Out of Office Sick Messages- Examples

Out of Office Sick Message Examples

Ever Wondered what would happen if you took leave telling no one? Imagine the scenario. It would be pure trouble to leave your company with unanswered questions, making you look irresponsible and careless. An employee should inform authority or colleagues and clients about sick leave without being told to do so. It is your duty. You owe it to the people or the clients you work with. You want to maintain clarity anywhere you go. Ambiguity does not serve anyone, and it is not encouraging at all in the workplace. Here, let’s know some Out of Office Sick Messages with examples.

A professional has to have an exemplary track record of accountability with the people they are working with. Such an essential thing as informing the people you work with has to be established, as it does not give a great impression on your career and may deter your professional growth. Your reputation and respect are all interconnected in this ordeal. Therefore, to avoid such a situation, autoresponder messages need to be sent out way ahead of your leave.

What are autoresponder messages?

  • These are messages that respond on your behalf. It is an email notification generated ahead of time. 
  • When a client or a colleague messages you, these autoresponders will respond on your behalf. Hence the name autoresponder.

What to include in this autoresponder?

  • It is best to include the date of your leave and return date.
  • Sometimes during, some instances, it does not mention a return date, especially with sick leave. Understandably, there will be an extension during such circumstances.
  • The person who will take charge in your absence has to carry your responsibility on their shoulder.
  • In such a case, you can delegate the work and assign the task to yourself if you want to or can respond to the email or calls.
  • The discretion to answer or not to answer depends on the situation you have at your disposal.
  • Another point to note is to be discreet in the message. Your client or colleagues do not have to know all the nitty-gritty details of your leave.
  •  Hit the bull’s eye by keeping it simple, short, and professional, and give out helpful ways to lessen the burden of the people you are working with. A detailed message saves a lot of headaches for the professional world.

Who needs autoresponder messages?

  • Everyone requires it, but the common notion is that people who work in marketing, customer service need it more.
  • But any job that has constant interaction with their client or has a deadline or set targets to achieve or any work that requires high accountability needs to generate a well-informed autoresponder message. 
  • Your colleagues, clients, or customers may want to know the reason and the date of your return. 
  • So, there is a provision in most professional email responders to give out two messages at once, one for the internal colleagues and the other for the external clients or customers.
  • An out-of-office message can give proper direction to the people wanting your service or may bore them to death with long unwanted details of your leave.

You require these out of office leave messages for a variety of reasons, such as these:-

  • Taking a vacation:– You need to let them know about it. It will be better not to mention your holiday destinations and why you needed a break.
  • Attending a conference, workshop, or professional meeting: It is nice to mention where you are. It is best not to tell what the discussions are about and other unwanted details.
  • Taking maternity or sick leave and sabbatical leave: By mentioning these, it gives a fair amount to those people you have a connection with to let them know what to expect upon your arrival or when you are on leave.
  • Taking a personal day off:- Letting people know you are on a break is okay as it sets a boundary on what to expect. The reason for it may be because of a much-needed leave or because of an illness. You want to give them a chance to empathize with your situation to make things easier for you and them as well. It shows accountability on your part. The people working with you will thank you.
  • If you are going to an appointment: An appointment is a pretty important thing. So making grants know about it will give them an idea of what to expect from you.

Although all these rules may bend, according to the situation. For instance, you want to mention some details about your office shifting or if you are on disability leave, or if any sudden death in the family occurred. These are those exceptions. You may take a medical break, not for yourself but your family members. 

You may take such leave sometimes when you are the sole caretaker. In such a case leaving a good out of office sick leave message without mentioning the details of that person’s sickness you are taking care of is okay, but giving a little heads up on the situation is best for your clients, customer, or office staff.

What do auto-generated messages do for us?

  • It leaves out confusion during your absence and works things in favor of you. 
  • How? By giving information about your whereabouts and ways to mitigate the problems while you are away. 
  • It puts ease on those people who may look forward to hearing from you; It works for both the urgent queries and the not so urgent ones.
  • Removing doubts which leaves no room for ambiguity is a job well done. A professional is to deliver satisfaction in every way, and a good autoresponder message is one way of achieving it.

There are different ways in which you can write out-of-office sick leaves.

  • Mention the return date.
  • There is no mention of a return date.
  • Delay of response.
  • No response.
  • Delegate to someone.
  • Urgent only response
  • Respond upon returning only.

What to consider while writing an autoresponder sick leave message?

  • You will need to consider to whom you are writing. Is it for internal or external purposes? 
  • Sometimes you will find a laid-back culture of a company. In that case, it needs a more casual tone, and the opposite is true for some. 
  • The circumstances of your absence should also be considered- sometimes sickness is for a short duration, or it can go for an extended period and may not have any course of time.
  • It is best to let the people you work with have a clear picture of what you expect them to do in your absence. 
  • Keeping them oblivious to your situation is a big no. It will increase frustration with you, and you may get a bitter welcome.

Here are some of them out office sick messages examples below:-

Example 1

Hi there,

Thank you for the message. I wanted to let you know I am on sick leave for a few days. I will be joining work on (date). I have assigned my work to (name). She will assist you if you need help. I want to let you know that I will not be returning any calls or answering any emails. Please contact (number) if such a case arises.



Example 2


I got your message; I wanted to let you know I am on sick leave. My leave is from (date) to (date). However, I will answer calls and answer emails. Keep me in knowledge of how I can be of help. Thank you.



Example 3


Thank you for your message. I am on sick leave. I do not know when I will be at work but, I have assigned the project to my assistant (name). He will handle the work in my absence. His contact is (number).

Thank you for your patience and understanding.



Example 4.


Thank you for responding, but,

 I am on sick leave. I will not be there from (date) to (date). During my absence, my partner (name) will handle the project. Do contact him in case you need anything (contact no). I also want to let you know I will answer only urgent emails, so write urgent in the email if you would like to get it checked at the earliest. If it is not an urgent matter, I will be returning on (date) so expect my response on the said date. 

I appreciate your cooperation and thank you in advance.



 Example 5

Hello team,

I got your messages. I cannot do the required task as I am on medical leave. I got the bug, but do not worry, because it is just a normal one. I have isolated myself to save the team from going down one by one. I am maintaining distance for one week. In my absence, my wingman (name) will take my place. He will see that it hampered no work. I will see you all on (date). I will answer emails only, but I will not be available for calls because of my sore throat. Please bear with me. Thank you.



That is an internal out-of-office sick message. In this, you can mention some details to your team so that you do not receive a sore welcome when you arrive. It is good to let them know your ground situation to give them a chance to have a good idea about your condition.

Example 6

Hi all,

Thank you for the message. I want to tell you I am on emergency medical leave. I am going to have an emergency operation. However, there is nothing to worry about, as it is a minor surgery. I do not know when I will be back to work. I have given (name) in charge of the remaining work, he will respond to my emails and calls.

Thank you.



It is an internal out-of-office message. By explaining your circumstances, you give them the chance to understand your situation, which cannot be bad at all, right! It creates a fair working environment with lots of room for empathy. 

 Example 7

Hello everyone,

I got all your messages, but I cannot respond to them as I am on sick leave and will resume work on (date). I have assigned my duty to (name). Do contact him if you require anything. I wanted to let you know you will not hear from me until then. Thank you for your utmost understanding.



Example 8


Yes, I got your message. I wanted to tell you I am on sick leave. I am down with the cold. I will still respond to your emails and calls but will be slow to respond. I hope you understand.

I thank you for your patience.



Example 9


I got the message, but I cannot place your order as I am on sick leave. I will not be able to give a date for my return. I will place your order with a five percent discount when I resume work. I hope that helps a little.

I thank you for your understanding.



It is an out-of-message sick leave for your customer’s needs if you are a small business owner and your orders get disturbed because of a sudden illness. It is always good to please your customers with some discount if that is possible. It will make the situation a little less stressful for both the party.

Example 10.


I saw your message. I want to tell you that I am on medical emergency leave. I have to attend to my daughter’s medical needs. I want to make this transition pass as smoothly as possible for the team. It is the reason why I am working from home. Please reach out to me anytime via calls or emails. I will join you on (date).



Example 11

Greeting to all,

I got your message, but I will not be responding to it. I have taken a one-day leave because of these cramps. It is not allowing me to sit still. Do not expect any calls or emails from my side. I will not be answering them as well. I will resume my work on (date) and will carry on with my work. I will make it up when I return. Thank you so much. You all are the best.



It is an internal out-of-office sick leave for one day, and sometimes you cannot seem to be on your toes because of various circumstances. In such a case, it is best to let your team know about it to prepare to carry on with the work without you. It is a good thing to be direct about it and kill all the ambiguity. The mystery is not sexy at the workplace. 

Example 12

It is an out-of-office medical leave because of the death of a beloved loved one.

Hello colleagues,

I have seen your messages. I will not be responding to you all for a few days. I have taken medical leave from (date) to (date) because of the sudden demise of my beloved mother. It is an emotional time for my family and me. Please remember us in your prayers while I am away; I have delegated my share of work to (name). She will handle the editing, calls, and emails on my behalf. I am thankful in advance for all your understanding and patience. Take care.



You can generate this internal out of message medical leave in cases you require longer duration leave to make funeral preparation for the death of a close one. Understandably, life happens, and it is best to share a part of the grief with your work family, too.


These examples will take you a step ahead of everyone and keep you on your A-game for all time. Everyone admires the proactive person who puts all things in order as It sets the right tone for work and gives a lot of room to avoid disruptions caused by life, such as those unavoidable moments like sickness, death, and emergencies of all sorts. You are not immune to it, but you can prepare an out-of-office sick message way ahead and avoid all the chaos that comes with it. When life interrupts your daily routine, you can be ahead of others by planning and preparing.

The only way to achieve it is by considering other people in your professional career and planning the road bumps ahead of time. With a leave, if it is a sudden one, you can always use these examples and prepare the best out-of-office sick leave message in a jiffy. One cannot underestimate the value of having an out-of-office message. It is a requirement to have as it will support you in your time of need. It is a tool that needs polishing from time to time. You need to invest your time crafting an out-of-office message to let you stand out from the crowd that will make a good impression in your workplace and makes things smooth for everyone.

Out of Office Sick Messages- Examples

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