accept and trust, as they are complacent and stubborn at certain times. This is reflective of their creativity, problem simplification, and problem-solving.

Some Enneagram professionals also call this type the crown of the Enneagram. Basing on the Enneagram symbol, the Nine sits right at the top of the arc making it look like a reflection of the other types. Which, in reality, it is.

Nines can get, feel, or act the character traits and personalities of the other eight types. Like having the creativity of Fours, the strength of Eights, and the idealism of Ones.  What it can not stand, in irony,  is itself.

Among those in Type Nine are the following. Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Grace of Monaco, Dwight D. Eisenhower, George W. Bush. Walt Disney, George Lucas, Morgan Freeman, Sophia Loren, Annette Bening.

Healthy Level

At the pinnacle within this level, a type Nine has contentment at oneself and with others. At the same time, a Nine will meet the equanimity that leads to the fulfillment of his deepest desire of having inner stability. This state of mental composure also is the foundation to achieve profound relationships with others and with himself.

The Nines have the most positive traits at this level. They are optimistic, highly active, emotionally stable, and good mediators. This is the stage where a Nine performs the best of himself. In a way, a Nine is in a state of euphoria, and it pleases him and those around him.

Average Level

This is the level where Nines are more in the general flow of interaction with people. They become self-effacing and seek to accommodate others. A Nine will tend to say yes when he does not mean to. This is also the state when a Nine may happen to be inattentive or unresponsive to anybody else’s problems.

At the lower end of this level, a Nine becomes indolent, he has no focus on thinking in factual terms. Nine begins to conjure fantasies to ease the imbalance in the environment. A Nine will not exert any effort to be assertive.

Unhealthy Level 

This is a very disconcerting stage for a type Nine. The least that could happen is repression of oneself that may develop into seclusion, not only physically but also mentally. A Nine may also become as stubborn as a mule and never deviate from what thoughts come into mind.

A Nine may slide down to a condition where the seclusion will result in an unresponsive stupor. That stupor would show if self-abandonment may already happen. When it does, a desperate condition is inevitable, unless averted early on. Multiple personalities may be a possibility.

Self Improvement Tips for Enneagram Type 9

With the immense area of discussion in the enneagram, we focus on one type. That will be the type 9, the Peacemaker. An in-depth study of the types will reveal it is complex within. Type Nines are not different at all. 

There are positive characteristics and negatives ones as well. In knowing such, specific points of interest need mentioning. This is for the improvement of one under the enneagram type nine.

*Practice assertion and be more direct in dealing with others.

This may come out as an intimidating exercise for a type nine. The best way to start this is to see yourself in the mirror. Look at how assertion is being played by characters in movies. Try that on your own in front of a mirror. 

If you think you look and sound assertive enough, try it with your sister or brother or your mom. You can call your closest of closest friends and they will understand and help you out. Pleasing others too much, too often, gives the aura of a weak person. So, assert yourself and be direct in what you say.

*Sit back and examine and accept the mistakes of the past to grow ahead.

A spat with your mother, an expulsion from work, or a simple mistake in buying. A type nine must find time to think things over after an untoward event. There could be worse situations that could happen. But a yelling argument with your mom leaves an unpleasant taste forever. 

Unless you reflect on the event, accept that you made a mistake of disrespect. Not having control of your emotions (like buying a fake Rolex for 20 bucks because you like it). These sample situations can have some resolution. The immaturity will ease out if you do this after each misadventure. And the misadventure itself will decline in the weeks and months that follow.

*Cater to your needs and deliver yourself to your wants.

Type nines are people who do not want to conflict with almost anyone. To avoid that conflict, type nines will do anything for the antagonistic person. Because of that, type nines will have double the time and the effort to do things. They have their things to do and an extra burden comes along. 

Such conditions will deprive the type nine of having time to themselves. The nine wanted to eat some ice cream, but he can’t because they have to work to please the antagonist. Conflict avoidance is not bad at all, but there is something wrong somewhere.

This goes back to the first tip: assert and be direct. Then you will not have to please the antagonist. Then nines will have the time to look at their wants and needs. They then will cater to themselves. They will pamper themselves instead of sulking at other’s demands.

*Go out and explore into adventures.

Enneagram type nines do not want change. They do not want their routine to alter, how monotonous it may ever be for others. It is their comfort zone, their haven, it is their life.  

This tip will challenge for a type nine but a challenge still to grow and improve one’s life. There are many things a type nine can do to explore the outer limit of their safe zones. Like all endeavors, the first step is the key.

Try hiking to the hills alone. Conflict with a human is less likely in this scenario. Take a dip at the nearest sea or lake, and taste the salt again since you were last there in your dad’s hands. Go fishing and learn the tricks if it is your very first time. Go biking or do some resistance exercises and put on some muscles to face that antagonist again.

Best Jobs For This Personality

Considering the character traits of an enneagram type nine people, there are a lot of jobs to choose from. Here are a few of the fitting jobs or careers to consider for a type nine, which may be a spark for improvement and growth. 

1. Librarian

This job requires the person to organize, collect, and provide information upon request. Requests for resources such as books, digital files, and video files, among others. Depending on the size and the personnel attached, this can be a soothing environment for a type nine. 

With minimal interaction, if the library is small, this could be a cause for stagnancy in growth. If the library is bigger, it could help enhance and improve the character traits of type nine. The silence of the environment and the routine of the job may suit type nine. But a steady flow of requests and the intellect to know where things are would be an everyday challenge.

2. Diplomat

A diplomat has another name: Foreign Service Officer. He/she is eligible after passing certain examinations by the government. And will receive an assignment to a foreign country to fulfill their duties. The primary duty of a diplomat is to create and maintain good relations with other countries. Along with this is to protect the native country. 

If relations with another country are down,  the diplomat has to get those relations to good standing.

A person with an enneagram type nine is a good fit for the position. Could be the best job for a type nine because of the following. Conflict prevention, a basic desire of type nines. Working in an unfamiliar environment to escape from their safe-havens. The job has many levels within. Making this into a career will have a lasting and fulfilling effect for a type nine.

3. Veterinarian

Veterinarians are the professionals that take care of animals. They are the ones who diagnose, treat, and maintain the health of animals. Not only pets do they care for but also farm animals such as chickens, pigs, and cattle. This profession may also lead to a small business for home pets. 

It is not in those fields alone that veterinarians exist. They are also into research, the academe, the military, or security forces. They are also in government service.

A person of enneagram type nine is suitable for this position as well. This will bring a wider world for type nine unlocking them from their comfort zones. Interaction with animals has a lower probability of conflict. Except with an adamant cat. Advising pet owners of what is good for their pets is a morale boost. It is a shade off of conflict resolution. A trait type nine possesses.


The Peacemaker they named for avoidance or settles a conflict. Whether it be an existing one or cropping up. Type nine must know the basic positive and negative traits of their personality. 

With that essential knowledge gained, a type nine can grow and improve their lives. Failing to get this knowledge will be a terrible situation for a type nine if they ever go down on a negative slide. 

What Is Enneagram Type 9?- Self Improvement Tips and Best Jobs

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