Welcome Emails for New Members and What to Reply?

Welcome Aboard Emails for New Members and What to reply

Welcome Emails for New Members and What to Reply Back: To make existing team know the presence of the new member on board.

Meaning of Welcome Aboard:

Welcome Aboard is a greeting that is used to welcome the new member into the company with pride. This is a recent evolving idiom that is fancily used in the professional world to welcome new members into the company.   This is also one of the easy ways of letting the team know the new member in the team, making the freshman know about the team and its culture. Including a welcome aboard email as part of the recruitment process will make it easy for the team to know about its newbies.

Need for the Welcome Aboard Email:

  • It is the first impression that matters to any new member out there. The team has to invest its good time and energy to make the best impression for the newbies in the team; it defines the team’s energy and distributes their own. 
  • Sending a Welcome Aboard email is one way of establishing the best first impression for the new comers and a source for establishing the rapport between the newbie and the team in place, which will also result in the best profits for the form.
  • The way of receiving a new member into the team is one of the main corporate etiquettes and is the main thing for any firm’s growth irrespective of their domain. Below are some of the necessities that need to be reached by the Welcome Aboard email:
  • Welcome Aboard email by the manager or the head of the department is going to make the new member feel comfortable with the environment out there.
  • This will also make the existing team know the presence of the new member on board.

What should Welcome Aboard Email contain?

  • With the world increasing at an exponential phase, the evolution in the vocabulary is also increasing drastically. Many standards have come into the picture based on the location and the mindset of the people in a particular location. With the varying location, there might be a difference in standards, but the main intention at the end is the best possible receiving of the new member into the team and making him/ her comfortable with the team. There is no hard and fast rule saying this is how the Welcome Aboard Email should contain, but always making the recipient’s peace is the target.
  • There are many kinds of defining the Welcome Aboard mail, but including these are some basic things that any Welcome Aboard email should contain, which will focus on the mail’s main intention. Making a note of the below points while writing the Welcome Aboard email will fascinate the team:
  • ‘TO’ section should be the new team member with the proper domain defined Email ID.
  • ‘CC’ section should hold the rest of the team who need to be aware of the new member into the team.
  • ‘Subject’ of the mail has to distinctly convey a Welcome Aboard mail for the New member on board.
  • ‘Body’ should include some of the new members’ details like his previous employment, graduation details, post-graduation, if any, little about his family, and snap of him if possible.
  • The body should also contain some happy receiving of the new member into the team. If possible, please include the Point of Contact, any already existing team member, as this will help make the initial process quicker and easier.

Sample Welcome Aboard Emails:

No matter how much subject we have seen, it is always the examples that will make the best possible acknowledgment of the content. Here are some of the sample examples where we have included in details like From Email ID, To Email Address, CC of the team, Subject of the mail and the Body which is going to contain the Welcoming of the freshman and the data related to him/ her for the team to understand better. Considering the above-mentioned points, we have a few examples that will better understand the Welcome Aboard Email. We did jot down a few Samples on how should a Welcome Aboard mail should look like:

Example 1:

From : [email protected]

To : [email protected]

Cc : [email protected], [email protected]

Subject : Welcome Aboard Rachel !!

Body :

Hey Rachel, 

Welcome Aboard!! We are excited to have you as part of our firm. Looking forward to sharing the workspace with you. Your experience will be an added asset to the team. 

Here is the snippet of Rachel:

Rachel is a 2016 graduate from ‘University of Wisconsin,’ where she has excelled exceptionally well. Later she had worked with Google as a ‘Software Developer.’ Recently, she moved to Texas to take care of her parents and joined our firm as ‘Program Engineer.’ Her hobbies include playing baseball and fly fishing. 

Example 2:

From : [email protected]

To : [email protected]

CC : [email protected], [email protected]

Subject : New Member :: Regina Shetty

Hey Regina,

Welcome to the Team!! I hope you have the best time and good learning. Clark and Joe are going to be your new team members. Please feel free to reach out to them in case you need any help.

Regina has 5 years of experience at Tata Consultancy Services and has a post-graduation from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Her past time includes playing cricket and dancing.


Please help Regina with the project Knowledge transfer session and please take the suggestions from her for better growth of the project.

Example 3:

From : [email protected]

To : [email protected]

CC : [email protected]

Subject : Richard Introduction 

Body :

Welcome Aboard Richard!! We are super glad to have you here. We look forward to sharing the achievement of some of the big milestones with you. Take has been with the team for quite some time; please reach out to him if you need any help. Richard is one of the experienced asserts that our IT field has had. He has worked on multiple technologies and multiple departments in his career of 15 years. He will be part of our project’s real-time conversion, whose target is the end of 2022.

Example 4:

From : [email protected]

To : [email protected]

CC : [email protected]

Subject : Welcome James !!

Body :

Hi James,

Welcome Aboard !! we are happy to have you as part of our team and we hope to have Sky as the limit for our achievements and recognitions. James has worked with Apple for 3 years and Microsoft for 4 years. He is a proud graduate of MIT. His wife is also an Ex-corporate and is currently looking after their beautiful twin children Sammy and Mary. James loves to learn new technologies, explore multiple applications, and analyze the data retrieved. 

Example 5:

From : [email protected]

To : [email protected]

CC : [email protected]

Subject : Welcome Aboard Mark!!

Body :

Welcome Aboard, Mark !! We are happy and excited to have you as our leading manager for our project. We are sure you would have all the joy, fun, and happiness while working here. Mark has been a Project Leader at Amazon for 4 years and has been doing tremendous work out there. He is looking for enthusiastic work, and we are glad to have him on the roller coaster ride of our project. Mark is also a good family man, where he enjoys spending time with his children Joe and Rachel.

Possible perfect replies for Welcome Aboard Email:

  • Replying to a mail is good, but replying in the right way is the distinguishing factor. It is the responsibility of the team or the team leader to send the Welcome Aboard email. Still, it is the freshman’s sole responsibility to respond to it in the best possible as this will let the team know the curiosity and excitement of the freshman to the team. So, it is always a considering factor to respond correctly to important mails like Welcome Aboard.
  • It is important to send a Welcome Aboard Email for the new member of the team. But, it is also equally important to respond to it in the best possible way. Always remember few things while drafting the reply to the Welcome Aboard email, and we have described herein the best possible way:
  • Thank the person who has sent the mail 
  • Show your gratitude for reaching out to you and making you part of the team.
  • Feel free to add if you have anything that you wanted to share with the team [Never go to the details on the very first day of the work]
  • Show your excitement of how you feel being part of a team and sharing the work for the future development of the complete firm as a whole

Examples on how to reply to the Welcome Aboard Email:

Reply to the Welcome Aboard mail is equally important. There are again different ways of responding to it, but the main important thing is every word conveyed in the reply has to reflect the actual intentions of a newbie. There should be zero fake at all, as these will be the first words of the freshman. It is also important to keep it small, simple, and quick glimpse without making it a big tedious article as this is going to make the team bored to read the complete reply.Making a note of the above-mentioned points, we have come up with below example replies for the Welcome Aboard Email, of which each of the short and quick:

Example 1: Thank you for the warm welcome and looking forward to have the best time with the team here.

Example 2: Thanks for your kind words. Wish me Good Luck to excel with you.

Example 3: I feel fascinated with your welcome. Hope to have your cooperation in future.

Example 4: I am equally excited to share the workspace with each one of you. Thank you for the heart filled welcome message.

Example 5: Enthusiasm of the team makes me more active and alive. Thank you for such great words and looking for the best opportunity for growth.

Welcome Aboard Email impression for both team and newbie:

Welcome Aboard Email is not just for the newbie. It is actually for both team and the newbie. The team needs to receive the newbie by dropping a proper welcome email. It is also the newbie’s responsibility to reply and respond to it in the best possible way, as this is the impression-making point for the team. Both team and the newbie have to be super cautious while dropping the Email has this should not include any hurting or harsh words for both ends.

Impression for Newbie:

It is a new environment and a new place for the freshman, and it is the whole and sole responsibility of the team to make him/ her very comfortable at the place. Dropping Welcome Aboard Email will make them feel like part of the team and the team’s eagerness to welcome first-year students. The Team Leader will drop the main Welcome Aboard Email, but it is also the team’s responsibility to respond and warmly reply to the email welcoming the new person into the team.

Impression for the Team:

A newbie will be part of the team, and he/ she has to be very particular in communication with the team, and there will be so much cooperation needed for the team going forward. Reply to the Welcome Aboard mail should be so that team should never be offended but should be joyful to have the Newbie. The reply should also not contain typical words, where the team has to go and check the dictionary. Instead, it should be quick, catchy words to remember.


Each person in the team is significant as this is what the team is all about. Taking care of each of them is the firm’s responsibility and the leading manager of the team. So the standards like dropping the Welcome Aboard have come into the picture, making the team members part of the team. It is essential and good to include this as part of the standards of the company. The email’s main intention has to be achieved by welcoming the newbie in the best possible way.

Responding is equally important and is where the role of the Newbie comes into the picture. The freshman has to be really careful in dropping the reply as this is the impression-making point for the team. Above mentioned details in the article include the meaning, necessity, contents, and examples of the Welcome Aboard email and the replies to it with examples. Apart from the Welcome Aboard email, other email etiquettes are also equally important while establishing rapport with the team. Never make use of the harsh or the hurting contents and establish peace with the team to better develop the newbie or the firm’s team.

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Welcome Emails for New Members and What to Reply?

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