How To Quit Doordash?

How To Quit Doordash?

There can be endless reasons for someone to wish to quit working with Doordash. You can be satisfied with your full-time job, you can feel that you have had enough experience, or maybe you just don’t have the time to work with Doordash. Let’s know How To Quit Doordash?

In any case, once you’ve decided you want to quit, the question lies in how do you do it? The formalities while beginning to work were not a lot. It is the same while quitting. Can I delete the app and get done with it? Or is there a notice period here as well? 

This article is all about clearing this confusion. All those reading must be having this question, either out of curiosity or necessity at the moment. Both these needs will be satisfied after you complete reading this article.

What is Doordash?

If you’ve been living under a rock all this time, you would know nothing about Doordash. Even if you’ve heard the name, you might know what the company is known for? To get that out of the way, I’ll first let everyone be on the same page. Doordash was to be a technology company that now uses food delivery to make its name. It operates in more than 4000 cities across the USA and lets people have restaurant food round the clock. Such a service is provided by Doordash drivers, responsible for collecting and dropping off the food order to the customers. The drivers for Doordash, dashers as they are called, are independent contractors choosing to work for the company. They earn all the money from the deliveries as well as the tips they receive. After these basics, before we talk about how to stop being a dasher for Doordash, we need to understand how Doordash works for the dashers.

How Do Dashers Work?

Doordash operates all of its orders and deliveries through the Doordash app. All dashers need to sign in on the app, not just for their application, but every time they work for the company. Dashers also need to schedule their shifts on the app and receive and accept orders through it. The app also helps the dashers in knowing about the busy areas. It helps them earn more through more orders. Any update, cancellation, or request regarding the order gets conveyed through the Doordash app. Thus, it seems only obvious that quitting the job would also require using the app. And if you have thought about that, you are right. How we deal with the topic of this article, is going to be talked about in the next section.

How To Quit Being A Dasher?

Once you have decided that you do not wish to work with Doordash anymore, there are a few steps you need to follow before you can officially quit.

  • Stop scheduling any shifts on the app. To begin with, click on the option “Stop orders after this delivery.” The app will not show any orders for up to 35 minutes. If you do not resume your shift till then, the app will end your current shift. After that, you need to stop scheduling more shifts on the app, and if you have any shifts lined up, you must cancel those.
  • After you have canceled all your shifts on the app, you need to contact the support center of Doordash. The Doordash Support formalizes the process of the deactivation of the account. To contact the support center, you can either fill a form, chat with them on the website, or call them. While filling the form, you need to ensure that you fill in your name and email address/phone number associated with your account. You also need to specify the reason for contacting the support.
  • Once you have specified the reason and contacted Doordash support, they will begin the process for the deactivation of your account. All your personal information and other information based on state law will be removed from the Doordash database. In case you have any Doordash supplies from the activation kit, or your purchase, you are free to dispose of them in any way you want.
  • After your account has been deactivated, you might also want to stop receiving notifications concerning a Dasher. To do this, and complete the process of quitting the job, you just need a few clicks. The first thing would be to uninstall the Doordash app. To stop receiving text messages, reply “STOP” to them. For emails, you can click on the option to unsubscribe to them.
  • Officially deactivating your account through the Doordash support is a better way to quit since it helps in a quicker reactivation, in case you wish to start working with the company again. If you quit without the official process, your account would be deactivated by the company and you will have to reapply and go through the entire process of joining in as a new contractor. To save that trouble, contacting the support center is a better way to quit.

Doordash Deactivation Policy

If you don’t want to quit or be made to quit, there is a policy that you should be aware of. It is the deactivation policy of Doordash. This policy regulates which dashers can continue working and which cannot. One of the reasons dashers might want to quit is not meeting these criteria under the policy, even after constant efforts. The policy gives guidelines for the dashers that they need to meet at all times.

The Customer Rating

Customers rate the drivers on their deliveries depending on factors such as timely updates, timely delivery, and the like. All dashers need to maintain a customer rating of at least 4.2. If they fail to do so, in cases where they have been late for deliveries or miss a few of the items ordered, their account can be deactivated by the company. However, this can be done only after the dashers have completed at least 20 orders. Dashers can quit themselves before that.

Completion Rating

Dashers are given an option to accept or decline the orders they receive on the app. Before they accept the order, they are given some necessary details about the same. However, once the dashers accept an order it is expected of them that they complete the delivery unless it is an absolute emergency. If the dashers cancel their orders after accepting them once, their completion rating gets affected. To keep working, dashers need to maintain a completion rating of at least 80%. They can still quit before the company deactivates their account on this ground.


To quit being a dasher is not a tedious task just like joining Doordash as a dasher. Once you have decided that you want to stop, it’s just a few small steps till you’re completely free. Now that you know how to quit, and that you don’t have a notice period, go follow the steps and relax. This was all you needed to know about leaving Doordash.

How To Quit Doordash?

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